The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 32: : Road must chase

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After Zhuang Huayang left, Li Tianlan faced the sea alone and stood in front of the window for a long time, as if he had become a statue.

For the first time since leaving the border, he knew his future situation.

Northeast Kings led the Southeast Group.

The princely group that has just dropped its power.

Kunlun City in the center of special warfare group power.

In the future, in the future, these super powers who will turn their heads in Zhongzhou will turn into their enemies.

This is simply bad news that cannot be worse.

But for Li Tianlan, who knows nothing, Zhuang Huayang said these good things can be regarded as gains. At least he knew the starting point for investigating his father's treason case when he had capital someday.

The biggest gain was of course Zhuang Huayang's invitation.

Under the current situation, the olive branch extended by the academic school would not allow him to refuse at all, otherwise Zhuang Huayang would not need to do anything. Just revealing his identity would allow him to die without a burial place, and temporarily join the academic school. In the future Becoming their allies is Li Tianlan's only option at the moment, and it is a very helpful option for him.

However, how long this kind of cooperation mode can be maintained depends on his own growth and the specific attitude of the academic. Variables may occur at any time.

After all, the academy is the ruling group of Zhongzhou today. Many people who want to be attached to the past, Zhuang Huayang said pitifully, but Li Tianlan will believe that the other party will squeeze all the chips of the ten-year plan unless he is a fool. in his body.

In other words, before he can not surpass other competitors and let the academics squeeze all his chips on him, he won't have much help even if he can get the academic help.

After all, Zhuang Huayang just said that the academic help will satisfy him, satisfaction and surprise are two concepts.

However, Li Tianlan was too lazy to take care of these. Compared to the resources that the academic was about to pour into him, Zhuang Huayang was willing to temporarily keep secrets about his identity for him, which was his greatest help.

Thinking of the sky academy, Li Tianlan was sober at once, his body like a statue finally moved, he breathed a long sigh of relief, and then laughed at himself.

For him, these issues really need him to consider. If his strength is really at its peak, then the invincibility of Zhongzhou's first master, the terror of the emperor, the insidiousness of the Prince Group and the strong distance from Kunlun City. Will be close.

But now, after all, he is just a freshman in the sky academy who has just entered Yuqijing. Gu Hao's eyes are the most important thing.

His most important task right now is to get the credits of Sky Academy as much as possible. In the next three years, he must keep his credit advantage and continue to expand.

Then there is the two-house exercise once a year. The first exercise of this session will begin in March next year. It is said that it is a very cruel scene. Each exercise has the blood of the two houses on the spot, but because The credits for such exercises are extremely generous, so if you want to ensure that you are ahead of the credits, Li Tianlan must participate in such exercises.

There is still about a year.

Li Tianlan contemplates silently. In a year, under normal circumstances, he can probably recover to the level of ice condensate, and he will not be too far away from the burning environment. This progress may not be satisfactory to the academic, but combined with the real combat power, during the exercise It shouldn't be difficult to get a good place in China, this is the guarantee that the academic will continue to bet on him.

At present, Li Tianlan's goal is very clear, that is, to get a good place in the two-house exercise one year later, and then earn as many credits as possible.

In the next three years, as long as he can restore his peak strength, the academic school will definitely not have a second choice besides him.

"Tian Lan, what do you think? I didn't hear the knock."

A voice suddenly sounded from behind Li Tianlan.

Li Tianlan turned sharply.

Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng appeared together at the door of the ward, watching him at the same time.

"I'm thinking."

Li Tianlan hesitated a little: "How can I get a good position in the two-house exercise next year, preferably the first place, at least the top three?"

After getting the top three in the two-house exercise, these two roommates are definitely inevitable.

The top ten masters of the young generation line up every year. Although there is water, as long as they are on the list, no matter how large the water is, they can show how terrifying their potential is.

Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng were ranked fourth and fifth respectively. To put it plainly, they can be regarded as Li Tianlan's competitors, but there are many ways to compete, benign and naturally endless.

For these two roommates, Li Tianlan really admired it, and 10,000 did not want to have a stalemate with them at that time.

Ning Qiancheng and Li Baitian stunned at the same time.

"There is something to think about. Improving strength is the last word. Tianlan, as long as you have the strength, rush forward with your eyes closed, and I will go all out to clear you the obstacles. If the two of us meet, then I will release water. "

Li Baitian laughed.

"The same is true of me. My strength is not enough. The top five are barely competitive. If you have the strength in Tianlan, I will not stand in your way."

Ning Qiancheng's position was equally clear. As to whether he really thought so, it is unknown.

"you guys?"

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes and looked at the two with a suspicious look. He was not stupid. If he was still a little confused when the three met for the first time, then there were some clues in the exercise, even if he wanted to doubt it. Already.

There seems to be too much goodwill between the two of them.

"What are you guys, brother is unwilling to speak too clearly, mother, must force me."

Li Baitian rolled his eyes, and said badly: "I mean the same as Qiancheng. I don't have confidence in the first three. If we are a brother in the bedroom, if you have enough strength, who will block you?"

"The Shushan Taixu Sword is indeed strong, but in terms of martial arts, it was a real late-stage extinction. At least before the thunderstorm, I must not be the talented disciple of Yaochi such as Dongcheng ’s opponent, as far as the ranking is still It ’s raining on the river, I do n’t even watch enough, but if it is in a thunderstorm, it will be different. "

Li Tianlan is no longer a little white who didn't know anything about the initial entry into the WTO. At least he knows the top ten masters of the young generation. Yu Qingyan once said that Dongcheng is just the genius in front of Li Baitian among the top ten young masters. , Ranked third, nineteen years old, already a master of flames, and Jiang Shangyu ranked second. It is said that both of them are exquisitely talented wizards, and their learning abilities are unparalleled in the world.

However, Li Tianlan didn't put much emphasis on his heart, the wind and thunder, the heart of the king, and the exquisite bones. For those who practice martial arts, this is definitely the best congenital condition, but the congenital condition is not everything.

At least Li Tianlan knows that the first master of Hengguo many years ago was a peerless wizard with both the heart of the king and the exquisite bones. But after the other party successfully entered the invincible state, he was also killed by his grandfather. The border camp A rosewood plaque with the word "Li" on it was the spoils that Grandpa got after the fierce battle.

And his grandfather, Li Honghe, is just an ordinary person from a physical point of view.

But Li Baitian's evaluation of these two people was so high that Li Tianlan couldn't help but ignore it.

In the maze, Li Baitian's 10,000 swords against Liu Dongyu were unified, the sword was magnificent but the sword energy was empty, and the power had already surpassed Ningbing. Li Baitian confessed that in his current state, if he faced the sword hard, even if he was lucky, it would be at least a serious injury. Such combat power is absolutely rare in the young generation, but he confessed that he was not an opponent of Dongcheng and Jiang Shangyu. This fact, no matter how arrogant Li Tianlan is, he will not ignore it.

However, he was still a little skeptical, and asked subconsciously, "What are you saying?"

"Your uncle, is it an honor to admit that you can't beat others?"

Li Baitian was angry.

This is indeed a reason. Li Tianlan laughed and did not go to the truth, casually said: "Who has smoke?"

Ning Qiancheng touched his pocket, took out half of the pack of Chinese and threw it to Li Tianlan, and regretted: "I'm almost out of stock. If I want to draw again in the future, I will need to exchange for credits and save me points."

Li Tianlan smiled, took out a light and threw it back.

Each of the three smoked a cloud of smoke, and Li Baitian was unconscious shortly after he woke up, and was internally injured. He coughed violently as soon as he took two breaths. He reluctantly extinguished the cigarette and sighed: "This exercise is for me Too bad, the ranking is okay, but the result is nothing, can this be considered a win? Tian Lan's performance is dazzling, grass, and directly killed Liu Xiuwei's pharaoh bastard. By the way, Tian Lan "How did you kill Liu Xiuwei? What happened to your realm?"

During the exercise, Li Baitian wanted to ask several times, and now he finally found an opportunity. It was a complete lack of momentum.

"It's just a fluke."

Li Tianlan thought for a while, and said seriously: "My weapon is probably beyond his expectation. In addition, in a place where no one sees, I am more flexible than him. It's not easy to say, but the old guy wanted to overcast me, but it turned out to be overcast, and he **** it. "

In the face of Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng, Li Tianlan is completely honest. The complexity and change of the emperor is definitely more sophisticated than Liu Xiuwei imagined, plus his physical restraint has largely restrained the Liu family. Martial arts, so Liu Xiuwei's mentality became more irritable, but he also made himself clever. If he didn't want to use those two trees to jam the emperor's offensive line, Li Tianlan would not be able to count it, and the emperor would become a double sword. , Directly cut off one of Liu Xiuwei's arms, and from that moment on, the other party's ending is already doomed.

"The Liu family's martial arts are indeed not flexible enough. This is a well-known thing."

Ning Qiancheng nodded. The battle of Liu Tianqing's defeat ten years ago directly exposed the shortcomings of Liu's martial arts indefinitely, which was also strange to many people.

What Liu Tianqing said is an invincible powerhouse. It should not be difficult for him to create a set of body styles. Even if this body style is ordinary, it can slightly make up the deficiencies of the Liu family. However, the problem is that he is dead. Worthy of coming out of the body class.


Li Baitian suddenly said: "It is not fake that the Liu family has flaws in school, but they are not restrained by any physical method, and the gap between you and Liu Xiuwei is too large. If you want to play a restraint, then It can only be achieved by the top-level body form in the dark world. Tianlan, what body form do you use? "

"I call it Chengfeng."

Li Tianlan calmly said: "As for the top level you said, shouldn't it be counted?"


This is indeed a name that no one has ever heard of.

Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng looked at each other, and after a little silence, Li Baitian said, "Tianlan, don't mind if I come to try this method with you?"

Li Tianlan froze and said it wasn't necessary, but seeing Li Baitian's serious expression, he talked to his mouth and swallowed: "Yes."

Ning Qiancheng did not speak, but he got up and let it go to the side. He had heard the rumor of Shushan's Taixu Sword. There were only three types of Taixu's skill, but the third type was the perfect combination of sword and body style. Endless, Li Baitian must not be able to grasp the essence of the third sword, but it should be fine to pass through the fur.

"So am I here?"

Li Baitian stood up and laughed, his eyes excited and eager to try.

"come on."

Li Tianlan nodded casually.

As soon as his words fell, Li Baitian had already taken a step forward.

In a hurry, the ward was turbulent.

The whole ward seemed to disappear in an instant. Li Tianlan seemed to be in the void, and all around him was sword energy, but it seemed like nothing existed, only an endless danger breath erupted.

Suddenly attracted by the infinite sword, Li Baitian leaped directly, jumping over a distance of seven or eight meters. He punched empty-handed and banged directly on Li Tianlan's chest.

There was a slight flash of electricity at the door of the ward.

Qin Ke, who was just too stunned at the hospital, appeared directly at the door.

At the same time, almost out of instinct, Li Tianlan's footsteps moved slightly to the left, and at the same time, he retreated, as if his body didn't have the slightest weight. It was not so much moving as it was floating.

Within a very small range, countless Li Tianlan appeared instantly. Ning Qiancheng, who was watching the battle, suddenly felt dizzy, but his eyes did not dare to relax at all.

But the next second, his pupil suddenly contracted to the extreme.

In sight, all the afterimages were disappearing, and Li Tianlan's retreating body didn't know why he went directly behind Li Baitian and grabbed his neck.

In this way, everyone's eyes were completely deceived in an instant.

The whole ward suddenly fell into a deadly silence.

Li Baitian, who was already injured, was bleeding again from the corner of his mouth, but he didn't notice it at all. He just exclaimed with an incredible look: "How is this possible ?!"

Ning Qiancheng was no less shocked than Li Baitian. He opened his mouth and just wanted to speak. Qin Ke at the door had already spoken directly.

She stared at Li Tianlan with a burning look: "The Dao is chasing life! How did you get this body style? What is your relationship with Sect Cang Yue, the hidden **** in Zhongzhou?"

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