I Am a Taoist Priest in Hollywood

I Am a Taoist Priest in Hollywood


800 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 3 days ago


Chu Feng traveled to the parallel world of Hollywood. There are no horror movies in this world, and all horror movies have appeared in reality.


As a Chinese Taoist priest in Hollywood, Chu Feng expressed a lot of pressure. Fortunately, activate the merit system and kill the Quartet.


The god of death is coming: "In the future, wherever there is Chu Feng, I will hide as far as I can."


Dream Killer Freddy: "Chu Tianshi spare me, I would like to be your one."


Angelina: "Chu Tianshi, I'm so scared alone, can you come to my house at night?"


Widow sister: "Chu Tianshi, there are ghosts in my house, can I sleep with you?"


The clown girl: "Chu Tianshi, I heard that you can change your luck and make people famous. Can you see me? I'm willing to do anything."


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