The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 13: : What are you looking for?

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Li Baitian was the first to discover Li Tianlan's anomaly.

Looking back from his thoughts, he turned his head and took a subconscious look at Li Tianlan, just to see Li Tianlan lower his head and wipe the blood on the corner of his mouth.

Li Baitian was suddenly shocked, and his heavy eyebrows were also wrinkled, Shen said, "Tianlan, what's the matter? Are you injured?"

Although he did not know the specific origin of Li Tianlan, he did know the origin of most of the new students here.

The competitive atmosphere within Sky Academy is fierce, but it is also not easy to get a place to study here.

The freshmen sent by the military forces, special operations teams, special agencies, and martial arts gates were all determined after selection.

Many of the selections are from beginning to end. The winner is king. Some people have obviously won the final victory, but because they were too injured, they missed the admission time of Sky Academy. These people are undoubtedly the worst luck.

There are also some people who, although they can barely get up, come to Sky Academy to report with serious injuries. Such people are less lucky, because the first day of reporting is the beginning of the first exercise at school. How good can you get with a serious injury?

One step behind, there may be a step backward situation.

If Li Tianlan was in the same situation, it would be terrible.

"Small problems, don't get in the way."

Li Tianlan rubbed the corners of his mouth hard, suppressed all the negative emotions in his heart, and grinned tightly.

Naturally, his injury did not come from internal competition, but was left when he fought with Qin Ke on the first day of school. In the next few days, he had already stabilized the injury, but he was just in a state of excitement and serious injuries There are signs of relapse.

Li Tianlan's mind turned, and he subconsciously glanced at the podium again. This time, he was looking at Qin Ke.

To his surprise, Qin Ke looked at him.

The two eyes met in the air.

Li Tianlan looked peaceful.

Qin Ke frowned slightly, his eyes indifferent.

Li Tianlan smiled at the rostrum, and then withdrew his gaze slowly and said, "Rest assured, I will surely get a good ranking, and you both have to cheer."


Li Baitian thought for a while and said decisively: "At the beginning of the exercise, I was in front, Tianlan was in the middle, pretending to force the city behind, Tianlan, you try to reduce your physical exertion as much as possible, and we rushed into the top ten together."

At Sky Academy, the ranking of any exercise is highly valued by every student.

Before and after the ranking, it is about the number of credits and the level of treatment. It is something that anyone is desperately fighting for.

The ranking of the first exercise after admission can determine their starting point at the Sky Academy. It can be said that it is extremely important. In such an exercise, if they can break into the top ten, it will definitely cause close contact with the senior staff of the Sky Academy. attention.

"top ten?"

Ning Qiancheng raised an eyebrow in surprise and looked at Li Baitian.

"How? You don't have confidence? Just put the name of the pretend city here, and you're sorry to say you can't make it into the top ten? Even pretend to say you can take the top three?"

Li Baitian said provocatively.

Ning Qiancheng really started to pretend. He glared sharply and hummed coldly: "Of course I have confidence. I don't need you. I can also take Tianlan into the top ten. I am worried about you. See you a little bit. You can push your body to the side, don't drag us two down. "

Li Tianlan moved inwardly, and suddenly thought that when he met for the first time, Li Baitian introduced the scene of Ning Qiancheng. The introductions such as pretending to be absolutely neglected were automatically ignored by him. He was most impressed when Li Baitian introduced Ning Qiancheng to the other party. Is one of the top ten masters of the young generation.

The top ten masters of the young generation may become the top ten masters of Zhongzhou in many years. Such young talents are outstanding in terms of potential and strength. As long as it is not too bad luck, it is absolutely impossible to break into the top ten. problem.

"Rest assured, as long as you don't drag us down, that's it. The three of us will act together to make the top ten together."

Li Baitian patted his chest with a smile, and patted his palm with a layer of skin on his bones.

Neither Li Baitian nor Ning Qiancheng seem to have dropped Li Tianlan, who was seriously injured. The two may not look at each other, but between the lines, they all mean to bring Li Tianlan into the top ten together.

If Li Tianlan wants to say that he is not touched, that is impossible.

He is even more vigilant, and he won't turn a blind eye to such obvious good intentions, but only a roommate who has been together for a day. In the fiercely competitive atmosphere of the Sky Academy, the two of them are willing to bring themselves such a 'dumb', This mind is enough to make Li Tianlan look at them.

"Two, thank you."

Li Tianlan looked at the two people standing around him and thanked him sincerely.

Ning Qiancheng snorted very proudly, raised his head, and regained his cold look.

Li Baitian smiled and waved his hands and said, "Should, in the next few years, we will all be roommates who live together day and night. This kind of feeling is even closer than that of our brothers. In this kind of place, we are going to work together in the future. Yes, it ’s really a life-and-death relationship. What if you do n’t care about it? Only those fools who have no vision will be stupid enough to compete with their roommates. You look like you ’re an understander. In the border barracks, the kind of roommates And Ju ’s feelings are deeper than here. If even a classmate who is going to spend time with him and studying together is not willing to truly intersect, who can he expect? ”

"Anyway, thank you."

Li Tianlan has a sincere tone. People respect me one foot, I respect one man. Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng are so vindictive. He is also willing to treat them sincerely: "However, I think I will be in the forefront for a while. I It's just a small injury, it won't affect anything. "

In the process of competition, the front position must face the most pressure. Once his emperor is fully extended, it is a long gun with a length of more than two meters. The long gun waving can better cope with the pressure from the front. .

And he chose to be at the front, which also proved that he was willing to trust Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng initially, and even tried to give their backs to them.

"Tian Lan, what are you now?"

Ning Qiancheng and Li Baitian looked at each other suddenly, the former asked suddenly.

"How about you?"

Li Tianlan asked in reverse, the realm can not be disguised, but his actual combat power is far beyond the realm. He wants to be at the forefront, and can never tell Ning Qiancheng, the top ten master of this young generation, that he has not entered the four realms of martial arts yet?

"I am the pinnacle of condensed ice, and I can enter the fireland at any time."

Ning Qiancheng said slowly.

The corner of Li Tianlan's eyes jumped subconsciously.

At the age of 23, Ning Qiancheng is about to enter the realm of fire. Such strength is indeed worthy of the top ten masters of the young generation.

"I'm pretty much the same as Zhuangcheng. It shouldn't be worse than him."

Li Baitian also said something, his face was calm and confident.

Ning Qiancheng froze for a moment, and took a deep look at Li Baitian, without saying a word.

"I'm similar to you, it should not be worse than you."

Li Tianlan said very modestly, this remark is almost the same as Li Baitian's remarks, with only a few words changed.

Ning Qiancheng's mouth twitched a few times, and only felt an eggache for a while. Li Baitian was about the same, Li Tianlan was about the same, but he was ranked fifth among the top ten of the younger generation. Worth it?

"Ahem, fellow students."

On the podium, a gentle voice suddenly interrupted all the voices on the stage.

President Zhuang Huayang of the Sky Academy stood in front of Gu Yunxia, ​​looking kind.

All the voices on the stage suddenly disappeared, and each freshman looked up, looking up at the principal standing on the podium, with a respectful expression.

After all, this is one of the top ten contemporary masters in Zhongzhou, which represents the country's peak combat effectiveness. Compared with Gu Yunxia, ​​the teaching director, he doesn't know where it is.

"How does the principal rank among the top ten contemporary masters?"

Li Tianlan pulled Li Baitian's clothes and asked with a low voice.


Li Baitian quickly said: "The top ten contemporary masters are in a row for ten years. Ten years ago, the principal was originally the fifth. In these years, his status has fallen a lot."

Li Tianlan nodded bluntly. As the years passed, his body was declining, and even the strongest, the fighting power would continue to decline. This is a natural law and cannot be changed.

Heroes are twilight, beauties are bald, this is the most helpless thing.

"Fellow students."

On the podium, Zhuang Huayang's body stood upright, his eyes glanced around, and he continued: "I was on the stage and I heard a lot of cursing, insulting, and even cursing of treasoners, everyone is the pillar of the country's future. I understand your hatred of treasoners. But I also want to remind you that curses and cursing do not make you look patriotic. No words can express our love for the motherland. Patriotism requires actual action, only Voice, no action, that is angry youth, do you think they are not? "

The audience was quieter.

Gu Yunxia's complexion standing behind Zhuang Huayang changed slightly.

"I have been the principal of the Sky Academy for nearly two decades. I came here after the treason case that year. For many years, I have sent away many graduates of the Sky Academy. Seeing the honor they bring to the Sky Academy and the Nakasu special warfare system, I see their blood and body falling on the powerful road of our country. This is the pride of the Sky Academy and also the pride of Nakasu. "

Zhuang Huayang's voice was low and gentle, but with an unquestionable majesty: "Yes, I admit that the treason case of the year was indeed a stain or even a shame for Sky Academy!"

"But shame can't hide our glory. The treason has long been a thing of the past, and the past is gone. What do you say? But Sky Academy has a future, a better future. Each of our classmates should look forward because of you. It ca n’t change the past, but it can shape a better future. Everyone will be the backbone of the Nakasu special warfare system in the future. Many of you may not be known, but the Sky Academy will remember, you will remember the sky you gave Any little honor the Academy brings. "

"We are hidden in the dark and serve the light. I sincerely hope that each of you will go out from here, and in the near or far future, you can make the Sky Academy brighter because of you."

The loud applause sounded like thunder.

Only Gu Yunxia's face was extremely ugly and looked extremely awkward.

President Zhuang's words were not too much, but to a large extent, she denied her extremely fierce speech, which was like a face.

Offstage, some people were applauding and thoughtful.

The speeches made by Director Gu and President Zhuang just now are small, and it is just a speech with a slightly different content.

But you can say that this may be the different opinions represented by the two major forces.

In this way, the smiles of many people who understand the structure of the special warfare system in Zhongzhou suddenly have a meaningful meaning.

Great changes in Nakasu special warfare system?

Gu Yunxia was the vanguard. Taking the treason case many years ago as a guide, the super-character who had the most profit in the treason case behind Director Gu, what was he trying to do this time?

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