The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 12: : Waiting

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Overall, Li Tianlan was very satisfied with his two roommates.

Li Baitian hee hee hee hahaha, no one is able to get along quickly with anyone, without the slightest pride and stubbornness, such a person is undoubtedly the best to get along with.

And Ning Qiancheng, a commander of the Frontier Corps, described by Li Baitian as pretending to be a recidivist, although he is a bit arrogant, but his personal cultivation is also very good, not a bad person.

It is very comfortable to be in the same room with such a roommate.

Prior to this, Li Tianlan was really worried that the Sky Academy would jam himself into two uncles who were unreliable and highly reliable. If so, he would have a headache.

Even if he wants to dominate the world and let Li return to the top of Zhongzhou, it does not mean that he wants to dominate the sky in the sky college. He just wants the most precious graduation place of the sky college. At other times, Li Tianlan I would rather keep a low profile and earn credits silently, even if I ca n’t keep a low profile, it is good to accumulate a few contacts with people.

If the sky college really jammed up the two brother-in-laws whose eyes were higher than the top, and the chickens and dogs jumped all the time in the dormitory, Li Tianlan would not be able to do low-key.

Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng came over, and he was very close to him.

Lunch was by Li Baitian. The three found a good-looking restaurant. Li Baitian really dragged a handsome girl from his cell phone address book. He was also a freshman at the Sky Academy. His surname is Ye, and the painting is rainy. He is very personal. name.

Ye Huayu's appellation of Li Baitian is also confusing. He yells at the uncle, with a very respectful expression.

This made Li Tianlan sure that the dormitory building he was in was extraordinary. Two roommates, one was the young Junjie who was favored by the Chief of the Frontier Corps, and the other was an uncle. The origin is certainly not simple. Obviously In addition to himself, everyone who can live in that dormitory has a back.

After eating, Li Baitian put up the elders of Shimen's door, and said with a look of righteousness that he wanted to visit the dormitory of Ye Yehua, the nephew of the teacher.

Ning Qiancheng said that he would visit several comrades-in-arms.

Li Tianlan returned to the dormitory alone, locked himself in the room, and began to meditate.

There are many kinds of so-called meditation, meditation, vipassana, mindfulness, meditation, and different names, but the effects are completely the same. The highest state of meditation is that the two are forgotten, and the absolute focus on pursuing the will.

In martial arts, meditation is no less important than the speed of strength, and it is even more important than ever.

The more skilled you are, the more fancy you are with meditation.

It is no exaggeration to say that meditation is part of martial arts, and it is the core and most important part.

Waving ice and waving hands, raising fire with hands, and frightening with a finger. To do this, your own strength and speed must reach a certain level, but you also need absolute will to concentrate. Will cannot be concentrated, power is empty, and how can it erupt instantly? Show the strongest destructive power and combat power?

Both will and power have their limits. Some people are stuck in the ice condensed state for a lifetime and cannot enter the fire. It may be that the strength does not meet the requirements, or it may be that the will is not concentrated to that extent. In martial arts, there is no will to concentrate. Don't say that reaching the mysterious and invincible realm is just trying to enter the realm of condensing ice and burning fire.

A day passed quickly in meditation.

At three o'clock in the morning, Li Tianlan opened his eyes, moved his body, and then lay on the bed, listening to the sound of the waves slamming the shore outside the window, waiting for dawn.

A few hours later.

Officially started.

Six in the morning.

Li Tianlan, who had fallen asleep for less than three hours, was awakened by a knock.

Ning Qiancheng's calm and somewhat proud voice sounded outside the door.

"Tianlan, it's time to gather, get ready."

Li Tianlan looked at the time, promised, put on camouflage clothes, washed his face in the bathroom of the bedroom, and walked out of the room.

At 6.40, all the freshmen of the Sky Academy must meet at the admission square not far from the accommodation area, and then participate in the first admission exercise of the Sky Academy. The first pass will receive 80 credits. One point is written in the student code of Sky Academy, Li Tianlan will not forget.

"Where is Tianlan? Pretend to force the city, and quickly wake up Tianlan to get together."

Poured a glass of water in the living room. Li Tianlan just took a sip, and Li Baitian's hurried voice sounded from the porch. With the closing sound, Li Baitian's figure appeared directly in the living room.

"You didn't come back one night?"

Li Tianlan and Ning Qiancheng asked in unison.

"The fresh girls at the Sky Academy are so enthusiastic. I have a night of expedition. How can I have time to come back?"

Li Baitian laughed, and his skinny face was more indifferent to the skeleton than the skull.

"Skinny, who the **** are you? The girls at Sky Academy are all proud and proud. Which one doesn't know anything? It's not easy to sleep when you want to sleep."

Ning Zhiyuan narrowed his eyes and looked at Li Baitian with a playful expression.

"Of course, they are fancy of their handsomeness, male and female love, this is human!"

Li Baitian cleaned up his empty clothes, and said with a look of awe.

"Shit! Are you as handsome as you are? Those women might as well find a cucumber."

Ning Qiancheng taunted.

"How can cucumber be compared with myself? Can I use a cannon? Can it be a cannon? The shot is red and the cucumber is cold. Can it be compared with my cannon?"

"It's red with one shot? It's red? I think it's a hit, and you're just like a bamboo pole, and you're qualified to be like a cannon? The needles are almost the same, embroidered needles."

"Pretend to force the city! I fight with you to make you pretend!"

Li Tianlan rubbed his temples with a headache and said with a bitter smile: "Okay, I have no time for you to do a fight, it's time to go."

Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng snorted at the same time. The former's skinny palms grabbed Li Tianlan, referring to Sanghuai and saying: "Tianlan, you have to listen to my brother's advice, a man can pretend not to work, no fart. Yesterday I I inspected the girl's dormitory and found that the quality of the girls was quite good. I will go around with my brother another day and introduce you to you, to make you comfortable. "

Ning Qiancheng gritted his teeth fiercely, glaring at Li Baitian without saying a word.

Li Tianlan shook his head and said casually: "Yizhifanfan, no interest."

When he said that, his mind once again emerged the dreamlike figure now in Brussal.

What is the woman who looks real, imaginary, and distant? What is she doing now?

Li Baitian also wanted to say that Ning Qiancheng was already impatient and said, "Can't walk? If you don't leave, it's too late. Do you think the school bus will wait for you?"

"Walk around."

Li Baitian smiled, the three went out together, took the school bus, and went straight to the entrance square.

On the square with wide horizons, countless new students were standing densely at this time. All the camouflage uniforms were lined up in the square. Li Tianlan and two roommates arrived at the square at the same time, standing at the end of the crowd. .

In front of the square is an exquisite podium. At this time, a row of tables and chairs has been placed on the three-meter-high podium. Several school leaders are already in place, sitting in their own positions and chatting with colleagues at will.

"Tian Lan, seeing it, the one sitting in the middle is the principal of Sky Academy, President Zhuang Huayang. One of the top ten masters of contemporary Zhongzhou."

Li Baitian stood beside Li Tianlan, reached out and pointed quickly on the podium, and proactively introduced.

Li Tianlan nodded and glanced at the podium with a calm expression.

Zhuang Huayang is already close to the age of rarity, but looks very young, like a middle-aged person under 50 years old, with a gentle and elegant temperament, like a senior scholar, personable, and does not seem to have the slightest mastery.

Top Ten Masters in Mid-Continent?

Li Tianlan was thoughtful.

"Our coach is also one of the top ten masters, and ranks higher than President Zhuang."

Ning Qiancheng stood to the right of Li Tianlan, and said with a cold face.

Li Baitian seemed to be incompatible with Ning Qiancheng, and showed no mercy: "Why don't you say ten years ago? Ten years ago, your coach was not on the list yet."

"A good guy doesn't mention bravery!"

Ning Qiancheng snorted.

Li Baitian shook his head and patted Li Tianlan's shoulder: "Don't bother to pretend to be a perpetrator. Look at the left of the principal, the old lady in red clothes, that is Gu Yunxia, ​​the director of the teaching department of the Sky Academy. , The background is extremely tough, he is a cruel man, and he must not offend. "

Li Tianlan nodded again.

"The beauty on the principal's right is the principal's granddaughter. With her mother's last name, Qin Ke, she is the deputy director of the teaching department. She is also one of the top geniuses in Zhongzhou.

"Bad fat."

Li Tianlan looked disdainful.


Li Baitian was silent for a while, then he stared at Ning Qiancheng fiercely, then turned his head and said solemnly: "You will stay away from the pretense and look at the city. Look, this is the only day you are pretending to be pretending . "



A clear cough sounded suddenly from the podium in front of him.

No sound, no microphone.

The seemingly random cough sounded clearly from the air, shaking in all directions, as if ringing in everyone's ear.

All the freshmen's voices in the audience were silent.

An old lady in a red suit did not know when she left her seat and stood on the podium.

She is about 50 years old and short in size, but she has a sharp and powerful look all over her body. Her body is normal, even a little dry, and her face has some wrinkles that grow naturally due to the passage of time. She stood on the podium, glanced at her cold eyes, and everyone immediately straightened her body subconsciously.

"Hello classmates. I'm Gu Yunxia, ​​director of the teaching department of the Sky Academy."

Gu Yunxia seemed very satisfied with the reaction of the new students in the audience, her mouth raised, a smiley face appeared, but because of her appearance, her smile seemed abnormally bitter and bitter.

Li Tianlan quietly looked up at the ancient Yunxia who had been lifted up. From the first glance when he saw the other side, he did not like the director of the teaching department of the Sky Academy, not because of her ugly appearance and dry body, but It was a feeling that was difficult to explain. Li Tianlan always felt that the ancient director was too cold, like a poisonous snake, not a good kind. Now she sees her twisted smile, and her inner feeling is even worse.

"First of all, welcome all students to Sky Academy. I hope that from the first day of your admission, you can take this place as your pride and glory."

On the podium, Gu Yunxia's voice spread throughout the audience, clear and audible: "Sky Academy is the earliest special warfare college established in Zhongzhou, and it is also the most legendary special war college in Zhongzhou."

"For decades, Sky Academy has walked out of hundreds of generals, countless senior agents, and several giants of the dark world. The splendor of this special war college may not be well known, but its influence is everywhere. , It has the power to influence the pattern of the Empire ’s special warfare system, and it has the ability to change the fate of every new student! "

Gu Yunxia's words paused, and his smile converged. He continued: "I can't understand all of you, but I know your origins. Some of you are from the military, and some of you are the elite of the special warfare system. There are also people who are inheritors from various sects of the people. There are iron soldiers, excellent agents, children of the gatekeepers, and a commoner. But I can tell you for sure, no matter where you come from, when you come to Sky Academy, You will all have gains. Every teacher of the Sky Academy is willing to help you with all your strength and make you the backbone of the Imperial Special Warfare System! "

"There is the best environment for growth and the cruelest competitive environment. Starting from today, in the next three years, you will continue to meet the test of blood, pain, and even death. Sky Academy is a strong one. This place is not a place for the weak to live, so please remember the motto of the Sky Academy-go ahead! Tell me, you are afraid of death! "

After a brief silence.

The sound of a mountain tsunami suddenly broke out on the admission square.

"Go ahead!"

Everyone yelled at these four words with all their strength, and everyone turned red and blood.

Not because of Gu Yunxia's precepts, but because of the school motto of the Sky Academy, because of these four words, go forward!

These four words are the true portrayal of the Sky Academy over the decades, countless touching stories, and countless legends that turned the tide into awesome.

Someone roared and died generously.

Someone laughed wildly and went on fighting.

Someone kept silent and guarded to death.

The history of the Sky Academy is covered with heroes' flesh and blood, so it is glorious and shining!


On the podium, Gu Yunxia nodded and laughed: "I would like to walk with you all the way, I hope you will become the backbone of the country, become the sky academy, and be the pride of the entire Nakasu special warfare system, not a shame."

The audience was quiet again.

Only Gu Yunxia's sharp, sharp voice echoed in the square.

"The Sky Academy has been established for decades, with countless honors, but only one shame. Here I want to mention a name, a name that makes me feel sick."

Behind Gu Yunxia, ​​the look of other school leaders changed significantly.

The principal Zhuang Huayang also lowered his eyelids.

"His name is Lee Kuangzi."

Gu Yunxia looked around, his tone became sharper and harsher: "The shame of Nakasu, the shame of Sky Academy! Perhaps many students have heard the name of this traitor. He used to be the most dazzling genius of Nakasu. However, when everyone was optimistic about him, this **** traitor chose to betray him! He colluded with Yeling and betrayed Zhongzhou, which directly led to the annihilation of Zhongzhou ’s 120,000 most elite army! So scum, he would not die It's simply unreasonable! "

"And this betrayed the miscellaneous pieces of Zhongzhou Country and graduated from the Sky Academy. He shamed the entire Academy, made everyone feel sick, died, and could not atone for it. This kind of garbage that even wild dogs are unwilling to look at, Covering nearly half of the glory of the sky academy, he died miserably, but blame it on his own, but his disgusting shameless approach should always be engraved on the apostle of the sky academy, alert all the latecomers, because it is exactly this A hybrid that keeps our sky academy up for years. "

Debris, scum, trash, hybrids ...

The appearance of these words at the opening ceremony of the Sky Academy was simply unbearable.

But almost all the freshmen ignored Gu Yunxia's words and got excited.

"Li madman **** it! No, death is cheap for him. The entire army of 120,000 troops is annihilated. Is it enough for him to die?"

"Zhongzhou's national strength has declined in recent years because there are too many dogs like this!"

"Li madman, I wish you no rest after death, the whole family is dead, shit!"

The whole square seemed to be screaming in every corner.

Gu Yunxia stood on the podium, squinting, but with a trace of cold mockery deep in his eyes.

In the entire square, only Li Tianlan may behave differently from others.

The others were either silent or yelling.

But Li Tianlan was smiling. He laughed silently, but his mouth was rising desperately. His body was shaking and his mouth was shaking. Everyone can see how humiliating and indignant under this smile, but he is still in Laughing, using all your power to laugh.

No one knew, that Li Kuangzi was in the midst of everyone's yelling.

The traitor who has been dead for many years.

It's his father.

A trace of red blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, Li Tianlan gritted his teeth, took a deep look at Gu Yunxia on the podium, bowed his head silently, and wiped the blood from his mouth.

But in my heart, a clear voice kept rolling and irritating.

You wait for me.

You all wait for me!

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