The King of Special Warfare

Vol 2 Chapter 9: : Unparalleled in the World

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Soon after leaving the hospital, vehicles from Dongcheng Wudi and Zhuang Huayang had already followed Li Tianlan.

The black Land Rover in front is one of Dongcheng ’s invincible exclusive vehicles. The military ’s positioning device is on it, so the distance between Dongcheng ’s invincible and Li Tianlan has been very long. In heavy rain, the two followed the Land Rover through the traffic and walked away. Stop, wait for the car to go more and more side by side, and gradually left the urban area of ​​Huating, Dongcheng invincible finally realized that something is wrong.

"What is this kid going to get?"

Dongcheng's invincible tone doubted: "This is not the way back to Yonghua Villa?"

"It's not the way to Yu's private kitchen."

Zhuang Huayang shook his head, his eyebrows frowned slightly. Li Tianlan's social relationship in Huating was extremely simple. One Qin Weibai and one Yu Dong came. Except for these two people, he didn't know anyone. Now he can go. where?

The two cars were about 800 meters behind each other. Dongcheng Invincible followed silently according to the positioning information transmitted. In the heavy rain, the Land Rover in front had long disappeared from sight. Only the red dot on the Dongcheng Invincible mobile phone screen remained. Flashing forward.

"Looks like going to the airport, to see President Qin?"

Dongcheng Invincible glanced at Zhuang Huayang, whispered softly. You can't blame the two Zhongzhou big men for being too gossip. For Li Tianlan, the two are now very uneasy. His potential is enough to satisfy the Dongcheng family and academics, even surprise. But his ability to cause trouble is also more headache.

If the situation in the dark world is not turbulent this time, even if Zhong Yongming does n’t do anything on the surface, private revenge can cause headaches. Now that things are over, Zhuang Huayang only wants to bring Li Tianlan back to Sky Academy. It's best to let him come out after graduating from Sky Academy.

"Qin always takes off from Wudong International? Bluebridge International flights are few, mostly domestic."

Zhuang Huayang shook his head, some did not understand.

"In short, this boy has troubled the principal in recent years. We have the principal to take care of us in Huating. We are very relieved."

Dongcheng invincible handed a cigarette to Zhuang Huayang, and he lit a cigarette himself and took a deep breath.

"I will try my best."

Zhuang Huayang smiled, and the old eyes narrowed slightly: "The college will give him support."

Dongcheng Invincible nodded slightly, and then said suddenly, he suddenly said, "Why did you stop?"

"Look back."

Zhuang Huayang's heart was tight, and she cried.

The vehicle accelerated instantly, approaching the Land Rover ahead.

A chirping sound of a long sword that shook the wild.

The heavy rain through the window, through the carriage, sounded clearly in the ears of Dongcheng Invincible and Zhuang Huayang.

Their faces changed at the same time.

In sight, the air in front seemed to be unchanged, but at that moment, the two clearly noticed that the seemingly motionless air tightened a little.

Heavy rain is like a waterfall.

A sharp edge shaking the whole world suddenly appeared in the heavy rain.

No thunder, no fire.

There is only one absolute danger between heaven and earth.

It was extreme madness and fierceness, and it was enough to threaten any living body.

Dongcheng Invincible drove the door straight into the battlefield, completely defiant attitude.

Zhuang Huayang followed closely behind.

The faint, clear, mysterious and mysterious edge appeared instantly, and disappeared almost instantly.

Everything just blinks.

The rain became calm again.

Wang Yuetong almost jumped out of the car at the same time and rushed into the rain curtain. She never entered the flames of fire. The heavy rain from the sky instantly wet her all over, but she ignored it and rushed to Li Tianlan to see him more and more. With a pale face, he eagerly said, "Brother, how are you?"

"It's all right."

Li Tianlan shook his head. Although he was injured, the impact on him was not great.

He had never seen the true martial arts of Kunlun City, and he could become the power center of the special warfare system in Zhongzhou. If Kunlun City had only conspired, this would obviously not be possible.

Therefore, he never underestimated the ancient Yangtze River from the beginning, and he went all out!

Sword fifteen to reincarnate the sword of the ancestors, and to kill the enemy with the sword smashed, it seems that they are two swords, but it is actually a sword.

The sword twelve fell close.

In the fifteenth round, the sword picked up its strength.

Sword twenty kills the enemy.

Everything is in an instant, this is a real spike.

All his energy and spirit are concentrated in this sword, and the most thorough venting out, there is no time to respond to the ancient Yangtze River. This sword is out, if the ancient Yangtze River does not die, Li Tianlan will temporarily lose his fighting power. At that time, I am afraid that the ancient Yangtze River fish will be left.

Li Tianlan coughed slightly, his eyes looked like a deep pond, without fluctuations.

This is the most resolute sword of his killing intentions. He has never moved forward, and his state of mind is even more perfect than when facing the black robe attack at the Sky Academy. In amusement, he seems to have a new understanding of the invincible chapter.

The momentum of going forward, daring to break the heavens and the earth, daring the devil to bow his head, and dare to make all beings knelt down constantly in his heart, made his whole human emotions and even his soul are undergoing shock.

When I drew the sword, everything in the world, all living beings, were all ants, all at my feet!

All at your feet!

Invincible chapter, sword twenty-four, Xuanyuantai's sword, going forward, tearing the world.

This is not just a pure martial arts trend, but a true spirit, even a soul.

In the heavy rain, Li Tianlan's mouth was raised with a bright smile.

The icy rain hit him, leaving him cold, but his heart was hotter than ever.

Starting again from the thunderous realm, he found the meaning of rebuilding for the first time, not a doubt about the realm, but an exploration of the purest martial arts.

The cold wind and rain fell down.

Li Tianlan's eyes gradually became clear, and he smiled as if with a spring breeze.

With this sword out, his heart seemed to relax like never before.

"Let's go back to Sky Academy."

Li Tianlan took the initiative to hold Wang Yuetong's small hand. In a short time, his mood seemed calm, and even reached out and squeezed Wang Yuetong's delicate little nose, and laughed: "What are you doing out there? Isn't it cold?"

Wang Yuetong was happy and shy inside. Looking at Li Tianlan who seemed abnormal, she was chaotic and gave him a white eye, but she didn't know what to say.

"Tian Lan, how are you?"

Dongcheng invincible burst out of the rain at full speed, and the breath on his body violently fluctuated.

With a distance of several hundred meters, he was completely desperate to charge, and now rushing to the finish line, he just saw the scene where Li Tianlan was holding Wang Yuetong's nose, and the Zhongzhou God of Killing suddenly felt a bit bad.

Fuck, I rushed over at my physical strength. What did you show me?

"Master, why are you here?"

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows slightly, but did not let go of Wang Yuetong's hand.

Dongcheng's invincible pressure forced the messy thoughts. After all, all these things looked calm and calm, Qingqing me and me, but the momentum just couldn't fool people, he turned his eyes, looked at the car wreckage not far away, and looked down at the rain The corpse suddenly stared.

On the shoulders of the deceased, two Venuses, which represented great achievements, were shining, still glamorous in the heavy rain.

"Ancient Yangtze River?"

Dongcheng's invincible pupil shrank, and Huo Ran turned to look at Li Tianlan: "Did you kill?"

"He **** it."

Li Tianlan was bland.

Dongcheng's invincible twitched his lips and remained silent for nearly ten seconds before he uttered a word from his throat: "Fuck!"

Just after the death of Zhong Shaofeng, this turn turned to death one of the core characters of Kunlun City, the ancient Yangtze River.

This kid is simply a troublemaker.

He turned his head, watching Zhuang Huayang rushing over, and pointed at the corpse of the ancient Yangtze River in silence.

Zhuang Huayang looked at Dongcheng's invincible fingers, his eyes narrowed suddenly.

The atmosphere in the heavy rain suddenly became silent.

The ancient Yangtze River died in Huating.

This is one of the confidants of Gu Xingyun, the **** of war in Zhongzhou. His death will surely make Gu Xingyun angry, and even trace it to the end.

All masters who appear in Huating during this time will be the subject of investigation by Kunlun City.

If this matter is not handled well, it will cause great trouble.

If it is found that the ancient Yangtze River killed by Li Tianlan, the consequences are even more serious than that of Zhong Shaofeng's dismissal.

Fortunately, this place is relatively remote. During this time, no vehicles were passing by, and few people knew about Li Tianlan's current status. He should not be the object of doubt in Kunlun City.

This thing seems to be quite clean?

Zhuang Huayang raised his eyebrows and suddenly said, "Have you got something?"

"got it."

Li Tianlan nodded calmly.

The wreckage of all nearby cars floated without warning in heavy rain.

The comatose driver, the body of the ancient Yangtze River, and even the blood on the ground all gathered towards the car wreckage.

Zhuang Huayang waved his hand fiercely.

During the heavy rain, a flaming light almost lit up in the wreckage against the common sense of physics.

Subtle but bright lights flashed in the wreck.

After a while, all the wreckage and corpses had turned into a pile of black ash, washed away by heavy rain, and scattered on the highway instantly.

"Back to Sky Academy!"

Zhuang Huayang, who killed the corpse, gritted his teeth, glared at Li Tianlan fiercely, turned and left, and even forgot to say hello to Dongcheng invincible.

"Hurry up? What are you doing?"

Dongcheng smiled bitterly, watching Li Tianlan say, the death of the ancient Yangtze River will certainly make Zhongzhou's already extremely sensitive situation more sensitive. As one of the members of the Zhongzhou Policy Bureau, he is also a leader of the Haomen Group, which needs to be considered. There are more things than Zhuang Huayang.

"After returning to Sky Academy, let's stabilize. Let's put things outside first, Tianlan, you are the most important to grow up, and many people are looking forward to it."

Dongcheng invincibly took a deep breath, looked at Li Tianlan, and opened his eyes gently.

"it is good."

Li Tianlan hesitated, nodded, and said sincerely, "Thank you Marshal."

Dongcheng waved his hand invincibly, turned and looked at the beloved car whose windshield had been broken, his eyes became more helpless.

Li Tianlan was also a little embarrassed, and took Wang Yuetong's hand and walked away.

In the rain, the ringtones of Dongcheng Invincible and Zhuang Huayang's mobile phones that haven't gone far are ringing at the same time.

Dongcheng Invincible picked up the phone and listened, his face changed, and he looked subconsciously at Zhuang Huayang.

Zhuang Huayang's body seemed to stoop, turned and stared at Li Tianlan fiercely.

The loving and angry look really broke his heart.

Faintly, Zhuang Huayang's angry voice was ringing in the wind and rain: "Say, what did your boy do?"

Dongcheng invincible laughed and sat in Land Rover, and started the car to leave quickly.

The rain re-entered the co-pilot through the windshield, and Nakasu slapped the steering wheel vigorously, facing the wind and rain, singing loudly.

Li Tianlan was standing in front of Zhuang Huayang, facing the question of the old principal, he made a subconscious hum, and then said: "Oh, I went to the bathroom in the hospital and killed Zhong Shaofeng by hand. I said, I will kneel down He is worth his life. "

Zhuang Huayangqi's eyes fainted and he was powerless: "I have a bad heart. What else did you do? Tell me, don't let me hit you for a while, OK? Classmate Li Tianlan?"


Li Tianlan shook his head, and honestly said, "When I return to Yonghua Villa, I will return to the Sky Academy with the principal. Rest assured, I do very clean things about Zhong Shaofeng, and Zhong Yongming can't find anything."

Zhuang Huayang shook his head with a bitter smile.

He knew that if Li Tianlan dared to do it, he would not be left with evidence, but how would Zhong Yongming now be facing his dead son?

I just promised not to ask Li Tianlan for trouble within two years, and my son turned his head and died. He was even strangled alive for ten whole lives.

He couldn't come up with evidence, and couldn't trouble Li Tianlan within two years.

This is bad enough.

Li Tianlan was tragically overcast with Zhong Yongming.

In the future ...

Zhuang Huayang shook his head subconsciously. What's urgent now is to shut Li Tianlan, the troubled ancestor, quickly.

Several people returned to the car.

Zhuang Huayang drove a fire and calmly said, "The ancient Yangtze River should not be killed, the variables are too great. There will be no major problems for the Zhong family."

"One of my father's enemies is in front of me. I can't bear it, and I also want to see if there is any tail in Kunlun City after the death of the ancient Yangtze River."

Li Tianlan sat in the co-pilot and said calmly.

"Does this make any sense? You want revenge, I understand, but you see the world too simple, it's childish."

Zhuang Huayang shook his head and continued: "Even if you are now invincible, even if you have found out the truth of everything in that year, you know that Li Kuangzi was wronged. What do you do?"

"Would you like to go directly to Kunlun City and kill it? Revenge and snow hate?"

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes and listened to Zhuang Huayang's teaching, silent.

"This world has rules."

Zhuang Huayang calmly said: "Wang Tian ranked first on the God List. He went to Kunlun Mountain a few days ago. He could smash Kunlun City with one sword, but under that sword, no one died. This is the rule."

"No matter how strong you are, you must also act within the rules. If you have enough strength to directly push Kunlun City, even if you have a point? What will the senior executives think of you? Nakasu will absolutely suppress you. Li said To restore former glory is dreaming. "

"The views of invincible masters from different countries are the same. You can be out of control, but you must obey the rules, otherwise you will become a public enemy. Is Wang Tianzong strong? How long do you think he can stay on top of this list of gods? For centuries, few unruly people have come to an end. "

He drove the car, glanced at Li Tianlan, and calmly said, "When should you do something, you have to think clearly. Now your biggest task is to grow up slowly, when your strength is strong enough Naturally, someone will shout for you within the rules. Force cannot determine everything, but force is the fundamental solution to everything. You don't need to care about anything else now, you just need to improve your own strength. This is the only thing you can do. "

"I agree with you, but not completely."

Li Tianlan looked out the window and remained silent for a while.

Zhuang Huayang sighed softly and didn't say more.

The rain was heavy outside the window.

Li Tianlan's eyes were firm.

This is a world that looks orderly but is actually full of chaos.

This is a circle full of grievances and hatred.

Force, power, and wealth can all find their place, and they emit different lights in this circle, and finally form a seemingly fragile but extremely stable balance.

Someone attacked, somebody defended, somebody hid.

The storm is rising, the storm is falling, the storm is set, the blood is raining, and the scenery is lonely.

Sweet and bitter, all beings are within the rules.

In a sense, Zhuang Huayang is very reasonable.

But all his life.

Li Tianlan only asks for one sword, which is unparalleled in the world!

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