The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 2: : From the Darkness

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In Central China, as a city second only to the imperial capital Youzhou, Huating is almost full of busy scenes in corners of all sizes, 24 hours a day.

This is especially true at stations.

With the steady improvement of the status of Zhongzhou in the world, the development of Huating seems to have reached a peak. More and more people have come to this bustling metropolis to find opportunities. People in the station come and go. It was hurried, and crowds were everywhere in the station.

There are so many people.

This is Li Tianlan's first impression of Huating.

Holding a paper bag in his rough clothes, he followed the crowd and walked out of the station. The whole person felt uncomfortable from the inside out.

Too many people, too fast, this is his only feeling.

The city seems to be experiencing an invisible pressure at every moment, everyone around is walking in a hurry, this super fast pace is like a terrible infectious disease, which can easily infect everyone , So everyone's speed is getting faster and faster, it is a posture that can't wait to exhaust themselves.

Li Tianlan was so impressed that when he first arrived, he was not as quickly assimilated by the rhythm of the city. He walked out of the station and bought a bottle of mineral water for a sip. Li Tianlan stood calmly and waited.

When he was still on the road an hour ago, he pulled out the business card in the paper bag and dialed the phone number above.

He had a soil bun that had just come out of the virgin forest, and the phone for calling was borrowed from a good-looking aunt. The call was taken by a woman who seemed very young in her voice. She had a cold voice, calling herself a fire, a It's weird and has the opposite name from the cold tone. The two sides agreed to meet at the exit after one hour. Counting the time, it should be almost now.

Li Tianlan smiled suddenly.

Burning fire.

For him, the name was really meaningful.

A young girl who happened to pass by Li Tianlan heard Li Tianlan's laughter, subconsciously walked away a few steps, watching him slightly frown, with undisguised disgust in his eyes.

Li Tianlan is indeed not ugly, but he is handsome and handsome, and he is wearing a coarse cloth, holding a bottle of mineral water in his hand, and tightly pinching a paper bag that obviously has no banknotes. The image of earthen buns that has been in the world, such a person, smirking at anyone for no reason, the other party is expected to have no good mood.

The ordinary young girl looked at Li Tianlan and turned away.

Li Tianlan took a sip of water and smiled.

For this city, he stayed in the virgin forest for most of his life. He was indeed a bun, but he did n’t think there was anything worth inferior. There was a grandfather who made his life ups and downs for 19 years. It is bumpy and fulfilling. From the heart, Li Tianlan never feels that he is worse than his peers. Now he has a perfect starting point. He firmly believes that as long as he is given time, others can have it. Sooner or later, he will have.

And this time will not be too long.

A brand new black Audi slowly entered the station, eventually came to the exit, and stopped in front of Li Tianlan.

The driver's seat door opened, and a woman with a beautiful appearance but a cold face walked out of the car and went straight to Li Tianlan, expressionless: "Mr. Li? I'm on fire."

"I'm Li Tianlan."

Li Tianlan smiled, and took a serious look at the woman in front of her.

At about 30 years of age, less than one-meter-seven height, she can even be described as being beautiful and beautiful, and she has a plain face. The whole person has a crisp and clean feeling. The only pity is that her expression is too much. It is cold, letting people feel cold in the heart. If her expression can be eased, walking on the street will definitely not attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Pedestrians nearby also started to intentionally or unintentionally look to this side. Although the temperament of the burning body has penetrated a little, but anyway, it is still a beauty. The beautiful car now suddenly appears in front of a silly looking bun. And, pedestrians who come and go also pay more attention to it.

Ranhuo turned a blind eye to the strange eyes around him, and after confirming Li Tianlan's identity, he nodded: "The boss has come to pick you up, get in the car."

As soon as her voice fell, a soft noise came from behind her.

In Li Tianlan's sight, the rear doors of Audi slowly opened, and a thin and delicate calf stepped on the ground with a pair of black stilettos.

A tall young figure got out of the back of Audi and looked at Li Tianlan.

At this moment, Li Tianlan only saw a pair of bright eyes like Xinghe.

Ran Huo turned and looked at the boss who suddenly appeared from the car with a look of surprise.

The woman who took the initiative to get out of the car stepped forward slightly and stepped on the ground with a high heel, but the clear voice struck the hearts of all men.

Li Tianlan looked dull.

Women have complex eyes.

"I'm slightly white."

After a brief silence, she actively reached out and said, "Qin Weibai."

The burning eyes became more and more surprised. Throughout Huating, people who knew her mysterious boss also knew that the boss never shook hands with any of the opposite sex. Why was the soil bun in front of him so favored? Can the sun hit the west?

"Ah? Oh, this is Li Tianlan."

Li Tianlan turned back suddenly, grasped Qin's little white hand, tender and moist, like the rare warm jade in the world.

Li Tianlan was so upset that he turned red for a while.

In the nineteen years of his life, what he is most proud of is his state of mind. Even if he is judged by the harsh requirements of his grandfather Li Honghe, he can still think of the eight-character comment of perfection and flawlessness. Water's state of mind exploded, and it was soaring.

Li Tianlan took a deep breath, and finally his eyes fell on Qin Weibai's face again.

The woman in front of him can be said to be the most perfect woman he has ever seen.

Her body is slender and tall. Barefooted with a height of at least one-meter-seven-five wearing high heels is enough to make most men feel shameless. A face that can be described as an all over the country is sharp and delicate, especially It's a pair of bright eyes, calm and deep, and it can sink all men willingly.

She stood quietly in front of Li Tianlan, leaving Li Tianlan to hold her little hand, cold and cold.

It's like snow in the sky.

Like a moon in the cloud.

Unpredictable, like a fairy who will fly away in the next second.

This is an independent woman who has passed away forever, and she is probably such a woman.

Li Tianlan's subordinates stepped up consciously.

He noticed that the burning flame of this detail was suddenly cold, and there was a hint of murder in the whole person.

How sharp is Li Tianlan's perception? He didn't wait for the burning fire to speak, he had realized his malady, and quickly let go: "Sorry, President Qin."

"It's okay, if you want, you can call me a little white later."

Qin Weibai calmly retracted his hand and said softly.

"General Qin's name is not good. Where is it slightly white? It's just red in the white and unparalleled in style."

Li Tianlan forced himself to calm down and smiled.

Burning fire turned his head to one side, resisting the urge to speak out, but his heart was already dissatisfied with the soiled bun that dared to make fun of his boss.

Qin Weibai's eyes narrowed sharply. At this moment, even Li Tianlan could clearly feel that the perfect woman's mind in front of her seemed to have no idea where it was, but she quickly returned to her heart and chuckled: "We Get in the car and talk. "

Li Tianlan nodded, and with the envious and jealous eyes of pedestrians around, he followed Qin Weibai into the back row of Audi.

His face turned colder, and the fire started the car. The car quickly exited the station and entered the wide and neat streets of Huating.

In the back of the car, Qin Weibai picked up an extremely thick notebook from her side as soon as she sat in the car. The blue cover was old, and she gently opened it and turned it over, and it was already yellow in it. The paper was densely covered with handwriting, Qin Weibai closed the notebook and held it in his hand, and said softly, "Go eat something?"

"it is good."

Li Tianlan nodded directly. When he came out of Li Village, he only brought a few hundred dollars in total. After buying the ticket, there were still three pitiful pennies in his pocket. He had a box lunch in the car. To 50, Li Tianlan is really hungry until now.

"Let ’s go to Yu's for private dining and prepare some daily necessities for you. I will take you to the sky college tomorrow to arrange your admission. Tianlan, in Huating, you can find me anything, I will try to solve it, my mobile phone will Twenty-four hours on, you can call me at any time. "

Qin Weibai stroked the notebook in his hand and looked at Li Tianlan beside him, his tone was serious.

Sniffing the faint fragrance of the beauty next to her, looking at this dreamy face in the sight, Li Tianlan's heartbeat accelerated again. He forced himself to shift his sight and nodded: "I understand, thank you President Qin."

Qin Weibai frowned, apparently not satisfied with the general title of Qin, but said nothing.

Li Tianlan was also silent, looking a little at Hua Ting outside the window.

Rows of tall buildings, roaring cars coming and going, pedestrians dressed in bright clothes strolling on the street, the old man holding children's hands and laughing.

There is also the warm sunshine rarely felt at the border.

The scenes of the flourishing world kept going backwards as the vehicle advanced.

Li Tianlan's eyes were stunned, and his pale face was complex and sad.

He remembered the father he had never seen before.

Twenty years ago, his father was one of the top special operations personnel in Mid-Continent, but at the height of his career, he died in the most humiliating way on the border between Mid-Continent and Annan.

The count is treason.

unambiguous evidence.

If the most influential treason case in recent years has not happened, his life from childhood to age will probably be a different story.

Just like these people outside the car window, even better.

He didn't think it was tempting to see the high-rise buildings and cars coming and going from the window, but for the first time, the soil buns that lived in the lush forest for the first time felt that the place where people lived was sunshine and laughter.

The prosperity of this scene is a beautiful scene he could never imagine.

Li Tianlan suddenly thought of the border camp. After his father treason, those veterans who followed his grandfather to exile himself for many years at the border, thought of Ye Dongsheng's words.

Ye Dongsheng said that he could work hard to resolve the case for his father and return him innocently.

If the father was really innocent then, who caused the treason in that year?

Who killed his father?

"Who are they? What are they trying to do? Why is this all?"

Who they are, Li Tianlan doesn't know yet, but he can be sure, if they really exist, then the other party definitely has the strength to stand in the city, or even the top of the whole state.

The scene outside the window is getting busier.

Li Tianlan squeezed her lips tightly, her heart was under pressure, but more was endless fighting spirit.

"What are you thinking?"

Qin Weibai, who always kept his eyes on Li Tianlan, asked suddenly.

"They shouldn't live in that kind of place, they really shouldn't."

Li Tianlan stared at everything outside the window, mumbling to himself.

There was a smile on Qin Weibai's cold and delicate face. She seemed to understand Li Tianlan's meaning, but also did not understand: "Some people say that the city of Huating is a lonely millennium and a brilliant age. This is a zero rise. Miracle City, Tianlan, if this comment is on you, what do you think? "

A lonely millennium, a glorious period ...

Li Tianlan's eyes still looked out of the window, flat as water, smiling: "How can I have this ability?"

From the side, Qin Weibai sighed softly and unconsciously opened the heavy notebook that had been in his hands for some years.

Hundreds of words leaped on the yellowed paper, like a diary of someone.

In all fairness, the handwriting on the paper is not beautiful, but it has a sharp edge that blows through the paper, and it can penetrate the back of the paper with every stroke. The words are as sharp as a sword!

Qin Weibai's gaze stayed on the last sentence of the diary and he was stunned.

"Everything in that day is false. I came from the darkness with eternal majesty."

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