The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 28: : Tacit understanding

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Everything was unexpected, so there was no protection.

Don't say that Li Tianlan, who was seriously injured, is looking at the entire Sky Academy, and there are not many people who can respond to this scene. The extreme speed has even completely exceeded human thinking.

It was also because Li Tianlan couldn't react that few people could observe his truest expression.

Who is the best at the entrance exercise this time?

The performance of Beiyue Wang's Wang Yuetong, a few old students who stayed in school for a few seconds, really shines.

Shushan Li Baitian seemed to do nothing, but at the exit of the labyrinth, the reluctantly controlled swords of all kinds were also magnificent.

From the forest, Kunlun City's ancient young couple beat Xu Muye, the number two figure of the elite organization within a few seconds, which is also amazing.

But the best is undoubtedly Li Tianlan.

Forcibly elevating the realm with the imperial realm, and killing Liu Xiuwei, who was at the top of the burning realm, this horrible potential made everyone scalp.

Such a performance, in the minds of most teachers, Li Tianlan is well deserved first.

Now they are indeed the first team to appear at the finish line, but when the distance is less than ten meters, the original first place is taken away by a female student in their team. What will Li Tianlan do?

Zhuang Huayang sat indifferently in his position and gave a quiet look at Li Tianlan.

Ye Fengcheng seemed to casually lowered his head and nodded the cigarette, but the light in his eyes remained on Li Tianlan.

Gu Yunxia's eyes were marked with mockery.

Just now, the mature woman who took Wang Yuetong and Yu Qingyan to the finish line was staring at Li Tianlan with eyes.

The first and third places, or three to ten places, have a difference of thirty credits.

At Sky Academy, which may turn a good friend into a hatred for one credit, thirty credits means a huge fortune, it goes without saying.

In the face of these 30 credits, how Li Tianlan will behave is something that everyone is interested in.

Li Tianlan's performance was very calm, and calm made people feel abnormal.

He just froze slightly, and then his eyes became calm. Facing Zhuang Huayang, he bowed slightly and said quietly, "The principal is good."

"it is good."

Zhuang Huayang's eyes narrowed and he smiled: "It's a good performance, just fine."

At the same time, the mature woman and Ye Fengcheng who brought Wang Yuetong to the finish line also narrowed her eyes and looked at each other tacitly.

Li Tianlan's performance is obviously not what they want to see, even if he is extremely frustrated, even angry, resentful, or sincerely congratulate Wang Yuetong, they can understand.

But this freshman was so quiet right now that it was so quiet that people didn't even know what he was thinking. Such a city is simply unfathomable.

If such a person grows up, it is definitely not a messy character.

Li Tianlan continued to move forward, but with his body just moving, another person in front of him blocked his way again.

Gu Yunxia!

She stood in front of Li Tianlan expressionlessly, her expression cold.

Li Tianlan stopped his body, but his expression and eyes did not change even the slightest change. His face was not as stiff as a dead man's face or facial paralysis, but the real, most thorough, calm and emanating from the inside out. Indifferently, this kind of mentality is almost calm and cold.

"You go first."

Li Tianlan glanced at Ning Qiancheng and Li Baitian. The reward for the two to ten is fifty credits. They are all a dormitory. There is no practical meaning at all except for the good point. Waiting for the two After passing the finish line, Li Tianlan looked at Gu Yunxia in front of him and asked slowly: "Director Gu, is there anything wrong?"

"Do you know what you did?"

Gu Yunxia asked Li Tianlan with a cold look.

Feeling the anger and killing in the other party's words, Li Tianlan answered honestly: "I have completed the exercise."

This is definitely an extremely accurate, but avoiding, and very ridiculous answer.

Gu Yunxia was furious. She didn't change her face instantly, but her tone of voice became high and cold. "Li Tianlan, pay attention to your attitude. You did complete the exercise, but this does not mean anything. You killed during the exercise. Without the deputy director of the teaching department of the Sky Academy, you need to give the school an account of this matter. "

She gave Li Tianlan a cold glance, and said bitterly, "You have to pay for what you do!"

Li Tianlan frowned slightly. This was his first expression that was different from calm, but the reason was because he really hated the drool that Gu Yunxia sprayed on his face. He moved a small step to the left without any change. Dan Dan said: "Director Gu, did you see that I killed Liu Xiuwei? Is there any evidence?"

Gu Yunxia was slightly stagnant. In fact, in the process of Li Tianlan's fight with Liu Xiuwei, there was always a layer of dense leaves covering it, and even more than that, there was a layer of thin ice above the leaves, which refracted the light from the ice Next, there is only a large leaf left in the monitoring picture. The picture of Li Tianlan killing Liu Xiuwei himself is really no one can see.

But that wood is no longer in the scope of the exercise. There are only two of them. If Liu Xiuwei hadn't killed Li Tianlan, wouldn't he have committed suicide?

Gu Yunxia gritted his teeth and laughed angrily: "Do you dare to argue?"


Li Tianlan's eyes also became cold: "I don't need it, because Liu Xiuwei was supposed to die!"

This sentence can be described as true sharpness. Once Li Tianlan's hidden sharpness broke out, even Gu Yunxia couldn't hold it, and his angry face turned blue.

"Tian Lan is right, Liu Xiuwei really **** it."

By the side of Wang Yuetong, the mature woman who was extremely charming and sexy, both in appearance and temperament, smiled slightly, but looked at Gu Yunxia's eyes like a knife: "Director Gu, we have just discussed Liu Xiuwei's question. What's the point of saying this now? Oh, I remember. I just heard someone crossing the river. Now it's time, and it's almost time to land. Is that the descendant of the ancient director? Are you doing it for them? Fight for time? Why bother, fifth and sixth place, except for a better ranking, what is the practical effect? ​​"


Gu Yunxia, ​​who was pierced by her heart, suddenly turned around, and almost vomited blood in her heart. This time, she became the teaching director of the Sky Academy. She was proud of her, but now it is not going well and is uncomfortable. She wants to kill. The fifth and sixth places are actually no different, but the people behind them represent the face of Kunlun City. It is naturally good to be able to rely on the previous one, but this kind of thought On the occasion, she couldn't say it anyway: "Don't spurt your blood, I tell you ..."

"What if I just spit out blood?"

The lips of the mature woman's rosy and delicate lips were raised slightly, and her eyes became sharper: "If I guessed wrong, then you will make way for me. Just as Director Ye said, Li Tianlan did nothing wrong. If you dare to touch him, just pass His level. Now I put the words here and give you three seconds, if you don't give way, then go through this level first! "

Gu Yunxia's face was as ugly as the bottom of the pot, embarrassing and revenge, but he didn't dare to say anything.

Although this woman in front of her is not a director or deputy director, she is still a senior member of the academy. In the next three years, she will be responsible for teaching the best students in this group of students in camouflage and hidden courses. It can be said that this course group The team leader, and Gu Yunxia's headache is her strength.

Facing Ye Fengcheng, Gu Yunxia is confident that he can still fight, even if he cannot win, at least he will not lose, but fighting with this woman, then it is not a matter of winning or losing, but a matter of life and death.

Beihai Wangshi, code-named Demon Ji!

One of the core masters of Beihai Wangshi.

Now the entire Sky Academy can be said to be the real second master, and as Zhuang Huayang's state continues to decline, how long can he suppress the demon Ji is also a question.

In the last session, the demon Ji was a senior member of the Sky Academy. She also taught camouflage and lurking courses, but in the last year, she also served as the leader of the assassination course group.

The leader of the assassination class team, which has always been a true strong, can only be held by the top assassins, and the demon Ji can take it, which is enough to illustrate her terribleness.

So don't say three seconds. Gu Yunxia just hesitated for a second and then gave way directly. Although it is embarrassing, compared to the consequences of not giving way, this is nothing at all.

Li Tianlan successfully passed the finish line, reported his name, received rewarded credits, and completed the first exercise for freshmen in the fifth place.

He came to the demon Ji, bowed slightly, and said softly, "Thank you."

"I'm the demon girl."

There is a mature style of demon Ji waving all over the body and waving with a smile: "Don't be so polite, you are Yuetong's friend, just follow her to call my sixth sister, oh, in fact, my age, Yuetong It should be called Auntie Six, but it makes her look younger, right? "

"The teacher was young, so she took Liu as a matter of course."

Li Tianlan said solemnly that his expression was as if he were doing a government report.

The demon Ji smiled frowning and nodded again and again: "You're good, you can talk, just like Lao Ye, you can say that I am the same age as him, and I won't change it many times."

Ye Fengcheng, not far away, had red ears and red ears. He turned his head with his teeth gritted, and didn't hear anything.

Li Tianlan didn't know who Lao Ye was and didn't speak, waiting quietly for the students after the fifth.

Within ten seconds, two more figures appeared in sight.

The two of them, a man and a woman, looked extremely young. The girl, who was a little petite but extremely hot in her early sixties, walked in front of her, her steps were steady, and her face was covered with a silver mask covering most of her face. I can't see her looks, but her delicate red lips clenched tightly, giving a firm inner impression.

The boys who appeared with her also followed her, walking more than two meters tall next to the girls, the indescribable arrogance, the looks of the boys were rough, the eyes were even more vicious, Li Tianlan saw him at first glance, the only one What you can feel is power, enough power!

Gu Yunxia didn't wait for the other party to completely pass the finish line, so he couldn't wait to say, "Sixth place, Gu Youlian. Seventh place, Xu Yunzong."

"It's all from Kunlun City."

Wang Yuetong didn't know when he appeared next to Li Tianlan, but he explained quietly, "Gu Yunxia was one of the elders of Kunlun City before coming to the Sky Academy. . "

Li Tianlan nodded. He did have an instinct hostility to Kunlun City. He wanted to ask the specific situation of the Empire ’s special warfare central organization, but it was also clear that the occasion was wrong.

After Gu Youlan and Xu Yunzong, Li Tianlan waited for almost half an hour before the eighth place appeared at the finish line.

In less than 20 minutes, more and more trainees completed the exercise, and they quickly ranked behind the 20.

Then there was more than ten minutes of waiting.

Only this time, Li Tianlan noticed that the freshmen who completed the exercise lost their credit statistics, which also means that although they became Zhuang Huayang's students, the credits have become negative from now on.

Then came the elite organization that had just separated from Li Tianlan.

Headed by Fan Haoyu, a group of people hurriedly came to an end.

Li Tianlan counted nine people.

It is already the 45th place.

There are four more places.

Li Tianlan counted silently and looked at others at the same time. Among the more than forty people, in the next three years or more, some people will become his friends, even brothers, and some will become him. Enemies, such as Xu Yunzong, who glanced at him coldly from time to time.

Forty-seven, forty-eight, and forty-nine people soon appeared.

For Li Tianlan, he is also an acquaintance.

It is the Big Three of the war organization.

Liu Dongyu and Tan Qinghua carried the seriously injured Liu Dongchao and barely caught the last train.

There are only three people in the war organization with more than ten people, and the others have been wiped out.

It can be seen that Fan Haoyu was extremely excited. He desperately smiled, but his fat face turned red and looked very funny.

While waiting for the last one to appear, the mood of the demon Ji standing near Wang Yuetong became obviously agitated, and her frown frowned until the fiftieth place appeared, and she let go slightly.

A woman about twenty-six years old appeared in the sight of everyone.

This is a very standard beauty. She has an exquisite figure, and her facial features are just right. She was supposed to be a very charming woman, but her face was pale at this time, and the camouflage clothes on her body appeared countless mouths. A large patch of white skin was exposed, and she walked strenuously. With each step, her body was shaking, and she seemed to fall at any time.

Li Tianlan noticed the weapon in her hand for the first time.

Those are two extremely delicate double knives!

Double sword?

Li Tianlan's eyes froze slightly, and he looked at Wang Yuetong.

Wang Yuetong's expression was a little cold.

"Do you have holidays?"

The demon Ji noticed Wang Yuetong's expression and raised her eyebrows slightly.

"She just led us to attack us. Didn't you see that?"

Wang Yuetong took a deep breath, her plump **** were slightly undulating, and the scenery was beautiful.

"I didn't pay attention. There were too many pictures to pay attention to. At that time, I might be watching the performance of others, your strength, and I was not worried about these students."

Yao Ji shook her head and watched the woman holding the double sword shaking near the end, whispered softly: "Her name is Du Hanyin. She is my student and a very poor woman. Yue Tong, give Liu Sister a face. Even if it's okay? "

Wang Yuetong wrinkled her nose and hummed softly, "It's not me that hurts."

"it's me."

Li Baitian smiled bitterly, and before the demon Ji began to speak, he said directly, "Forget it, it was nothing, at that time, I was too mean."

Yaoji nodded, no longer talking.

When the 50th place Du Hanyin crossed the finish line, Zhuang Huayang also stood up in time.


He coughed gently, looked at his watch, and laughed: "The time for the top 50 to complete the exercise was not much different from what I expected, and even slightly exceeded my expectations. Before the next exercise, you will all be My students, I will treat you equally and do my best to help you improve your strength. "

He waved his hand casually, pointed to the school bus not far away, and continued: "No more nonsense, the top fifty, on the first car, we are not waiting for others."

Everyone moves at the same time towards the first car.

Li Tianlan just wanted to turn around. Behind him, a loud roar that suppressed the extreme grievance and grievance suddenly sounded.

"Li Tianlan!"

Li Tianlan took a footstep, turned around, and watched Liu Dongchao, who was carried towards him by Liu Dongyu and Tan Qinghua.

Not only him, Wang Yuetong, Li Baitian, Ning Qiancheng, but even some nearby teachers, including Gu Yunxia and Zhuang Huayang, turned around and looked at the scene in front of them.

The battle between Li Tianlan and Liu Xiuwei, although nobody saw it, was the most exciting scene in this exercise. Now Liu Xiuwei was killed. As Liu Xiuwei's nephew, what would Liu Dongchao say?


Li Tianlan looked at Liu Dongchao, who was standing in front of him, indifferently.

"Destroy my war, ruin my future, insult my family, and kill my second uncle."

Liu Dongchao smiled horribly, one word at a time, with irresistible cruelty and desolation in his voice: "I will remember all of today, and I will also let you remember all of today, believe me, you next I will regret what you did today, I swear! "

"You are not my opponent."

Li Tianlan's tone became increasingly indifferent.

"But I have my family."

Like a lunatic, Liu Dongchao laughed brilliantly: "Do you have your family, too? Don't worry, it will soon be gone. I will use all my power to avenge it. Your family, your loved ones, your friends, you No one is better off with you. I make you die better than I can. I can do it. You wait for me! "

Li Tianlan's eyes suddenly became as deep as the sea.

"You said these ..."

He looked at Liu Dongchao and asked slowly: "Aren't you afraid I'll kill you now?"

"kill me?"

Liu Dongchao laughed wildly and even laughed with tears: "The exercise is not over yet, kill me in front of so many people? Do you dare? Hybrids! I fuck. Your mother, do you dare? Kill me, come? Your father, father is waiting! "

Li Tianlan's pupils suddenly appeared a trace of blood red.

"Li Tianlan!"

Wang Yuetong screamed, "Dare you kill Dongchao Xueren here, I am the first one to let you go!"

She screamed and shot abruptly. In the frantic expressions of Ning Qiancheng and Li Baitian, she pushed it against Li Tianlan's back.

Li Tianlan just wanted to fight back, but found that Wang Yuetong's force on his back was extremely soft, and he couldn't help but be a little aggressive. Instead, his body could use this force to get closer to Liu Dongchao.

So smart girl, so evil woman.

Li Tianlan's thinking flashed violently. Under Wang Yuetong's palm, he deliberately spit out blood, and his whole body fell to Liu Dongchao as if out of control.

Before Liu Dongyu and Tan Qinghua reacted to this weird scene, Li Tianlan's body had already hit Liu Dongchao. Coincidentally, his palms clung to Liu Dongchao's heart and shook slightly.

Liu Dongchao, who was laughing wildly, trembled suddenly, widened his eyes and looked at Li Tianlan, his eyes terrified.

In his sight, it was a calm face with endless madness. He seemed to open his mouth and said softly, "Stupid!"

Liu Dongchao, who was almost crushed by the heart, was black and died on the spot.


A little further away, Gu Yunxia howled, his body suddenly leaped, and an astonishing thunderous light gathered in her hands, piercing Li Tianlan.

There was also a flash of thunder at Li Tianlan at the same time.

Lightning into a film, spreading wildly.

Almost in a blink of an eye, countless Lei Guang had wrapped Li Tianlan's body, and the pieces of Lei Guang gathered in front of Li Tianlan and hit Gu Yunxia in an air strike.

The huge and dense thunderbolt struck Gu Yunxia's body instantly, and the director of the teaching department of the dignified sky academy didn't even hold it for two seconds, he was flew out by thunderbolt and spit blood.

Most of them were stunned, and looked at everything in front of them silly.

Yao Ji looked dignified, looked at Lei Guang in front of Li Tianlan, and looked at Gu Yunxia, ​​who fell on the ground with a shawl, and lowered his eyelids.

Mr. Zhuang Huayang, the principal who protected Li Tianlan personally, separated the crowd and walked in front of Gu Yunxia, ​​his eyes indifferent: "There are no rules at all, Director Gu, can't you control me when I die?"

"Principal, Wang Yuetong and Li Tianlan are acting! Don't tell me you can't tell!"

Gu Yunxia roared hysterically.

Zhuang Huayang snorted coldly, turned around and glanced at Li Tianlan.

Li Tianlan lay on Liu Dongchao's body and was completely unconscious.

Wang Yuetong was standing in place, with a blank expression, seamless.

"What a clever girl."

Zhuang Huayang secretly praised him, then shook his head subconsciously.

Compared to Wang Yuetong's intelligence and wit, this tacit understanding with Li Tianlan seems to be the rarest.

It's also a pity.

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