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Chapter 97: Nangong Mo's accident

  Chapter 97 Nangong Mo's Accident

   Nangong Anshan said: "I hope so. Then let's not talk about this, Mr. Xu, let me take your pulse and see your situation."

  Dugu Huanxu stretched out his hand.

  After a long while, Nangong Anshan withdrew her hand and said: "The recovery is not bad, and there is no need to change the prescription for the time being. It seems that you have really listened to me and have not worked as hard as before."

  After speaking, she felt something was wrong, and asked suspiciously: "Why did you come to me so early these few times? Last time I told you to sleep for a while, why didn't you listen?"

  Dugu Huanxu pointed in one direction, and said, "I built a house there, and I moved there a few days ago. From there, I would spend at most two sticks of incense."

  Nangong Anshan glanced at his fingers, and said in surprise: "So some time ago I saw someone building a house on the mountain, and it was your house that was built."


   "So I really got up later than before, but my house is closer to yours."

   "Well, it seems I misunderstood you, sorry."

   "No problem."

   "Why did you suddenly build a house here?"

"Of course it makes me feel good here. Every time I come to Liuye Village, I feel more relaxed than ever. I like it here. You also said before that you want me to find a quiet place to recuperate. I think Liuye Village is very good .”

   Nangong Anshan frowned. He was worried that she would manage the workshop by herself, so he came here to supervise her on purpose?

   No, he should not be that kind of person.

  She said that she wanted him to find a place to cultivate, but there are plenty of Zhuangzi who can live in a rich family like his, so why did he choose this place?

   Could it be that she likes her craft and wants to come here often to eat and drink?

   Nangong Anshan thought for a while, and said: "Young Master Xu, I have to go to the city for two days. I promised the shopkeeper Zhuang of Yuquan Building that I would go to their place to watch the cook cook, so as to avoid danger, so..."

  Dugu Huanxu was taken aback, "So you can't cook at home these two days?"


Dugu Huanxu immediately regretted and said: "That's really a coincidence, Feng Yuan and Feng Yun have something to do during the day and are not with me, they won't come back until night, it seems that I can only go back to cook food by myself during the day .”

   Nangong Anshan said: "Is there no other servant in your house who can cook?"


   Sure enough, this person took a fancy to her craftsmanship and deliberately built a house there.

  For a son of a rich family like him, how could he have fewer people to serve him? It is probably because he deliberately did not want anyone to come and serve him.

   But it's normal to like her handicrafts, and eating delicious food will also make you feel good, which is good for his body's detoxification.

Nangong Anshan said: "Young Master Xu, in fact, my second brother's cooking skills are quite good. I taught him a lot before. You can come over when I'm not at home. Second brother will cook for you. "

  Dugu Huanxu was overjoyed immediately, "Okay, then it's settled. In order to express my gratitude, I will also go to the workshop to help, no wages are required."

   "Then thank you, Mr. Xu, but don't do too much work, just like my third brother, just sit and do the registration work."

   "Okay, thank you for your concern, girl."

  Nangong Anshan said a few more words, and after the family finished all the housework, she took her family to the workshop with him.

   And the workshop has already had customers, and the villagers are already waiting at the door.

  Nangong Anshan told the night watchmen to go back first, opened the workshop and started working.

  She waited for a while, and seeing that everything was going well here, she went directly to the city.

  In the next two days, the business of Yuquan Building is getting better and better, and the business of Nangong Anshan Workshop is also good. Every day, new faces come to buy oil. Basically, what is squeezed out the day before can be sold short the next day.

  Of course, the business of the workshop is so good, which naturally attracted the coveting and jealousy of some people.

   On this day, Nangong Anshan didn't go to the city anymore, but was busy in the workshop.

   Not long after, Nangong Cheng ran to her side anxiously.

   Nangong Anshan saw the anxious look of the fourth brother, she patted him on the back hastily, and said: "Okay, let's talk after you get your breath back."

  Nan Gongcheng said: " way, sister, something...something happened, fifth brother is missing."

   "What?" Nangong Anshan immediately put down the work in hand, and said solemnly: "Tell me carefully, what is going on?"

   Other people around who heard Nangong Cheng's words also turned their heads.

Nangong Cheng cried and said: "Today, my fifth brother and younger sister went to the mountain to collect firewood as before. We were all not far away. Suddenly, Ayao and I saw a little rabbit running past us. , we went to catch it. When we caught the rabbit and walked back, Fifth Brother disappeared.”

   "My little sister and I called him at the foot of the mountain for a long time but there was no response. The two of us were scared, so I ran back with her first. She went to notify the second brother, and I will notify you."

  Nangong Anshan quickly walked towards the door, and said, "Don't cry first, sister must find Ah Mo back, and quickly take me to the place where Ah Mo disappeared."

"it is good."

  When she reached the door, Nangong Anshan saw that her second brother was walking towards her anxiously.

   Nangong Sheng said: "Ah Shan, something happened to Ah Mo."

"I know all about it." Nangong Anshan turned her head and saw that the line to buy oil was getting longer and longer, and said, "Second brother, I guess that Ah Mo is missing, and the people behind it are probably for our oil. Ah Mo will be fine until the goal is reached. You continue to work, and I will deal with it."

   Nangong Sheng said: "Ashan, can you do it alone?"

  Many people working in the workshop also heard what they said, and spoke one after another:

   "Little boss, how about we help you."

   "Yeah, we are adults after all."

   "I'm a man after all, I can go with you."


   Nangong Anshan said: "Thank you for your kindness. Those people came for my workshop, and only our family can solve it."

  She turned her head again and said: "Second brother, where can third brother talk to him, don't tell her about Aniang for now, she is not in good health, so as not to worry her, don't worry, I will definitely bring Ah Mo back intact."

"it is good."

  Nangong Anshan dragged her fourth brother to the foot of the mountain.

  Nan Gongsheng looked at the people in the workshop helplessly, and said: "Everyone go to work, my mother is there, please don't let her know."

   One person said: "Okay, but will it be okay for Ah Shan to go alone?"

  Another person said: "Probably not, Ashan's strength has helped us many times, and you still don't understand her ability?"

"makes sense."

  And Nangong Anshan ran to the foot of the mountain and asked her fourth brother, "Where did Ah Mo disappear?"

  (end of this chapter)

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