The King of Special Warfare

Vol 2 Chapter 12: : Rise or End

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Zhuang Huayang is widowed in the middle age. His son is the chief of staff of a major group army in the northern theater. He is also a major general and his daughter-in-law also works in the military system. He is a major in the General Logistics Department. He is in the field all year round. Except that Qin Ke, a granddaughter who also works in the Sky Academy, will occasionally come to stay for a few days, most of the time is Zhuang Huayang alone.

Therefore, the elderly concentrated all their residences and office spaces in the villa, which became a place for several staff members named Zhuang Huayang to go to work.

Two secretaries, an assistant, a driver and a cook, two strict housekeeping staff and a gardener. Although there are not many people, at least the villa has a little anger, so as not to let the old Zhuang Huayang is too lonely.

Li Tianlan came to this villa for the first time in Zhuang Huayang.

Looking at all the flowers and bamboo forests around the villa that have nothing to do with the strength of the iron blood, he couldn't help smiling, and said softly, "The principal is very interested."

"I'm old, I don't like to fight and kill, and my children are not around. In addition to doing business, I only have these flowers and fish with me."

Zhuang Huayang passed by the pool and pointed to the pool with ease. Drizzle splashed into the pool from a high altitude, splashing ripples and spreading in the full pool. Large swarms of fish surged in the wrinkled water, which was clear and blurred, and the artistic conception was extraordinary.

Li Tianlan glanced at the fish in the pond with great interest. The school of fish was brightly colored and swimming lightly. Several big heads really deserved to be worthy of the word. He touched his chin and said casually: "The principal, Can this thing be eaten? I'll add a dish for you at night?

"Even if you can eat it, you can't grab it. Let your teacher Qin know that she will be desperate with you. These are all her treasures. I forgot to feed them once and ignore me for several days."

Zhuang Huayang laughed angrily, passed the pool, and entered the villa first.

Teacher Qin?

Li Tianlan froze, thinking of Qin Ke's cold face without the slightest temperature, deputy director of the teaching department, shaking his head slightly, but did not expect that the iceberg beauty had such a soft mind.

The two entered the villa one after the other and went straight to the third floor. Zhuang Huayang entered a spacious but extremely simple office. He looked at the time and calmly said, "There is a lounge here. It is a place where I usually meditate. Guarantee No one is bothering, you can recover your injuries there, and you can come over if you need a breakthrough in the future. "

Li Tianlan said aloud, and opened the box in his hand. In the box, the entire set of eternal life potion was still activated. The purple liquid was slightly tumbling in the vessel, and it took about two hours to take it.

Li Tianlan closed the box and waited quietly. To some extent, his invincible road was now inside the box in front of him.

"Should you meditate first?"

Zhuang Huayang asked.

Li Tianlan shook his head, said no need to say anything, and suddenly said, "You have an appointment?"

Zhuang Huayang nodded, and before he spoke, the knock on the door suddenly sounded.

The old headmaster froze and said quietly in.

The door was pushed open from the outside, Qin Ke, deputy director of the teaching department of the Sky Academy, entered the office, and there was a shadow behind her.

Suddenly, silently, and patiently.

This is the second time Li Tianlan has seen the robber, and he has seen this assassin in Zhongzhou today, even the first assassin in the dark world.

But even if he knew his identity and strength, Li Tianlan couldn't help falling on Qin Ke at first glance.

It's not because Qin Ke is too beautiful, and the mature, indifferent director Qin is naturally the best choice, but with Qin Weibai, the pure appearance is hard to surprise Li Tianlan anymore, and she first fell on her. It's all because the existence of robbery is too easy to be ignored.

He is obviously the top assassin and killer, and the most dangerous source. Everyone can feel the danger and sharpness under the surface of his silence, but he just can't notice him.

This feeling was ridiculous and weird. The danger from instinct irritated Li Tianlan's skin, and even made his hairs completely erected for a while.

Li Tianlan took a deep breath and stood up and called Teacher Qin. He opened his mouth and looked up, but didn't know what to call.

Situ Cangyue's younger brother, a student of his father, and Situ Cangyue was his father's confidante.

With regard to these three people, their generations are a little confused. Now looking at Jie, Li Tianlan just thinks that anything is inappropriate.

uncle? Still brother?

He twitched at the corner of his mouth, and finally his voice was a bit dry: "Good teacher."

"Master Li said that he accepted the apprenticeship on behalf of his teacher, and he was regarded as his apprenticeship on behalf of his father. So he always asked me to call him Brother. At that time, I was not qualified to call Brother Li, but now let you call me Uncle Shouldn't it be difficult? "

Li Tianlan was a little hesitant. Li Shi said that he was naturally his father. If his father was an apprentice, then he could be said to be a student of his grandfather Li Honghe by age. In this way, his seniority was logical.

He nodded, bowed slightly to Jie, and said respectfully, "Master."

"You are good."

Jie still wore a mask, and the silver mask blocked the expression on his entire face, but his silent eyes flashed inexplicable brilliance and took a deep look at Li Tianlan. He continued: "Li Shi can stare."


Li Tianlan stood up slightly, shook his head, and calmly said: "No revenge has been reported, and injustice is in the body, how can we stare?"

Even though Qin Ke, who had already known Li Tianlan's identity from his grandfather, was sufficiently mentally prepared, listening to Li Tianlan's calm but sharp words, he couldn't help shaking.

If the enemy is not reported and his grievance is in his body, how can he stare?

This seems to be a simple sentence. Regardless of success or failure in the future, the Zhongzhou Special Warfare System is destined to experience a **** storm.

"Wait for you to grow up. There are vengeance and revenge."

Calm and hoarse, he bowed slightly to Li Tianlan, and for the first time expressed his attitude in the clearest way: "The city of sighs will become the sharpest weapon in the hands of the master of Shaocheng. . "

This is the second time Li Tianlan has heard similar words, the first time is in the Dongcheng family.

His heart was beating fiercely, blood surged, and even his face became a little red.

Perhaps my father never thought that in the years after his death, the students he had taught would grow into the sharpest and most secretive assassins of the dark world, and never thought that his confidante would become a city of sighs in the dark world. City Lord.

And all this will be his own help in the future.

"Thank you."

Li Tianlan spoke softly, with a calm tone and firmness enough to penetrate the golden stone: "This day will not be too far."

Zhuang Huayang and Qin Ke who saw all this with their own eyes had complicated eyes.

Throughout the office, perhaps only he knew what he was witnessing at this moment.

In the principal of the sky academy's office, the two men bowed each other this time, representing the first transfer of power in the city of sighs. It also proved that the city of sighs had entered the world for the first time after years of indisputable competition. Nakasu is full of ups and downs, swords and swords, and rivers and lakes.

The trend is booming forward.

Zhuang Huayang, who has witnessed all of this, is honored, and has a kind of emotion as a small ant who stands before the general trend.

Qin Ke, another bystander, apparently did not feel this way. At the moment when Jie slightly bent down, the deputy director of the teaching department of the Sky Academy subconsciously wanted to hold him forward, only to be cruel by Zhuang Huayang. After staring hard, she reluctantly stood still. Although she didn't move, her eyes looking at Li Tianlan were full of anger again.

At the age of thirty-one, he was in a thunderstorm.

Qin Ke can be said to be a famous genius in the entire Zhongzhou special warfare system. Since she came into contact with martial arts, what she admires most is Situ Cangyue, an invincible powerhouse who is also a female.

But what she worships most is not the Zhongzhou Sword Emperor and the God of War.

But rob!

This is not a surprising thing. The whole dark world, I don't know how many assassins and killers, have the same thoughts as Qin Ke.

The sword king is indeed invincible.

God of War is indeed strong.

But for countless killers and assassins, robbery is the true faith and the pioneer.

Twenty-six-year-old killed the thundering realm, sing along all the way, trying to enter the invincible realm from the imperial realm, creating the nine-character mantra that shoulders the same level as Da Ling Ling Kong Temple. For hundreds of years, Jie has been considered the most talented, The most ambitious assassin.

In the nine-character mantra that only belongs to him, there are two kinds of peerlessness which respectively represent two completely different paths of invincible realm. For such a character, you can not recognize him as a lunatic, but can't help but admire him.

Once such a character enters the invincible state, even if there is no murderer, it is enough to be on the top of the list of gods and press his sister Situ Cangyue. If it is not his path is too rough, I am afraid that countless people have already begun in the dark world. Follow his martial arts.

As one of the admirers of robbery, for whatever reason, Qin Ke was unwilling to see his idol bend down and bow his head.

"You don't need to be polite."

He straightened his body and calmly said, "You do n’t have to rush to break through. You are now in the state of qi. After your injury recovers, what I have learned throughout my life, I am willing to share with you without reservation. I hope you can use the perfect state. Breaking through the imperial realm, your path is not the road to invincibility, but the road to heaven. "

Li Tianlan grabbed the box containing the eternal life potion, did not speak, and looked at Zhuang Huayang.

Zhuang Huayang pointed in the direction of the lounge and said nothing.

Li Tianlan completely gave up his plan to break through the imperial realm, and went straight to the lounge without hesitation.

The decoration in the lounge is simpler, except for a single bed, there is only a meditation blanket.

Li Tianlan was sitting on the blanket, sniffing the scent in the air that calmed down and could enter the meditation state more quickly. The whole person became more and more clear.

Standing in front of the window in the office, watching the rain outside the window, once again turned into an unobtrusive shadow.

Time passed slowly in silence.

The three in the office said nothing and thought about each other.

"Light breeze and flowing clouds will be out of town recently."

After a long silence, Jiecai suddenly said: "One goes to Youzhou, one comes to Huating."

Light wind and clouds.

The two top assassins, known as the sighing city, went down the mountain, not to perform their missions, but to the two most important cities in Mid-Continent.

what does this mean?

Zhuang Huayang tightened his body subconsciously.

He was very clear that the words of Jie said that he wanted the academics to give Sigh City some support.

Such support is also happy to be given by the school.

But what this thing means ...

"are you ready?"

Zhuang Huayang groaned.

The city of sighs went out of the northeast and re-entered the rivers and lakes after many years. They and Kunlun City, the Beihai Wangshi, and even some of the giants of the special war group immediately became extremely sharp.

"I know you want to help Tian Lan pave the way, but is it too urgent now?"

Zhuang Huayang looked at the robbery that remained silent, and asked again.

"The timing is right now."

The sound of robbery was calm and indifferent.

Zhuang Huayang was silent.

City of Sighs is completely different from academics.

Sigh City and Li Tianlan, their positions are completely the same, so their actions will be so resolute.

But the academics attracted Li Tianlan, but it was for politics and interests.

At this stage, Li Tianlan has shown his potential. The academic is also willing to do something for his future, such as sheltering him and giving him time to grow up, but some things are too sensitive, such as Li Tianlan's identity and his Treason case.

The academics are willing to protect Li Tianlan. This is completely different from the concept that the academics went to fight against Kunlun City for Li Tianlan.

Even if Li Tianlan enters the invincible realm in the future, it is impossible for the academics to fight against Kunlun City for him or even suppress them, unless Kunlun City really reaches the end of the river.

To put it simply, for the support of Li Tianlan, no matter how much the academic school gives, it is also limited, no matter what the future will be, the academic school has a retreat.

But the city of Sighs is completely different.

During this period of Li Tianlan's growth, the city of sighs began to pave the way for him, making it clear that he was going to advance and retreat with Li Tianlan.

Unless Li Tianlan's identity is never revealed and his relationship with Sigh City is not revealed, if Li Tianlan fails in the future, the entire Sigh City will disappear because of Li Tianlan's failure.

Zhuang Huayang asked if he was ready. In fact, he asked whether Sigh City really considered it.

And Jie ’s answer has explained everything.

The academics do not have such courage, because they do not have such a position at all. They did not attract Li Tianlan to fight war with Kunlun City. From the beginning, they did it for the benefit and will continue to do so.

"It's too much involved, if you lose in the future ..."

"That's a failure."

Zhuang Huayang hadn't finished a sentence, and Jie had directly interrupted him, his tone became more calm and firm.

He suddenly turned his head and looked at Qin Ke and asked, "Director Qin, would you like to join the City of Sighs?"

Zhuang Huayang's face changed so much that before he could speak, Qin Ke was ecstatic and did not hesitate to say: "He is willing to follow His Royal Highness."

"Not following Her Royal Highness."

Calm seriously corrected Qin Ke: "Following the Lord of Shaocheng."

Qin Ke hesitated, then nodded, her eyes turned to the direction of the lounge, silent.

The one who followed him in the future, and the one who followed with Jie, were inside at this moment, recovering his injury.

Is Li's successor?

Thinking of his horrible potential, Qin Ke looked stunned.

If Li Tianlan can graduate to establish his own power with the first score of the two hospitals, when his identity is exposed and the city of sighs is under the control of Li Tianlan, how big a storm will the whole of Zhongzhou hit?

Behind that storm, is Tianjiao officially rising, or is God of War completely ending?

Qin Ke squeezed his red lips tightly.

Vaguely, the storm was near and close again.

at the same time.

Inside the lounge.

Li Tianlan, who was meditating, opened his eyes and opened the box in front of him.

Inside the box, the entire set of eternal life has been fully activated.

The purple liquid of the second-generation immortal fluctuates slightly, flashing with endless vitality, magnificent and gorgeous.

Li Tianlan looked calm. He subconsciously touched his white hair, and the other hand held the vessel holding the second-generation immortal.

That's what can heal his injuries.

That's something that could even make him better.

Li Tianlan's eyes were deep and peaceful, seemingly real and fantasy, and there seemed to be a path reflected in front of him.

On that road were blood corpses, glory and forbearance, laughter and tragedy, and heavy rain and snow.

It is full of thorns, but it is extremely flat.

It has everything, but it has no escape route.

Only forward, only upward.

The wide road stretched before him, as if reaching the end of the sky.

Li Tianlan unscrewed the vessel in his hand and poured the purple liquid in the vessel directly into his mouth.


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