The King of Special Warfare

Vol 2 Chapter 10: : It's better not to encounter allure

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There is tea in the VIP room of Blue Bridge Airport.

Qin Weibai quietly holding a tea cup sitting on the sofa, looking down the window, watching the flow of people below the airport, without a word.

There was silence in the entire VIP room.

In the crystal clear crystal teapot, the soft tea leaves swelled and flew upwards, and the water gradually boiled. The burning eyes looked at the teapot in front of them, and there was a faint sense of serenity in their eyes.

The knight stood in one of the most suitable corners for protection and attack in the VIP room. The tall and plump body stood upright like a statue dedicated to its dedication.

Time passes slowly.

Qin Weibai, who has been drinking tea silently, has no change in movement, but the light in his bright eyes has become increasingly cold and sharp.

The VIP room seems to be filled with a kind of pressure. It is not the sharpness and swordsmanship on martial arts. It is a kind of gas field emitted from the inside out. feel nervous.

The knight moved his body uneasily, and he stopped talking, and finally chose to remain silent.

Among the twelve reincarnation kings, the knight ranks sixth and is higher than burning fire. In the reincarnation palace, she was also the closest to Qin Weibai besides burning fire, but now she is also under pressure. The biggest heavenly king.

It's all because of Qin Weibai's attitude towards her.

The black robe attacked Li Tianlan at the Sky Academy.

Li Tianlan instantly turned white.

The Cavaliers did their best to protect Li Tianlan.

However, Qin Weibai always ignored the process. As long as the result, and the result of this matter obviously made her impression of the knight plummet, it is precisely because of this matter that their palace master will take ten after the destruction of the night spirit. The second heaven king went straight into the emperor's mountain and took Wang Tianzong's sword.

In the face of the North Sea King, this was originally a matter outside the reincarnation plan. In other words, if Li Tianlan was protected by the knight, this incident would not happen at all.

The palace owner was seriously injured.

The boss's dissatisfaction.

In just a few days, Cavaliers' pressure can be imagined.

The reincarnation of the Twelve Heavenly Kings are not brothers and sisters, and they compete with each other. Except for the saints and the military divisions, other Heavenly Kings have their own thoughts and plans, just like the contradiction between the duke and the fire is extremely acute.

Before joining the reincarnation, Ranhuo was one of the great swordsmen of a certain kendo genre on the East Island, and was also a famous cherry blossom on the East Island. At a high-level meeting in the reincarnation palace, the Duke once praised Ran with his eloquent words. Fire's hips and face said that she looked very much like a hot **** the East Island. You, if not Qin Weibai's strong attitude to stop the tit-for-tat, maybe they will hit the spot on the spot.

However, after this incident, he failed to protect himself first. The third-ranked general among the Twelve Heavenly Kings even asked his boss to want to take his place. He said with a voice that Li Shao's safety must be protected.

He even opened his mouth and shouted Li Shao before even seeing Li Tianlan's face. This flattering shot has almost no lower limit. This will undoubtedly increase the pressure on the Cavaliers. She doesn't care where it is, but one in her boss's impression is bad. The reincarnation of King Tian will certainly not leave a good impression with the palace master, which is the most headache.

The knight breathed softly and sat in the corner silently. This time she could follow the boss back to Zhongzhou, but the next time she came back, it was she or the general who was next to the boss, but the knight did not have a slight grasp, and now she can only perform well. And strive to regain the trust of the boss.

"How long will it take off?"

Qin Weibai asked suddenly, his voice cold.

The Cavaliers looked up at the watch for the first time and responded, "There are still two hours."

Qin Weibai's shiny eyes froze slightly, calmly, "wait for five minutes."

As her voice fell, a soft knock sounded.

In the VIP room, the seemingly wandering fire and the cranky knight's attention suddenly fully concentrated.

Qin Weibai held the cup motionlessly, cold and cold, and the whole person showed a kind of almost dreamy pride and stunning.

The knocking still sounded, gently, rhythmically.

The knight closest to the door took a deep breath, all his spirits gathered together, walked over and opened the door.

A middle-aged man with a good-looking appearance but a rather gloomy mood stood quietly at the door, and looked at the knight gently with a smile: "I'm looking for Xiaobai."

The man was in his early forties, was well-dressed, and smiled naturally and kindly, but the knight suddenly felt that his hair was erected suddenly.

The other person's face was undoubtedly handsome, but his handsome appearance didn't make people feel a bit comfortable, because his eyes were too weird.

Those eyes are very divine, but in the flashing of divine light, people will always read countless plots and darkness from it. Standing in front of him, the knight could not feel any sense of oppression from an invincible expert All she could feel was the coldness. In the face of him, in addition to the vigilance of the Cavaliers, there was only vigilance.

"Let him in."

Qin Weibai's voice sounded from behind, calm and calm.

The knight turned expressionlessly and watched the man's body walk into the VIP room. She was subconsciously closer to Qin Weibai.

For the host behind Huating Hanyue Palace, she cannot be overwhelmed by her vigilance. Although this meeting today was sudden, in a sense, it can also be said to be the number two in the super forces of the two dark worlds. Meeting.

Qin Weibai, a spokesperson for the reincarnation palace.

Jiang Millennium, the number two character of the Chiang family in South America.

Such a meeting is possible no matter what happens.

So the tension and vigilance of the Cavaliers at this time is completely out of instinct.

"Are you waiting for me?"

Jiang Qiannian walked to Qin Weibai and looked at the dreamy woman in the same beautiful scenery in front of him. His eyes, always flashing with darkness and conspiracy, seemed to soften quietly.

In the eyes of different people, Qin Weibai always seems to be different.

In the eyes of those in power, Qin Weibai is the external spokesperson who is above one thousand people in the reincarnation palace. It is cold, strong, and overbearing. When the mysterious reincarnation palace is silent, Qin Weibai is the entire reincarnation. The only will of the palace.

Qin Weibai in the reincarnation palace is a clear and fuzzy figure. Everyone can see her, but everyone can't approach her. She is sitting here clearly, very close, but it seems like The feeling of being far away is extremely clear. Qin Weibai in the heart of the King is not unattainable, but it is out of reach, and seems to keep a distance from everyone unintentionally.

In the eyes of Li Tianlan, Qin Weibai is a woman and belongs to him. He is always obedient to him, whether on or under the bed, so that he can casually profane and love a woman.

In the eyes of ordinary people, Qin Weibai is a mischief, a country that scourges the country, and a country that is dominated by the country. Such a woman looks really seductive, but she can only raise her eyes, she dare not have any other attempts.

And in the eyes of some of the young men who have stood at the peak, have power, force, wealth, and are relatively young, Qin Weibai is a goddess, a goddess that they have dreamed of at all costs.

Zhong Yongming's spokesperson Zhong Youwei once was in the gray field.

Wang Xiaoyao of Beihai Wangshi is like this.

The second character of the Jiang family, code-named Blackhand, is the same with the invincible master Jiang Qiannian.

For them, the cold and dreamlike Qin Weibai is the deadliest temptation.

Her identity, her beauty, her temperament, her power ...

These are all things that are enough to make their blood boil and their heartbeat accelerate.

This is the most perfect woman, a woman worthy of all means to pursue.

The first official meeting between Jiang Qianqian and Qin Weibai was in Wudu two years ago, and that was the only time between them.

Meeting in less than ten minutes made Jiang Millennium follow the same magic. For two years, he spent a lot of time collecting all information about Qin Weibai, her hobbies, her photos, and everything about her.

She even referred to the reincarnation palace in the name of Jiang.

As long as Qin Weibai can follow him, Jiang is willing to pave the way for the reincarnation palace in South America, and even to lend the murderer Qin Shimingyue to the reincarnation palace three times.

Two conditions, each of which stands for naked sincerity.

As long as Qin Weibai is available, Jiang Millennium is willing to pay more.

His kindness to the reincarnation palace soon got a response, a simple and simple word.


This response came from Qin Weibai, and the entire reincarnation palace also defaulted.

Jiang Millennium didn't mind, instead he had a fighting spirit that became more and more frustrated.

In any case, he will get this woman, this goddess in his mind.

Jiang Qiannian couldn't say whether he was possessive or true love. The only thing he could be sure of was that he was willing to marry her and give her everything he gave him.

If you end up paying for everything and failing to get her, it will completely ruin her!

"I'm waiting for you to give me a statement."

Qin Weibai sat flat on the sofa.

"How did you know the black robe?"

Jiang Millennium looked seriously at Qin Weibai's face and asked seriously, with a trace of intoxication he hadn't even noticed in his cold eyes.

Only when talking about business, can he seriously look at Qin Weibai's face without having to feel too much pressure. This woman, like a goddess in his heart, many times, even just through some photos, he can Feel the charm of the opposite party.

"Does this matter?"

Qin Wei replied without looking up, his tone became even more indifferent.

"Of course it matters."

Jiang Millennium looked at Qin Weibai and whispered softly. The black robe was a secret in the Jiang family. Many people knew his existence, but after that time, few people in the organization knew the look of the black robe. Qin Wei Bai just looked at the body of the black robe to recognize his origin, which was incredible.

Qin Weibai did not speak, holding the tea cup indifferently, there was a kind of pride that was far away from people.

Jiang Qianqian took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down, and then continued to smile: "Where are you going? At first I thought you were going to take off at Wudong International Airport."

Qin Weibai still said nothing.

Where is the reincarnation palace's current headquarters? At present, it is still a mystery in the dark world. The intelligence organization in Nakasu is omnipresent. Even if she wants to return to the headquarters, she cannot go back directly in Nakasu. Over there, the fires from the East Island can make a proper arrangement to get rid of anyone's eyes.

Nowadays, the reincarnation palace's momentum has risen sharply, but the palace owner has been seriously injured, and they must act more carefully.

"What if I said that the black robe wasn't my Jiang?"

Seeing Qin Weibai not talking, Jiang Qianji narrowed his eyes and laughed softly: "It's nothing to do with the body you sent to me. Xiaobai, can't you come up with evidence?"

He didn't like the feeling of being dragged by his nose. Even if this man was the woman he wanted, from the moment the body of the black robe appeared in Hanyue Palace, he knew that he had to give a reincarnation palace a saying, but Such a simple compromise, what is their Jiang family?

Without provoking Qin Weibai in words, Jiang Qianlian really felt a little uncomfortable.

"Then you can go."

Qin Weibai put down the tea cup in his hand, and looked at Jiang Millennium with clear and indifferent eyes: "Samsara wanted a saying. Since you don't give it, then we can only get it."

Jiang Qianjin narrowed his eyes slightly, and his eyes finally recovered for the first time the harshness and coldness of the invincible powerhouse.

His tone was still gentle, and even gentle.

"Xiao Bai, what you want to say, I'm afraid it's not so easy to get it? The reincarnation palace has just come into force, and its strength is still weak. I know you are now very close to the academics, but even in Zhongzhou ... . "

He shook his head slightly, his eyes playful.

"The ancient Yangtze River. The ancient Tonghe. The ancient clouds rise. The ancient storm."

Qin Weibai handed the tea cup to the fire, and said four names calmly.

Jiang Qianlian's face remained motionless, but with narrowed eyes, his pupils shrank sharply, and Qin Weibai's eyes became solemn.

"Little white, what do you mean?"

Jiang Millennium asked quietly.

"It's nothing."

Qin Weibai shook his head and responded with a light tone.

But Jiang Millennium was more and more restless.

These four names in Qin Weibai's mouth are famous throughout Zhongzhou. The ancient Yangtze River is the director of the Huating Special Operations Bureau, the Gutonghe sits in the special operations bureau of the northern Xinjiang of Zhongzhou. Gu Fengbo ’s identity is even more prominent. He was one step closer to the position of Nanyun Special Operations Bureau two years ago. Now he is one of the deputy city leaders of Kunlun City. Real right arm.

four people.

Four thrillers are at their peak.

Especially the ancient storm, the thunderstorm was so successful that it even touched the threshold of half-step invincibility.

Kunlun City is full of talents, but it is a force that belongs to the entire Kunlun City.

Gu Xingyun's four generals are all his personal strength.

The names of these four people have been heard by Jiang Qianqian, and it was only yesterday that he heard the mention of Gu Qianchuan, the elder of Kunlun City.

The elder who has been increasingly impatient in recent years trying to regain the orthodox status of Kunlun City has secretly been in closer contact with the Jiang family in recent years. As Jiang's No. 2 person, Jiang Qianliang naturally understands that Gu Qianchuan mentioned yesterday This position of the master of thunder and lightning is the four biggest stumbling blocks on his way to seize power.

Although he did not explicitly ask for anything, he could say these four names, and Jiang Qianlian knew his mind.

As for what to do, Jiang Qianqian is still hesitating now, but he did not expect that Qin Weibai mentioned these four names before he was determined.

How did she know?

"What else do you know?"

Jiang Millennium asked in a deep voice.

"I don't know much, but it's enough to recover one claim."

Qin Weibai looked at his watch, and a look of impatience gradually appeared on his delicate face.

Jiang Qiannian's gradually tightened body relaxed again and chuckled: "I don't think it's enough, Xiao Bai, there are some things you don't understand, even if you really know what, but I haven't done yet, what can you do? No What happened is not a threat to me. "

Qin Weibai's mouth twitched as if smiling.

"I know your wolf ambitions of the Jiang family, want to find fish in the muddy waters of Zhongzhou, and even try to restore your former status. You stir the wind and rain in Huating. I don't know if other people are active in other places. For you, there is a saying in Zhongzhou history Famous words, eight words, all people in Zhongzhou know, presumably you don't know?

Jiang Millennium looked stiff and silent.

"You can't leave Sichuan without losing, you can't leave Taiwan without losing."

Qin Weibai's slender fingers gently tapped on the edge of the cup, and said blandly: "I heard an old monk talk about an accumulation of luck. There is a name in metaphysics called Julong Soul, which can accumulate day by day. Soaring for nine days, in Feng Shui, the Longmen Mountain in Tianfu Province is the head of the dragon. Tianfu Province should be the most important object for you, right? Erye, is there a secret on Longmen Mountain? You wo n’t leave Sichuan, you want As a result of the dragon weather, Tianfuxing Province and Southwest City seem to be your only choices. "

In the VIP room, the killing started suddenly.

Jiang Qianliang's expression became completely cold, his eyes flashed with murder.

The knight and the burning body were completely tightened, and their hearts were extremely tense.

Only Qin Weibai was still light and light.

"It's ridiculous."

Jiang Millennium suddenly spoke, and his killing disappeared abruptly. He laughed at himself: "We are laughing at Kunlun City, laughing at the North Sea King, and laughing at these top giants and forces. We at Jiang also have villains who hesitate to sell the family's core secrets in exchange for benefits. "

He took a deep look at Qin Weibai and whispered: "The reincarnation intelligence system is really powerful, and admired."

He paused, and asked straightforwardly, "Say, what do you want to say?"

"you flatter me."

Qin Weibai calmly said: "I have two requirements. First, I don't care what you want to do with Tian Lan's death. Let this matter go first. His identity, you must keep it secret. Second, I want Jiang Two places. "

"Which two places?"

Jiang Mianchi narrowed his eyes and told Li Tianlan to keep the matter secret. Now that the situation in Central China is chaotic, the hidden dangers in Kunlun City and the North Sea King have reached the point where he is about to touch the fish. On the contrary, knowing his identity will instead become a card in his hand. When the right opportunity is played, it may have unexpected results. For now, it is nothing to keep it secret for him.

The key lies in two places where samsara wants.

With the reincarnation of the fierce soldiers gradually gaining momentum, do they want to follow the trend to enter South America?

"Two small places."

Qin Weibai slowly said: "Huating Pavilion Moon Palace. Lin'an Mingyue Garden. My man's life style has some minor problems. These two places are very important to him."

Jiang Qianlian's face changed, and it was extremely ugly.

Hanyue Palace.

Mingyue Garden.

These two places look inconspicuous, but in fact they are the two nodes where Jiang's gathered dragon souls in Zhongzhou. Now the dragon soul has completed most of them. Jiang's luck is flourishing, only the dragon heads of Longmen Mountain in Tianfuxing Province. In this case, although it is possible to abandon Hanyue Palace and Mingyueyuan and select two nodes again at this time, this can be troublesome and secondly, the node selection is definitely worse than Hanyue Palace and Mingyueyuan.

"Have you heard of Jutianling?"

Qin Weibai glanced at Jiang Millennium and asked.

Jiang Millennium turned slightly and nodded.

Jutianling is also the name of metaphysics. Unlike Julong soul, Julong soul is a condensed air of fortune, which creates a nine-day flight like a dragon.

And Ju Tianling is condensing luck and changing lives, and changing lives against the sky. This is almost a taboo method that has touched Tianji. People who dare to play like this will not have a good end in the end, and they will even be condemned. .

"My man needs these two places."

Qin Weibai calmly said: "It's about his fate and even survival. Whoever doesn't let him live well, I will let anyone die tragically. Hanyue Palace, Mingyue Garden. I must have these two places. As for the future, you gather dragon spirit It has nothing to do with me. To a certain extent, civil disturbances in Kunlun City and even the North Sea Kings are actually good for me. "

Jiang Qianliang's eyes lightened slightly, and he said subconsciously, "How about we cooperate?"

Qin Weibai glanced at him, not even bothering to say, the meaning of rejection was extremely obvious.

"Okay, I can promise you."

Jiang Qianlian pondered for a while and calmly said, "I will transfer the Hanyue Palace and Mingyue Garden immediately, but this is not Jiang's compromise on reincarnation, but my Jiang Qian's concession and giving to my beloved woman."

"Your beloved woman?"

Qin Weibai said coldly: "Your beloved woman is paying for her beloved man. Don't pretend to be infatuated here, it doesn't make sense, I won't thank you, because this is what I deserve."

"I don't need to thank."

Jiang Millennium laughed, but his eyes were burning with madness. He stared at Qin Weibai's face: "Other men can conquer you, I believe I can too. One day I will get you. Without you, I will ruin you and your man, and I will do it. "

Qin Weibai drank the tea gracefully, mocking his tone: "You can speak now, too."

There is another sentence that she did not say, nor could she say it: In a few years, what are you, Jiang Millennium?

Jiang Millennium looked at Qin Weibai in silence, his eyes became more mad and softer.

"you can go now."

Qin Weibai's tone was proud and indifferent.

Jiang Qianlian's eyes fluctuated slightly, and for the first time there was a bit of bitterness and jealousy.

His figure disappeared slowly in the VIP room, only the voice still echoed in the VIP room, fluttering, his voice indignant.

"Everyone is sentimental and non-wood and stone, it is better not to encounter allure ..."

Qin Weibai looked at his watch, expressionless.

Ranhuo refilled Qin Weibai with a cup of tea, and remained silent.

"Burning fire."

Qin Weibai picked up the tea cup and suddenly spoke.


The scrupulous sound of burning fire sounded, peaceful and respectful.

"It's really boring to be the younger sister of the palace master, right?"

Qin Weibai whispered softly.

Burning face changed and was silent for a moment.

Qin Weibai turned his head, looked out the window, and whispered, "The woman who is the master of the palace is the best."

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