The King of Special Warfare

Vol 2 Chapter 11: : Teachers and Students

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Back to the Sky Academy, Li Tianlan, who was drowsy along the way, finally reluctantly restored some spirit and physical strength. After the energy and energy were exhausted, Li Tianlan was unable to express the emptiness in the body, and was uncomfortable. It's like a person who hasn't rested in bed comfortably for a while, half asleep and awake.

The heavy rain outside the window fell on the roof of the car with a delicate and manic sense of rhythm. When the vehicle stopped, Li Tianlan opened his eyes stupidly, only to find that he had once again returned to the riverside and had been attacked by the black robe. local.

Li Tianlan looked through the window of the car. The heavy rain for two consecutive days has long washed away the battlefield. Only the nearby damaged forest still has traces of the battle. He shook his head subconsciously and grasped the entire set of eternal life in his hand. Potion, some emotions.

In just a few days, no matter his fate or mood, he seems to have experienced a big ups and downs, and his mentality has also undergone some subtle changes.

"What do you plan to do?"

Zhuang Huayang parked the car on the shore and opened the door.

There was a heat wave rising in the cold wind and rain. Although the fire light never appeared, the rain in the entire vehicle area disappeared in an instant. The three set foot on the white bridge on the shore and headed to the Sky Academy. Zhuang Huayang asked casually.

"Eat this first, I need to meditate."

Li Tianlan raised the box in his lower hand and said, this is something that can completely heal his injury, and it is also the meaning of his return to the sky academy.

Li Tianlan is now very clear about his state. The sword that killed the ancient Yangtze River in the rain has given him too much insight. In this state, with the medicinal effects of the eternal life potion, he is completely confident that he can use his strength within a few hours. Return to the frozen state.

Should we break through?

Li Tianlan stumbled along the way, but always thought about this problem in his mind.

Before the four realms of martial arts, it was rebuilt, into the royal air, into the frozen ice, into the fire, and even into thunder. Because of the relationship that he had experienced, he would not encounter any bottlenecks and the like. What he needed most was martial arts. From the aspect of understanding, seek the perfection in the realm and the fulfillment in the sword, and carefully go through the road you have traveled before to make up for some of your shortcomings.

It's not difficult to say this, it's not easy to say it. Although there will not be any bottlenecks in the process of restoring strength, but re-traveling the road that I have gone through, this process needs to be more careful and cautious than before. After all, with his current age, if he wants to ensure his age and potential advantages, he simply does not have the opportunity and capital to start again from scratch.

He has been in a thriller for a very short time and need not be considered for the time being.

The defect of the burning environment was in the desert at first, and the fire man, who is known as the strongest burning environment, had pointed him out.

Defects in the ice condensing area, he already has a general idea, only Yuqi, he has not found any problems before, but after seeing the disaster, he did not understand that his former Yuqi was not perfect status.

Jie ’s current state is extremely strange. He and Huomen took almost the same road at the beginning. They are constantly breaking the limit in a single state and intending to go straight into the invincible state. As a result, Jie ’s journey in Yuqi is even worse than that. The fire man walked a little further in the flames.

At the time when Jie Jiansheng pressed his sword back, there was already a hint of invincibility, and now Jie is not half-step invincible.

Li Tianlan didn't intend to follow this kind of thorny sheep intestine path that might also be a step to the sky, but for this person who walked the farthest in the royal atmosphere, he really wanted to talk to him about the completeness and harmony of the royal atmosphere. Where is the limit?

It is only a discussion of pure imperialism, not the martial arts after transcending it.

This should be of great help to Li Tianlan.

"Slowly, still slowly."

Li Tianlan suddenly said, his voice was very light at first, but in the end, his tone had become extremely firm.

Now it can be said that he needs strength the most, but he also understands that the haste is not reached.

There are indeed no bottlenecks to rebuilding, but some of them are dangerous enough to affect his future foundations and ultimate achievements.

Li Tianlan breathed deeply and narrowed his eyes.

In any case, don't worry.


Zhuang Huayang turned his head to look at him, and asked a few words wrongly.

"Nothing, just figured it out, there are some things that can't be rushed."

Li Tianlan smiled, and countless heavy rains fell in front of and behind him, but they were surrounded by wind and rain. This kind of pleasure seemed to trample on the laws of nature and was sought by any warrior.

Zhuang Huayang drew his lips, glanced at Li Tianlan, and did not speak.

Something can't be rushed?

Thinking of the dead and cursed ancient Yangtze River and Zhong Shaofeng, he shook his head and his eyes became a little worried.

"Go to my office, quiet, suitable for meditation and recovery."

The old man walked on the narrow bridge facing the storm, his tone was flat.

Li Tianlan nodded subconsciously, then looked at Wang Yuetong beside him.

Wang Yuetong tightly held the little golden retriever brought from the Yonghua Villa, watching Li Tianlan chuckled and said, "It's important to recover from the injury, brother, call me when you're ready, let's eat together. I still have here Two hundred credits are waiting for you to take it. "

The narrow bridge is nearing the end.

A school bus stopped right on the road.

Wang Yuetong was walking towards the school bus with his dog in light steps.

Zhuang Huayang looked at her exquisite back, and sighed softly: "Put the North Sea King into the water again."

"What do you mean?"

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows slightly and asked subconsciously.

"It's not your boy's trouble, do you really think the ancient Yangtze River is over?"

Zhuang Huayang glanced at him and sneered, "This is just the beginning."

He watched the rain dripping from the sky and slowly said: "The ancient Yangtze River is one of Gu Xingyun's most trusted confidants. Kunlun City has developed rapidly over the years. At least in the special warfare system, they have basically completed their What a powerful force this layout is, you ca n’t even imagine. Now that the ancient Yangtze River is dead, how can Gu Xingyun give up?

"The news of the death of the ancient Yangtze River will spread at the latest. At that time, both me and Dongcheng Invincible will be called by Gu Xingyun to Hidden Dragon Sea for questioning. He is the true invincible giant in Zhongzhou. He wants to check There is basically no one to stop this. Combined with the time of the death of the ancient Yangtze River, it was almost invincible between me and Dongcheng who appeared on the battlefield together, and even became the first suspect of Gu Xingyun. At this time, if the North Sea King If he pulls in to share some of the pressure, the coach and I will be better off. "

Li Tianlan was silent for a long time before whispering: "He can only be skeptical at most?"

While at the hospital, although they clashed with the ancient Yangtze River, in the final analysis, it was just a slap in the face, and Zhuang Huayang and Dongcheng Invincible were both lobbyists. Before there was no conclusive evidence, Gu Xingyun was a Zhongzhou war god. It's impossible to reverse black and white, but because of a slap in which nothing matters, they are going to kill the ancient Yangtze River? Don't say that others believe it or not, it is estimated that Gu Xingyun himself would not believe it.

And her own strength will soon be squeezed into the royal atmosphere. A character like the ants will not want to come to Gu Xingyun. As for Qin Weibai, not to mention which airport she goes to, at least she does not have the ability to kill it. The motive of the ancient Yangtze River, even if she took the wrong medicine to move the ancient Yangtze River, she would not choose this timing, nor would she choose to risk herself, so she had no doubts.

Before he started, Li Tianlan had already thought about everything. Now, no matter how he thinks, he does not think that Kunlun City can be sure that he is the murderer in a short time.

"Don't underestimate Kunlun City, not to mention Gu Xingyun."

Zhuang Huayang looked at Li Tianlan with a serious look: "Now the other party is probably a skeptic, but if you do n’t find out clearly, no matter whether it is high-level or Gu Xingyun, you won't give up. You should investigate carefully, and maybe no details will be revealed. The flaws will be exposed at that time. Kunlun City has the ability to do this, and it doesn't even take long. "

"What are you going to do?"

Li Tianlan asked calmly, "Can this matter be related to the North Sea King?"

"As long as you want to do it, you can do it. For the place left by the ancient Yangtze River, the college and the Dongcheng family joined forces to let Ye Fengcheng go."

Zhuang Huayang thoughtfully: "Ye Fengcheng himself was born in Yezhou's top giant Ye family. If he was not wild, he would not come to Sky Academy. He took this opportunity to push him up."

Li Tianlan stopped talking and thought carefully before he said slowly: "Wang Tianzong is not a fool. As soon as the ancient Yangtze River happened, you and the commander will push Ye Fengcheng. Wouldn't it make Kunlun City even more skeptical? Wang will also doubt your purpose. "

"Our purpose is obvious."

Zhuang Huayang chuckled: "This position on Ye Fengcheng was not a free gift from us. It was a transaction. He went to replace the ancient Yangtze River, and the position he left was naturally reserved for robbery. In this way, the academic school The Dongcheng family, the city of sighs will give people a closer sense of cooperation. Kunlun City has always been vigilant to the city of sighs. When the city of sighs moves, Gu Xingyun will also be distracted. Ye Fengcheng took this position. Gu Xingyun's eyes will also fall on him. The ancient Yangtze River will be temporarily diluted. As for the future, it will be slowly operating. "

He looked at Li Tianlan, who was thoughtful, and laughed abruptly.

There is a sword and sword in the general situation, not to mention Li Tianlan, sometimes he ca n’t even understand it. Undercurrents are surging, and the situation is abrupt. If you carefully guide Kunlun City ’s attention, the case of the ancient Yangtze River is not It is okay to keep it forever, at least for a short period of time.

"Will the Beihai Wangshi accept the position of a director of the Huating Special Operations Bureau?"

Li Tianlan said coldly.

"Anyway, they are also the princes who enjoy the treatment of the Governor-General. The North Sea Kings do n’t know the inside story. Why do n’t they accept it? And the Ye family originally put Ye Fengcheng into the Sky Academy. The Ye family is one of the core components of the Southeast Group. The Ye family's face, Wang Tianzong still has to take care of it. "

Ye Family ... Ye Family ...

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes and suddenly remembered Ye Dongsheng, who is known as the Army God of Mid-Continent. The middle-aged man who personally went to the border to take his grandfather back to Youzhou, raised his eyebrows slightly and asked directly: "Ye Fengcheng and Ye Dongsheng. .. "

"Ye Dongsheng is the elder brother. They are brothers."

Zhuang Huayang casually said, patted Li Tianlan's shoulder and said, "You, don't think too much, now your main task is to improve your strength. Some things outside, someone will try to help you cover it."

Li Tianlan nodded silently.

"Do you have any doubts about the realm now? Especially the imperial realm? I have taken an appointment to my house. You can talk to him. Although the city of sighs has not been announced, you are now the master of the city of sighs. He hid from anyone and would not hide from you. "

Zhuang Huayang continued to laugh.

Li Tianlan was already startled.

Sigh City? Shaocheng?

On the day with white hair, after the death of the black robe, he did hear such words as the Lord of the Shaocheng, but at that time he completely regarded the words as a breeze and never thought of it. Now he heard such words again. Li Tianlan immediately Come over completely.

His heart throbbed, and he said subconsciously, "You say I'm the young master of Sigh City?"

Until now, he didn't understand how powerful he was at the beginning.

"of course."

Zhuang Huayang laughed: "Situ Cangyue was supposed to announce the news immediately, but now the situation is sensitive. I personally communicated with His Highness Hidden God. The news was temporarily kept secret, and when the time was ripe, The announcement looks better. "

"why me?"

Li Tianlan's tone was strange and dry.

Taibai Mountain Sigh City ...

He hadn't even been to that place, and somehow became their young master.

Li Tianlan just felt wrong and absurd.

"Jiao chose you personally, who else could you not be?"

Zhuang Huayang carelessly said.

"Sigh City, didn't Situ Cangyue decide?"

Li Tianlan frowned slightly. He was still worried about the sigh city's stance a few days ago, and he was still worried about the danger that might be brought to him after the exposing of his death. As a result, he has become the young master of the sigh city.

If you look at it this way, isn't the stand of Sigh City more firm? It's almost loyal.

"Situ Cangyue had the final say, and it also counted as Jie said. They are brothers and sisters. The full name of Jie was Situ Wanjie, but the name is no longer known."

Zhuang Huayang whispered softly: "Before you appeared, Jie was the next lord of the city of sighs. Now that his next lord is willing to give up automatically, what else can others say?"

"But why is it me?"

Li Tianlan's thoughts were chaotic, with a wry smile, and it felt like a large pie fell from the sky, and fell squarely on his head, and he was dizzy.

"Because Jie used to have a teacher."

Zhuang Huayang said softly and shook his head: "Almost everything he has now, including the current road, is given to him by that person. That person almost became his brother-in-law."


Li Tianlan trembled inwardly.

Zhuang Huayang glanced at him and said calmly, "Your father, Li Kuangzi."

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