The King of Special Warfare

Chapter 1: : To the light

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Located deep in the Yunyue Plateau, southwest of Zhongzhou, in the vast virgin forest, there is a camp destined not to be marked on any map.

The whole camp is built inside the virgin forest. In addition to the trees that can shelter the wind and rain, there are only a few undulating mountains around. Starting from the main entrance of the camp, it is less than two kilometers forward. The border line is inaccessible, birds do not shit, and remote ones can no longer be remote.

The size of the camp is small and the area is not large. About a dozen thatched cottages for living, a small but clean open-air training ground is all there is.

In the center of the training ground, a watchtower with a height of nearly ten meters and a flagpole flying the Zhongzhou Xingchen flag beside it stand alone. It is the highest place in the entire camp, but in such an environment, the view on the watchtower is slightly better than the ground. It's not much better, chat is better than nothing.

The sun is setting.

The setting sun sprinkled the last rays of afterglow on the camp ’s training ground, and the entire training ground was yellow.

There is a blast at dusk.

The violent air rips the star flag on the flagpole, the flag flutters, the wind blows away, and the entire camp looks like a desolate and vivid picture.

A group of soldiers in military uniforms salute silently under the stars' flag, solemn and solemn.

Among the forty or fifty soldiers, the head is a middle-aged man, about fifty years old, with a very ordinary look and figure, but a pair of extremely godly and even stern eyes can add a lot to him. He was dressed in uniform, although he did not wear a military rank, but his eyes glanced out, but he looked exceptionally prestigious.

The middle-aged man looked at the star flag flying above his head, and it took a long time to put down the saluting palm.

"Old man, come back with me."

The middle-aged man lowered his arms and looked at the old man in the same military uniform. He was sincere and almost earnestly begged: "You have been working at the border for many years, and you have worked hard. Everyone sees it, and it is time to go back and enjoy the happiness. Hard work is not good for your body. "

The old man in a military uniform had gray hair, but was neatly groomed, and even his body was straight. Unlike the middle-aged people around him, he had a military rank, and his rank was not low. He was a lieutenant colonel, but Compared with the age of the elderly, such a rank is unlikely to be able to hold hands.

Hearing the words of middle-aged people, the old man narrowed his already cloudy eyes, shook his head with a smile, and his voice was hoarse: "Soldiers should fight to the battlefield, how can they go back to enjoy Qingfu and wait for death? Dongsheng, with good intentions, but just go back "Although I am old, I still have a gun and can contribute to my country for a few more years. After staying here for so long, I will not get used to it even if I go back."

The middle-aged man named Dongsheng had a bitter face, opened his mouth, and worried: "Lao Li, your body ... is really unsuitable to stay here."

"My body counts in my heart."

The old lieutenant colonel's tone was indifferent, with a firm face: "Although I can't live long, I can still carry a gun for a few years. Dongsheng, I have decided, if it is only for my physical consideration, then there is no need to say."

He paused, then suddenly laughed at himself and said, "Of course, if you came today, it was for the treason of Li Kuangzi's little beast who was treasonous. Then you should pull me Li Honghe to plead guilty. I will follow you now. That beast Treason. As a Lao Tzu, I have always been guilty. I ca n’t raise a father. I have nothing to say about my father. ”

"Old Li!"

Ye Dongsheng's expression changed, and his expression increased with an unhappy expression: "What are you talking about? You are a hero of Nakasu, who dares to say that you are guilty? I first beat him! For hundreds of years, Nakasu's military law does not involve other people! He is him, you are you, it ’s two different things. If we do n’t worry about you, how can we keep you at the border for twenty years? ”

The old man was expressionless, but looked up at the star flag above his head, his eyes sad.

Ye Dongsheng sighed slightly, lowered his figure again and whispered: "Lao Li, although the case of the treason of the traitor had been sentenced, but that was the general trend. There are many details in it, which are still confusing and stand on my own. From my standpoint, I do n’t believe that madmen will be treasonous. Although it ’s been 20 years now, but after careful investigation, there may not be a chance to reverse the case. Mr. Li, we need your Dinghaishen needle to return to Youzhou and cheer us on. Encourage. "

Li Honghe seemed to be disheartened, shook his head, and said indifferently: "Forget it, what's the meaning of turning over the past so many years? Dongsheng, if you did not come to ask for sin, then go back. Here It suits me very well. I am an old man who is about to go into the earth. When he goes to the flower world of Youzhou, that is the crime. Do n’t say it again. "

Ye Dongsheng opened his mouth open and stopped talking. When it comes to this, he really couldn't say much.

"Mr. Li, I will give you time to consider, and I will come to see you again in a year. If you have any request, I will do my best to help you."

Ye Dongsheng was silent for a while, then said with a bitter smile.

Li Honghe just shook his head and said that he had no requirements.

Ye Dongsheng sighed deeply and stopped, striding towards a helicopter parked in front of the watchtower.

The helicopter rotor whistled and the dust was flying.

As he was about to approach the helicopter, Ye Dongsheng suddenly turned around and cried out loudly: "Mr. Li, if we can still innocent the madmen and help you clean up your shame, would you like to come back to Youzhou with me?"

The dust rose from under the rotor, and Li Honghe's expression became a little fuzzy. He narrowed his eyes, his voice was not loud, but he clearly rang in Ye Dongsheng's ears: "I'm waiting for a good voice."

Ye Dongsheng nodded and went straight into the cabin.

Helicopters started to fly higher and higher, and inside the cabin, Ye Dongsheng sat on the seat, watching the smaller and smaller training ground below, watching the old man who turned and walked onto the watchtower, whispered softly to himself: "You What are you holding on to? "

at the same time.

In the uppermost space of the watchtower, when Li Honghe walked in, a young man with his back facing Li Honghe asked the same question.

"What are you holding on to?"

"You do not understand."

Li Honghe looked at the young man standing in front of the window, and responded kindly.

This is a young man who looks easy to look at at first glance. He is about 20 years old and has a thin body. A face that can only be considered beautiful may be due to malnutrition all the year round, and his temperament is a bit pale. Very gentle, clear eyes, he could not see any sharpness and arrogance all over his body, he stood peacefully in the window of the upper space of the watchtower, looking at the helicopter flying further and further, his clear eyes with undisguised eyes Longing and longing.

Warm and smooth as jade, quiet and far away.

These eight words seemed to fit him perfectly.

"Why not leave?"

After hearing the old man's answer, the young man finally turned and calmly said, "Grandpa, this should be the fourth time someone has come to invite you out of the mountain, right? We obviously can leave, why not go?"

"Can't go."

Li Honghe shook his head and sank.

"Sell pending price?"

The young man raised his eyebrows slightly.


Li Honghe smiled bitterly: "Tianlan, you won't understand. Some things will only be understood after you leave here and go outside."


Li Tianlan murmured, and then laughed at himself: "Outside?"

He heard this word almost from an early age and heard it countless times, but in fact, his world is only the camp in front of him. He went out once more than a year ago, but went to a more closed place than here. surroundings.


What's outside?

He silently looked at the surrounding environment. The upper level of the watchtower is similar to a room, except that there are windows for investigation in all four directions. The room is made of wood, and a layer of oilcloth is spread on the outer layer. The interior decoration is also very simple. There is only one large volume, and the bookshelf full of books can frighten people. On both sides of the bookshelf, there are two wooden beds for people to rest, not far from the bookshelf, and two desks. There are writing brushes and rice paper on it. That is where their grandparents practiced writing.

This is the world where Li Tianlan grew up. He didn't hate the current environment, but after going out once, he became more and more eager to go outside and see the scenery outside.

However, Grandpa has always restricted him in recent years. Every time he asks, Grandpa will tell him that the time is not available. Li Tianlan doesn't know when it is the right time. But recently, he has become more and more unbearable. .

Li Tianlan took a deep breath, took a white cloth dipped in water, walked to a plaque on the desk, and wiped silently.

This plaque can be said to be the most valuable thing in the entire camp. It is a large rosewood plaque that is nearly two meters long and one meter wide. Do n’t say it is placed here. Even if you get it in the top circle of the middle continent, it is an unusual rarity The words "plaque" are flowing and flowing, and the iron hooks are full of style.


Li Tianlan looked at these two words silently, and suddenly said, "The man who just arrived said that he could turn the case for my father?"

"It's for my son, not your father, and he won't do it for your father."

Li Honghe stood in front of the bookshelf, looking at the books full of bookshelves, and said casually.

"Is there a difference?"

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows again, his temperament looked very weak, but the action of raising an eyebrow made him lively and gave him a strong momentum all his life.

"Of course."

Li Honghe calmly said: "They don't know that I have a grandson, if they know your existence ... heh ..."

Li Tianlan looked slightly stiff and didn't speak.

Li Honghe smiled suddenly and thought to himself: "Ye Dongsheng was brought out by my own hands. I know him better. He said he was worried about my body. There was no moisture in it. It is estimated that I will leave this time, and within three days, He'll send me this undead two private doctors, and he's kind of interested. "


Li Tianlan's instinct was beating quickly. He didn't know what it meant, but he knew very well that if a private doctor really came, this camp would be set foot by outsiders for the first time in many years.

"So you should go out and walk, it's time."

Li Honghe looked at his grandson with a smile, his eyes were mild, which was a kind of satisfaction and comfort from the heart.

Li Tianlan's body shook extremely obviously, Huo Ran turned his head and looked at Li Honghe.

Li Honghe pulled out a book from the bookshelf, opened it, took out a post from it, and a card.

He came to Li Tianlan, handed the card and post to Li Tianlan, and calmly said, "You leave today."

Li Tianlan took things, his hands were shaking violently, and the post that Grandpa handed over attracted all his eyes almost instantly.

The post is black and black, only the silver star flag is engraved on the cover. Under the flag, there are four small silver characters.

Sky Academy.

Nakasu has two prestigious schools that are little known, but very famous in certain circles.

One is called Deep Sea College, and the campus is located in Youzhou.

One is called Sky Academy, and the campus is located in Huating.

This is the top special operations school in Mid-Continent.

This is the gathering place of the young elites in Zhongzhou.

The best special fighters, the most elite outstanding agents, and the most promising martial arts leaders gathered together to compete together.

The history of the two special war colleges is not long, just a few decades, but the stars will be brilliant, and they can be said to be extremely brilliant.

For decades, the two special war academies stepped out of hundreds of generals, countless special agents and spies, and several special war giants.

Each outstanding graduate of the Sky Academy and the Deep Sea Academy has considerable autonomy. Under the premise of serving the country, they can independently choose to enter various special warfare departments in Mid-Continent, and they will all receive key training. For anyone who has the strength and ambition but does not have a backing, a letter of acceptance from the Deep Sea College or the Sky College is no different than a road to heaven!

At this time, the black post in Li Tianlan's hand was the admission letter of Sky Academy.

Li Tianlan's mood was ups and downs. His excitement was not only due to the post in his hand, but also the father who had complicated his mind. He also graduated from Sky Academy and completed his studies with the highest grades.

Did he betray Nakasu?

He has to find out the truth this time out!

Li Honghe seemed to see what he was thinking, and calmly said, "Don't do what you shouldn't do, go out this time, don't rush to investigate your father's affairs, it's useless to check. Your identity should be kept secret, otherwise let others Knowing that you are my grandson of Li Honghe will only make you die faster. Of course, your father's affairs need you to turn over the case, but now you are not qualified, at least, your achievement must not be weaker than your father, Only then will you be eligible for investigation. "

Li Tianlan nodded silently.

"Do you know why I am still here today?"

Li Honghe suddenly asked, and he didn't wait for his grandson to answer, and chuckled, "It's because I'm strong enough."

"Do you think it would be good to stay here, grandpa?"

Li Tianlan held the post in his hand and couldn't help asking.

Li Honghe took a deep look at him and said calmly: "It's not a good thing, but there is something worse than this, you may not want to listen."

He shook his head and pointed to the business card in Li Tianlan's hand: "At Huating, make this call and the other party will pick you up and arrange your admission."

Li Tianlan nodded and suddenly said, "Grandpa, how about you? Don't you go?"

"I wait for you to pick me up."

Li Honghe smiled, stepped forward, sorted out his grandson's clothes, and calmly said, "Tianlan, some things are not as simple as you see. When you get outside, it will be clear naturally. I wait for you to change Qiang, I will leave this place when you can resolve the case for your father and when you stop shaming Li. "

He stepped back, looked at Li Tianlan with a smile, and continued: "I can still afford to wait for a few years."

Li Tianlan clutched the post in his hand, his expression was determined.

For the entire Nakasu, his grandfather is a well-deserved hero, so he knows that his past achievements will allow him to leave the forest with the acceptance letter of Sky Academy, to fight the trace of his father's case, not to let The chance of Li's shame, but the sin of his father that year blocked all his possibilities for retreat.

This trip can only go forward, not back.

Retreat is dead!

"I'll go now."

Li Tianlan put away the post, and simply dropped off.

Li Honghe nodded slightly, and suddenly said softly, "In fact, you can still help, and it is not small. In the year you were born, I personally set up a relationship for you. You don't need to know who it is. Counting, depending on your performance, the old guys are more realistic. If you behave like a waste, people will definitely not marry your granddaughter. If you are doing well, someone will naturally come to you. It ’s up to you whether this family matter is still countable. "

Li Tianlan nodded silently, stepped back, kneeled down at the old man, and threw his head heavily.

Li Honghe stood in place without any reaction.

Li Tianlan stood up in silence and went straight down the watchtower.

The setting sun was gone outside the window, and darkness covered the forest.

In the night without wind and moon, Li Tianlan, expressionless, walked through the forest and drifted away.

The old man has been standing by the window, watching Li Tianlan's back disappear completely, then he slowly turned around, came to his desk, studied pen and ink, and planned to practice calligraphy.

Grandpa and grandchildren's calligraphy is not good, but practicing calligraphy can cultivate one's self-cultivation, so it can be regarded as perseverance for many years.

Only this time Li Honghe lifted his pen for a long time without writing a word. It was not until the ink soaked in rice paper that he sighed, put down his pen, and came to Li Tianlan's desk.

The ink on the desk was dry, matching black and white, and extremely dazzling.

Li Honghe stared at Xuan paper, his pupils suddenly contracted.

Unlike the small print that Li Tianlan writes on weekdays, there is only one big character on the thin rice paper. The writing is brazen, and between the lines, there is a fierce and fierce spirit.


Li Honghe turned his head back suddenly.

Outside the window, Li Tianlan's figure has long disappeared, only the endless vast night pervades the forest like winter.


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