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Chapter 96: Tianxiang pig (fourth more)

After confirming Su Ping's identity, Jiang Hanxue was somewhat embarrassed. The previous suspicions were too disrespectful. She bowed her head and said sorry to Su Ping. Afterwards, she did not hesitate any more and directly paid Su Ping to purchase this professional cultivation service.

Since Su Ping is a high-level tutor, the rumors of the Lightning Mouse are naturally true, and one million dollars can buy a Beast of the Lightning Mouse quality, which is already a big profit for her!

In this way, she caught up with Su Yanying's footsteps. Although there was no chance to compete in the college, in the C-level barren area, she could grow up quickly by relying on this beast, accumulate merits, and transfer to an official pioneer as soon as possible. By.

When she returns to school at a classmate's party in the future, she will not be inferior to Su Yanying.

Thinking of this, her eyes brightened again.

Receiving the deposit information, Su Ping nodded slightly. This was a huge sum of money. Although it made him happy, this time he had a big task and he was under a lot of pressure. He wanted to cultivate a beast with medium and high qualifications. So easy.

Fortunately, there is a one-month deadline, he can slowly think about it.

"Call out your beast." Su Ping said.

Jiang Hanxue nodded, raised his hands to gather the star pattern, and opened the summoning space. A round pink pig fell out of it. It was a Tianxiang pig of third-order blood. Like the Lightning Mouse, it had only third-order strength in adulthood.

Tianxiang pig is a beast of poisonous line, with a very small probability, it will evolve into a poisonous beast of fifth-order bloodline.

In the battle that Jiang Hanxue has to deal with today, Tianxiang pigs have little use, but this is the pet that accompanies her earlier, and she already has feelings, and the appearance of Tianxiang pigs is pink and tender, very cute, although they are pigs. However, like its name, Tianxiang pig is very clean and soft without hair, and it also exudes a faint fragrance. Unlike most common beasts, most of them have different unpleasant body odors and need to be cleaned frequently.

The body incense of Tianxiang Pig will also become highly toxic when it is in danger, killing the enemy.


The Tianxiang pig that fell to the ground quickly climbed up, and the soft body surface structure made it not easily contaminated with dust. It immediately took a posture of attack and watched the only stranger in front of him, Su Ping.

Jiang Hanxue's thoughts passed quickly, and Tianxiang Pig immediately understood that this was not a fight, and immediately sat on the ground, scratching his neck with his pointed trotter feet, and his dark eyes looking around.

Su Ping glanced and nodded slightly, still within the scope of cultivation.

"This professional cultivation time is one month." Su Ping said: "One month later, you can come to receive it."

"So fast?" Jiang Hanxue was stunned. She knew the qualifications of her Tianxiang pig best. Although she trained well, she was only able to make it slightly better than her kin. , Together with some beasts with high poison resistance, may not be poisoned.

How can it be cultivated to match the seventh order beast in just one month?

She wondered if Su Ping said it was the wrong time. Even if you cultivate masters, it would take at least half a year, or even more than a year? Moreover, it is still a question whether she can cultivate such a master in her cognition.

"You can just pick it up by then." Su Ping didn't explain much.

Jiang Hanxue saw that he didn't mean to change his mind, and didn't ask any more. He was looking forward to it. Since Su Ping said this, it was mostly a matter of confidence. Even if it was delayed, it wouldn't be too long. You can get a beast of the same level as the thunder mouse. Her mood is inevitably agitated, but she is restrained by nature, not much exposed on her face, but secretly excited in her heart.

"Then I would like to thank Supervisor Su first." Jiang Hanxue smiled, and was very polite.

Su Pingdao: "Call my boss in the shop."

"Well, boss Su." Jiang Hanxue nodded, rather well-behaved. If the people in her class saw this scene, they would shudder their jaws. The iceberg, who had always been cold-faced, would have been so obedient?

"Do you need to cultivate the other couples? Ordinary ones, one hundred thousand medium beasts." Su Ping asked again, since the credibility is guaranteed, the lost business still needs to be won.

Jiang Hanxue was a little embarrassed and said, "I'm running out of money..." The one-million-year upbringing cost almost emptied her. Although there are still some left, she still needs to use it in other places, including daily expenses. A lot of money will be spent.

Su Ping has no choice but to win.

However, compared to Su Yanying's poor, middle-poor, Jiang Hanxue is still wealthy, and can leave more than one million families on the family's child card, already considered rich.

"Do you want to buy something?" Su Ping asked again.

Jiang Hanxue looked at the price of pets in the back and said in a hurry: "Next time, next time."

Su Ping is speechless, why everyone seems to want to pit them, these things are cheap to sell, okay!

"That's okay, I won't entertain you." Seeing that I can't catch any more oil, Su Ping has no interest to continue talking.

Jiang Hanxue was dumb. This was the first time she met a boss who had been chased away after just placing a million orders. She was a big customer anyway, okay? With a bitter smile in his heart, Jiang Hanxue said goodbye to Tianxiang Pig and gave it to Su Ping.

With the appeasement of her mind, Tianxiang Pig stayed in the shop reluctantly.

After Jiang Hanxue left, Su Ping immediately bought a temporary contract in the system store and signed it with Tianxiang Pig. Anyway, when he was nurtured, he would have to sign it sooner or later. He would have to get along for a month in the future. He is not the owner of Tianxiang Pig. Things obey him, and it's much easier to have a contract.

"Come on." Su Ping led Tianxiang Pig to the Beast Room at the back, squatted down and touched his head, the taste...the texture was very good, he took Tianxiang Pig to the empty spirit stone fostering place, first Let Reiki nourish it, wait for the nurturing plane to go, and cultivate again.

Back at the shop, Su Ping sat behind the counter and practiced while bringing up the cultivation interface. He searched through the cultivation planes above. This interface can only be seen by himself. Don't worry about being suddenly discovered when a guest comes in.

"right here?"

It didn't take long to watch, and suddenly someone came in.

Su Ping looked up, and the nurturing interface in front of him also disappeared. He saw two short girls visiting the door, looking curiously.

After seeing Su Ping behind the counter, two girls walked in, and one of the round-faced girls asked, "You are a little naughty beast shop here? Is there a powerful Leiguang mouse? from?"

When Su Ping heard it, he knew he was a student in the academy and nodded, "Yes, are you here to cultivate it?"

Seeing that Su Ping admitted that the round-faced girl was relieved, she had to open her mouth. Suddenly she felt that her sleeves had been pulled by someone, and she turned her head to look around, but she saw her companion flinching and pointed her finger at the shelf behind Su Ping.

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