The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 81: : Wait for me to come back (seeking subscription ~)

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The billowing Yangtze River flows under the feet and flocks to the estuary not far away.

The river flows, the pride flows.

Looking at the river from the other side of the sky academy, no matter how you look, it seems to give people a feeling of heroism, the river flowing into the sea, going forward, never going back, like the youth in a hurry, looking back, everything seems close Yesterday in front of me, it turned out long ago, it became hollow and blurred.

Li Tianlan stood quietly on the shore, staring at the opposite sky college, staring at the billowing river in front of him, silent, long silent.

One foot in Yuqi, one in thunder.

At this moment, he can be said to be the strongest moment in his life. In an invincible state, he dares to fight with anyone for life or death.

But this was also the time when he was most lonely.

The empty and inflated contradiction in the body is constantly alternating. From top to bottom, Li Tianlan at this moment feels like an inflated balloon, which seems to be inflated, but the interior is empty.

Inflated is power.

Void is life.

The afternoon sun was just right, and the spring was blooming. In the refreshing climate, there was a blast of wind, and the river drifted away.

Li Tianlan's white hair rose slightly with the wind, and a few pale white hairs swayed in the wind and slipped across the line of sight of several people present, and finally fell in front of Wang Yuetong.

At this moment, everyone can feel the extreme abnormal strength of Li Tianlan, but he can also clearly feel his fragility. Under that powerful momentum, it seems that he is already vulnerable to the body, as if the wind is stronger. , His body will be directly blown by the wind, dissipating between heaven and earth.


The tears that Wang Yuetong had originally stopped suddenly collapsed like a dyke. She cried and cried, walked to Li Tianlan, and trembled, "Why is this? Why is this?"

Li Tianlan continued to be silent.

Wang Yuetong held her mouth tightly, and the tears instantly wet the back of her white tender hand. This girl who was not even crying by Li Tianlan not long ago was trembling, crying miserably.

Not only Wang Yuetong, but even the knight and the demon Ji are uncomfortable.

With both thunder and lightning, how horrifying the potential of Li Tianlan who had been in the thunderstorm at a young age?

In time, after entering the invincible realm, it will definitely be the top five or even the top three powerful contenders.

Even if it is a demon girl, although she is biased towards Wang Shengxiao, she can't help but admit that Li Tianlan will become one of the most powerful contenders for the title of young Tianjiao, even Tianjiao.

But now, with the amazing sword that just ended, everything is gone.

Li Tianlan is still alive.

But Tianjiao has fallen.

How long can Li Tianlan live in this state? Even if he can still live a lot of time, can he have nothing to do with invincibility if he has burned all the potential and vitality?

Hopeless and invincible for life.

How cruel is a person like Li Tianlan?

Looking at the lonely back with white hair Xiaosuo, the demon Ji was silent, and the whole person seemed to be a little stunned.

"What if you don't want to be reconciled?"

Li Tianlan looked at the river and finally spoke. His voice was very low, as if muttering to himself: "What can I do?"

This is the second time he has said this.

The first time he said it, he was opposite the Sky Academy. At that time, he asked himself this question, but the answer inside was extremely clear.

But this time, he asked himself again, only left blank.


The trembling and weeping Wang Yuetong carefully held Li Tianlan's hand and sobbed, "Come back to the North Sea King with me. I have a way to save you, and I must have a way to save you."

Li Tianlan breathed deeply, his chest was obviously undulating, sucked it in, exhaled, it seemed that all the unwillingness, all the resentment rushed out of his body with his breath, and his pale and transparent face became calm again. Come down.

Looking at Wang Yuetong, whose hoarse voice had bitten her gorgeous red lips, Li Tianlan said softly, "Did you forget?"

He pointed to his chest and whispered, "We are enemies."

Wang Yuetong shook her head desperately, her voice was bleak, and the sincerity that seemed to have been torn by Li Tianlan himself seemed to be closed when Li Tianlan was just in front of her, and then broken again by Li Tianlan's white-haired thorn.

What dignity? What pride? What is reserved and noble?

No more.

Wang Yuetong didn't want anything, she just wanted Li Tianlan to be alive, to watch him flamboyant, to watch him full of energy, even to see him indifferent and indifferent again.

Regardless of whether you are friends or foes, whether you know each other or are strangers, as long as you are alive, you are alive.

Facing Li Tianlan's calm and indifferent eyes, Wang Yuetong stepped forward again, holding his body tightly, and said hoarsely, "Please, brother, I beg you, come back to the North Sea King with me, I was wrong I don't hate you, okay? I beg you. "

I was wrong, I beg you.

Li Tianlan's eyes were hot, his heart was pumping fiercely, and a huge soreness hit his heart. His eyes were dim and he was almost out of breath.

How much does it care to admit mistakes without dignity?

How much care does it take to be stubborn?

Why didn't she admit that she was right? Why pray?

This is the young girl most favored by Wang Tianzong among the younger generation of Beihai Wang.

Li Tianlan could clearly feel that his heart was convulsing fiercely. At this moment, Wang Yuetong would not know how this man who made her love and hate wanted to hold her in his arms, and Li Tianlan didn't want to let her know.

She has the persistence and enthusiasm of daring to love and hate, but some things, she may not have the courage to bear.

Li Tianlan held the palm of his hand firmly, and the blue veins on his arm with no trace of blood were violent. He stretched out his hand, but instead of hugging, he firmly pushed Wang Yuetong away.

The little princess was unstable and fell to the ground.

"Slut, get away."

Li Tianlan's face was indifferent, but his heart was like a valley filled with cold wind and bitterness. There was a wind swirling. The whole empty valley seemed to be cold, cold and mocking.

Wang Yuetong sat on the ground blankly with tears on her face, and those pure and envious eyes had been crying red and swollen on weekdays. Her eyes were not angry, not sad, and she only begged: "You will die, brother, you will die ! "

will die.

When speaking the word, Wang Yuetong only felt that he had no energy in his whole body and could not even climb up for a while.

She just lay on the ground, muttering to herself, repeating, "You will die ..."

Li Tianlan turned her head away from seeing her.

Seeing all this, the demon Ji immediately became furious. She is one of the core masters of the North Sea Wang family. She has a very good relationship with Wang Yuetong. It is a relationship that looks like a sister and a mother. Wang Yuetong, the demon Ji is fond of love or even doting, don't talk about moving her, even if others say that Wang Yuetong's awful sentence, the demon Ji dare to kill her face.

But now the little princess in her heart was pushed to the ground by Li Tianlan fiercely, and she was abandoned like a mustard. She even called her a **** and let her go away ...

A pair of eyes of the monster Ji suddenly appeared a strange blood red.

The light flashed on her. She stepped forward suddenly, staring at Li Tianlan's back, narrowing her eyes, and said with a dangerous tone: "Li Tianlan, now go and lift up the moon pupil and apologize to her, otherwise I will definitely make you regret Do you believe it? "

The knight hesitated. Although he didn't speak, he had already made a gesture of blocking.

"I won't apologize."

The indifference in Li Tianlan's voice perfectly concealed the trembling of his voice: "She was cheap, where did I say wrong?"

"What the **** are you? Dare to insult the Princess of the North Sea King?"

Yao Ji breathed deeply and tried her best to adjust her state.

It is already difficult for a knight to cope with it, not to mention that there is still a Li Tianlan who knows nothing about the depth of the thunder?

But Demon Ji is fearless, no matter her position or her concern for Wang Yuetong, she is not allowed to take a half step back at this time.

"He's nothing."

Aside from silence, it was as if the robbery suddenly disappeared. His voice was low and hoarse, not cold, but it had an absolutely depressing taste: "He is the young master of the city of sighs, and the future master of the city. You Ji, you What is it? Dare to be rude to the Lord of the City? Young people are noisy, so you do n’t mix in. "

Sigh City.

Little City Lord.

The monster Ji's body shook greatly. The step she was going to take out was stiff and in situ, she couldn't move.

This decision was so hasty and unthinkable, but it was confusing to say it by Rob.

In everyone's mind, Jie is the sigher of Sigh City, and only he is qualified to be the future lord. Zhongzhou is the most amazing assassin in hundreds of years, the existence of Jie, and even the faith of many killers.

Charge invincibly with the imperial realm.

Create your own nine-character mantra, and swear to compare it with the nine-character mantra of Taoism and Buddhism.

What kind of spirit and talent is this?

If he can really enter the invincible from the imperial realm, even Situ Cangyue can't hold him back. Such a character, however, gave up the position of the city master, and would rather stand behind Li Tianlan?

what is this?

Yao Ji breathed deeply, she made no progress, even if she knew she wasn't her opponent, she didn't want to give in the slightest: "You want to stop me?"

"You go away!"

Before Jie had spoken, Wang Yuetong screamed suddenly, her voice helpless and desolate.

The demon Ji froze and stopped at the spot, looking at Wang Yuetong with sad eyes.

Wang Yuetong got up from the ground, looked at Li Tianlan with a loss of heart, turned suddenly, and ran away without looking back.

Yao Ji took a cold look at Li Tianlan and followed without hesitation.

Li Tianlan is still standing by the river, without moving, like a statue.

Whether it was the young master of the city of sighs, or the provocation of the demon Ji, he seemed to have not heard it. The news that shocked Zhongzhou seemed to be blown by the wind and then dispersed in his ears.

He took a look at Li Tianlan, and there was some appreciation in his eyes.

He is an assassin, but it is not a machine that does not understand emotions. Men and women are difficult to talk about, entangled, and simple, it is nothing more than an apology or a confession.

When he came, he saw Wang Yuetong and Li Tianlan hugging him.

A girl willing to accompany you to death.

No matter what the ups and downs before, you can pass.

It is also because of the past that we should cherish it even more.

He can understand Li Tianlan's indifference, and I believe the demon Ji can also understand. At this time, pushing Wang Yuetong away is precisely the most responsible way.

He had the courage to push Wang Yuetong away, but did not let Wang Yuetong accept the courage to die.

Wang Yuetong said that the North Sea King had a way to save Li Tianlan.

There may be such a method, but it is definitely not available to Wang Yuetong, unless Li Tianlan sells his life to the North Sea Wang family in the future, and this may not be too big.

At least in the heart of the calamity, this young man's cold talk was a very good man's approach.

Sadness, even hatred, is better than the sadness of death.

Such as his sister, the sighing city owner.

Gaze narrowed his eyes, looked at Li Tianlan, and just wanted to speak.

Across the river.

An old figure was rushing down the bridge.

Zhuang Huayang, President of Sky Academy.

Robbery stood still.

Zhuang Huayang, almost aware of the fighting on the shore, rushed over almost the first time, looking at the battlefield that had ended, and looking at Li Tianlan with a strong white hair and a hollow, Zhuang Huayang sank inwardly, but still did not give up. "What's going on?"

Li Tianlan didn't speak.

Rob also didn't speak.

The upset knight was much lazy to say anything.

Zhuang Huayang's heart sank all the time, sinking into the valley.

That white hair was a sign of overburning life and potential.

what does this mean?


Zhuang Huayang's heart trembled a little, and the academic school finally found Li Tianlan, the most cultivated object, was it so lost?

If this is the case, what will be the attitude of academics towards Li Tianlan in the future?

Zhuang Huayang didn't want to think too much, he didn't dare to think too much, he just said, "Go back to the Sky Academy first."

"No more."

Li Tianlan finally spoke. He stared deeply at the Sky Academy across the river and said slowly, "It doesn't make sense."

He turned slowly and walked away.

"Where are you going?"

Zhuang Huayang shared the same voice with Jie Yi.

"Come back home."

Li Tianlan said lightly.

A black Mercedes rushed to the river near full speed.

The bright body ignored the obstacles in the battlefield, roared over, and finally stopped near Li Tianlan.

The door opened, Qin Weibai stepped out of the car hurriedly, and saw a white-haired Li Tianlan, who was struck by lightning as a whole.

Li Tianlan watched Qin Weibai quietly, the corner of his mouth twitched quietly, and suddenly his eyes were red in front of his woman.

His tone was no longer indifferent and calm, but with a bitter concealment, trembling: "Sorry, I'm afraid I will let you down in the future."

A full-body Qin Weibai trembled slightly, clenched her fists, her nails pierced her palm, and blood flowed instantly.

She took a deep breath and slowly came to Li Tianlan, her eyes still gentle.


The knight came to Qin Weibai a little bit shyly and whispered softly.


Qin Weibai shook his hand fiercely, and slapped him severely on the knight's face.

The knight's tall and plump body stooped backwards, daring not to resist in the slightest, but bowing his head and not speaking.

Her face was stained with the blood in Qin Weibai's hands, and she didn't wipe it, just standing quietly.

"I don't want to hear explanations, get back in the car and walk with me!"

Qin Weibai's voice was still cold, but between the lines, there was an almost irresistible madness and anger.

The Cavaliers went straight to Mercedes without saying a word.

"Don't blame her. Really."

Li Tianlan looked at Qin Weibai and explained a sentence softly.

Qin Weibai looked at Li Tianlan again, both in his eyes and tone, becoming more gentle than ever: "Do you believe me?"

Li Tianlan nodded without hesitation.

Qin Weibai raised her corner of her mouth and smiled brightly. She stretched her arms around Li Tianlan's neck, kissed gently at the corner of his mouth, and said softly, "You'll be fine, wait for me to come back."

She took two steps back, took a deep look at Li Tianlan, and turned to Mercedes.

When pulling the door, Qin Weibai glanced over Zhuang Huayang with a cold look: "Zhuang Huayang, tell the leader behind you, half a month, up to half a month, and I will return you an intact day Lan, during this time, you'd better not think anything wrong. "

She got into the car and calmly said, "Go to Billy, immediately."

The burning of the car was heard, and the car was started, speeding up suddenly.

There was silence in the carriage.

Qin Weibai sat alone in the back row, clutching his lips tightly, his dark and quiet eyes flickered slightly, it was decisive and crazy at all costs.


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