Astral Pet Store

Chapter 97: Upgrade Spirit Pool

Yu Yuanyuan looked down at his companion's finger. When he saw the price of the goods on the shelf, he couldn't help blinking, wondering if he was dazzling, and read a few more zeros.

Su Ping got up to welcome the guests, "What are you going to cultivate?"

Yu Yuanyuan withdrew her gaze from the shelf and looked at Su Ping who came, if she was not bold enough to try to flee the door, she stood tall and made herself look more powerful, she said, "We want The beasts you are cultivating are fierce. I just don’t know if you can be bred here. Also, what is the price of bred here, how is it calculated?"

"Ten thousand pets, 100,000 medium pets." Su Ping smiled.

This smile fell in Yu Yuanyuan's eyes, it was a full-blown grin, a profiteer's smile.

However, the price quoted by the other party was beyond Yu Yuanyuan's expectations. Looking at the price on the shelf, she thought that the training fee was at least a hundred thousand.

She immediately asked, "Then how much did you charge for raising that rat?"

Su Ping's mouth twitched, his smile disappeared, and said indifferently: "At least one million."

"One million?" Yu Yuanyuan stunned, and the other girl beside him was stunned.

Yu Yuanyuan quickly recovered, although the price was high, but in terms of the value of the thunder mouse, it was worth the money, and even the charge was cheap, but she suddenly suspected that this store is really nurturing Out of the shop of the Lightning Mouse, don't make a wishful thinking yourself and make a big oolong.

"Do you know which I am talking about, and do you know what its owner's name is?" Yu Yuanyuan asked.

Su Ping lowered her eyes and glanced at her, saying, "I have an obligation to keep the guest's information, but she belongs to your Fengshan College, whose surname is Su, right?"

Yu Yuanyuan was relieved. It seemed that the other party knew Su Yanying and convinced the store a lot. She asked, "What effect does that 10,000 training have?"

"Ten thousand?" Su Ping raised his eyebrows and asked so many, but only wanted to pick ten thousand?

"The specific effect is difficult to say, but the beast will definitely be improved, either the level or the combat experience, in short, it will be stronger than before." Su Ping returned to the counter and sat back on the chair again, said indifferently.

Seeing Su Ping's lost enthusiasm instantly, the second woman was a little stunned. Was this too realistic?

However, when they think of Su Ping, they have some expectations in their minds. It cost them a million to cultivate the Lightning Mouse, which is too difficult for them. The two people may not be able to get together, but ordinary training can still afford it. of.

"Then I will breed a medium beast and a low-level beast." Yu Yuanyuan immediately decided.

The short-haired girl with a timid character beside him also said weakly: "I'll cultivate my hundred mother spider."

Su Ping could not help but glance at this timid girl, looking at this weak and cowardly look, actually using the ugly and beastly beast of the hundred mother spider? Isn't this girl a split personality?

However, this is not his business, saying: "A total of 210,000."

"Yeah." Yu Yuan nodded, and the second woman quickly paid.

"Boss, how long will it take us to pick up?" Yu Yuanyuan thought of this just after paying the money, and asked quickly.

"Tomorrow will do." Su Ping received the money and smiled, thinking that the second daughter was only cultivating low-level beasts. Unexpectedly, they were two medium-sized ones. This 210,000 was converted into energy, which is 2100, which can be said to be extremely expensive. A sum of income is much stronger than the autumn wind a few days ago. This is the power of propaganda!

"So fast?" The second daughter was stunned and could be nurtured in just one day? Are you kidding me?

Or is it just to collect money, but do nothing, just fooling around?

Seeing that the second woman's face was not so pretty, Su Ping couldn't explain it, she could only say: "If you receive the beast tomorrow, and you are not satisfied, you can get a refund."

"Really?" The nervousness of the second women's nervousness was relieved. In fact, they now want to refund the money. They always feel like they have been pitted. However, when Su Ping is so confident, they are aroused some curiosity in their hearts.

"I've recorded your words, boss, you can't be fooled by then." Yu Yuanyuan shook her phone and said.

After all, Su Ping is a fifth-order **** and demon body. She has such keen eyesight that she didn’t record it at all. She just deliberately frightened him. He didn’t take it out. Other things, summon your beast, I will not entertain the two of you."

The second woman also saw that the boss was angry, and it seemed a bit excessive to think about what they said, but they were not very embarrassed, but they were also worried about being cheated, and had to do so. They summoned the beasts they wanted to cultivate and gave it to Su Ping reluctantly. There were always some worries in their hearts, but in the end they still gritted their teeth and left heartlessly. Anyway, they will see tomorrow.

When the second daughter left, Su Ping sent the three beasts to the beast room, and the foster care was full.

Seeing one of the moon chasers in foster care, Su Ping was a little speechless. The owner of this dog had already made an appointment. He hadn't come and he could not be reached. In this case, either the owner of the moon chasers was killed. , Or the dog was abandoned.

Either way, this dog belongs to him.

Su Pingshun bit his finger and tried to sign a contract with him.

Soon, the contract rune was formed, and a sense of consciousness was connected. Su Ping was dumb and actually signed successfully. This shows that his previous guess was completely correct, and the result can only be one of them.

"Hey." Su Ping sighed inwardly, touched the dog head of the moon dog, and got up and returned to the front store. Since he signed the contract, he was too lazy to unlock it. A moon dog couldn't consume much of his mental energy. By the way, nurture and improve your combat strength, you can also leave it in the shop for rent, or wait for when the sales service starts, and then sell it, which is also a lot of energy.

Returning to the front store, Su Ping continued to select and nurture the niche, and it didn't take long for the students from Fengshan College to visit again.

Some of these students are ordinary students with rich family backgrounds, some of them are on the combat power list, all came with curiosity, and some were directly scared away when they heard Su Ping’s quotation, and some took a try mentality, I chose foster care and nurturing services. As for the sale of pet food, it has become the most unpopular. No one buys it. After all, this group of students was mainly attracted because of the thunder mouse. Master, and the price of pet food sold exceeds their psychological tolerance, and most of them are food for undead beasts. They have almost no such beasts.

After coming down in the morning, apart from Jiang Hanxue and the round-faced girl at the beginning, Su Ping followed by earning more than 5,000 energy.

Su Ping earned so much energy for the first time in a day. Without saying a word, he directly spent 10,000 energy to upgrade the chaotic spirit pool to level 3.

Three levels of chaotic spirit pool, but with a lower probability to breed king beast!

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