The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 41: : Two do not owe each other

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The extreme danger shrouded his heart. No. 1 could not help but screamed. The electric light suspended from her and No. 2's body suddenly jumped across the yellow environment in front of her and collided with the falling sword in sight. Were together.

The yellowish environment suddenly dissipated.

The intense fire erupted immediately, and it continued to burst into pieces, all rushing towards the No. 1 and No. 2 in front of them.

The No. 1 and No. 2 screamed for defense. For a while, the fire was endless. The flames of the two sides were entangled, and everything around them was left with a pure heat. .

There was only a slender pair of swords flying around the light and rushing into the sky, flying higher and higher.

No. 1 look desperate to see this scene clearly.

Li Tianlan's combat strength is far beyond her imagination, but what makes her harder to understand is Li Tianlan's weapon.

She and No. 2 turned into electric light with one full blow, which was almost a lore. As long as electric light could contact Li Tianlan or the long sword in Li Tianlan's hands, the power of that electric light could instantly kill Li Tianlan.

Of course, she can also see that Li Tianlan is forcibly elevating her realm, but her realm has been raised to a burning state. Her physical strength has not kept up. With her full blow with No. 2, Li Tianlan has no reason to live.

But Dianguang was about to make contact with the sword in Li Tianlan's hand, but the sword in Li Tianlan's hand disintegrated instantly, once again becoming two slender double swords.

He was tightly held in his hand.

The other one flew to the sky driven by electric light.

Li Tianlan, who was not attacked by No. 1 and No. 2, held a sword in his hand and swept across the battlefield full of fire.

Sword ten.


All the flames went out under a sword, and only a vast sword gas swept towards the bodies of No. 1 and No. 2 along with the sword.

The sword is so powerful, like fire, like thunder, like thick earth, like everything in the world.

The sword is ten vast.

In the martial arts repaired by Li Tianlan, the most destructive sword in the flames!

In the deadly battle, its power surpassed Jian Bafentian and surpassed Jian Ji Dusk.

Number One screamed again.

Under this sword, all her feelings seem to have disappeared, and the only thing she can feel is death.

At the moment of life and death, she turned sharply and rushed directly to No. 2 to her husband.

The distance between the two was very close, just a turn, and No. 1 flew into No. 2's arms.

A thick layer of ice wall appeared behind her. Inside the ice wall, the fire was raging.

Despair looks on No.1's face, but her eyes soften. The deadly sword light behind her seems to have disappeared from her mind. She just looks at No.2's face, as if to engraved this face that she had known for years. In their own soul.

Long sword and sword gas swept past.

The ice wall shattered and the flames disappeared.

The sharp sword flickered away from No. 1's waist.

Blood spray.

No. 2 only felt light in his arms, watching his wife quickly lose vitality. He opened his mouth wide, but as a dumb man, he had not screamed. Li Tianlan's figure flashed and he had appeared directly in his Behind.

The long sword was raised, without any hesitation, Jian Feng directly pierced the back of No.2.

Everything done at the last moment of No. 1 is meaningful, but obviously meaningless.

The sword stabbed in and out.

Li Tianlan looked at No. 2 who was hugging her wife's upper body and fell to the ground, her face was full of chilling indifference.

Resolute, decisive, fierce, mysterious, and ... powerful!

The demon Ji who saw all of this in her eyes only felt scalp tingling for a while. Li Tianlan in this state may not threaten her now, but everything he showed has already made the demon Ji creepy.

"The boss really did not look wrong."

The knight was silent for a while, then suddenly smiled slightly, glanced at Wang Yuetong, and continued: "It seems that the little princess of the North Sea King did not read the wrong person."

The monster Ji's look changed, looking at Wang Yuetong, who was blinded and confused in the field, and sighed inwardly, her face became extremely ugly.

The long sword flying into the air finally dropped.

Together with the long sword, there is also the breath of Li Tianlan's strong, almost blink of an eye, his strength retreated from the flames to the royal atmosphere.

His face was pale, and with Wang Yuetong's help, he picked up the long sword that fell on the ground. After the emperor gathered it, he put it in his cuff.

After doing all this, Li Tianlan finally couldn't hold it, and sat directly on the ground, breathing heavily. With his gasping, big mouth blood poured out of his mouth, and he couldn't stop it.


Wang Yuetong sounded with a horror of crying voice. She put Li Tianlan in her arms tightly, covered Li Tianlan's mouth with one hand, and a large number of tears slipped from her eyes. Her body shivered more than Li Tianlan is even more powerful: "Brother, don't scare me."

Li Tianlan watched Wang Yuetong's tender white palms stained with his blood, closed her mouth tightly, swallowed the blood back, and sipped it.

He shook his head at Wang Yuetong, his face calmed, but speechless.

Wang Yuetong's little face pear blossomed with rain. Until this moment, she woke up like a dream, and quickly tore off a few buttons on her clothes. After crushing, she poured out several kinds of medicine powder from the buttons.

"Brother, eating it is good for the injury."

Li Tianlan glanced at her, opened her mouth, and let Wang Yuetong pour the medicine powder into his mouth, then swallowed it with blood.

Wang Yuetong held Li Tianlan in her arms and continued to cry, like a little cat who had just been abandoned by her owner.

"That was the blessing potion for our North Sea Kings. The worst result is also to suppress Li Tianlan's injury."

In the woods, the demon Ji looked at the knight who was obviously hesitant, and said quietly.

The knight heard that his face was obviously loose, and he did not hesitate at the moment, and calmly said, "Farewell."

She is not unable to appear in front of Li Tianlan, but here is very close to the garden feast. It is estimated that Wang Xiaoyao and other masters of the Beihai Wangshi are coming soon. The knight's approach to blocking the demon Ji to complete Li Tianlan is obviously not to make Beihai Wangshi like it If you don't leave at this time, with Wang Xiaoyao's posthumous character, it will inevitably lead to conflicts when you learn that things have happened.

When the figure of the knight completely disappeared, the demon sighed and walked out of the wood slowly.

Wang Yuetong, who was holding Li Tianlan sobbing, saw the demon Ji, froze, then wiped her tears, and turned her head with a small face.

"What? Sister Liu?"

Yao Ji's heart is complicated, but when she comes to Wang Yuetong, she still has a smiling face.

Wang Yuetong shook her head and did not speak.

The ghost Ji had a hard time in her heart, and looked at Li Tianlan, whose face was gradually calm, and said softly, "Tianlan, are you better?"

"No big deal."

Li Tianlan's expression was calm, and with his mouth opening, bloodshot overflowed from the corner of his mouth: "Teacher Xie cares."

"Don't you say you called me six sisters in the future?"

The demon Ji raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Li Tianlan, whose expression was still calm, and her eyes flickered, and she suddenly played with the taste: "Tianlan, with your strength, if you want to leave, I am afraid that those people just couldn't stop you, you do n’t need to Paid such a big price to save Hitomi, and talk about why we work so hard for our little princess? Do you like her? "

"Six sisters!"

Wang Yuetong's blushing little face flushed, and she subconsciously held Li Tianlan in her arms.

Li Tianlan froze, sat up from Wang Yuetong's arms, and said blandly, "This is what I owe to Wang Yuetong."

Yao Ji and Wang Yuetong stunned at the same time.

"Just because of this? It ’s true. No matter how much you owed her before, you still asked today, what will happen to you in the future?"

Qiu Ji asked quietly again.

"from now on?"

Li Tianlan glanced at Yao Ji.

The charming eyes of Yao Ji are so deep that she can't see what she thinks.

"How can there be any future?"

Li Tianlan laughed at himself. He reluctantly stood up and looked at Wang Yuetong, who was pale and sullen, and said softly, "From now on, you and I don't owe anything."

He nodded and turned to leave.

Wang Yuetong sat on the spot. If she was struck by lightning, she waited until Li Tianlan went out nearly ten meters before she trembled: "What do you mean?"

Li Tianlan didn't answer and didn't look back.

Since Li and Beihai Wangs are different, he and Wang Yuetong will be the best choice in the future.

He walked silently, still a little sloppy, but kept moving forward, farther and farther in Wang Yuetong's eyes.

Wang Yuetong looked at his back, but the tears that had stopped could not stop this time, and raged out.

She stood up suddenly, watching Li Tianlan was about to chase after her, but was caught by the cold-eyed demon Ji.

Wang Yuetong struggled hard, but did not break away, crying more and more sad. She looked at Li Tianlan's figure farther and farther, and cried again: "What do you mean? Li Tianlan, you say, you answer me!"


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