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Chapter 9: Food Wu Dayong

  Chapter 9 Food Wu Dayong

"Probably yes, they are at the entrance of the village, and the thieves will be the first ones to attack them when they come. It is normal for them to be anxious. Second brother, there is still a pot here. We can take the pot with us when we set off, and we can use it in the future." On the way, like everyone else, I cooked and ate."

  Nangong Sheng smiled and said, "Yes."

  The two quickly got busy in the kitchen, and after a while, they cooked the food, asked the younger siblings to come over, and brought everything to the table in the main room.

  One white boiled egg, one cabbage egg drop soup.

  Yang Ruolan saw cabbage and eggs on the table, and asked in surprise, "Where did these come from?"

  Others also stared blankly at Nangong Anshan.

  The food on the table was too rich, and their family seldom ate like this before.

   "It probably belonged to the original owner." Nangong Anshan said: "Aniang, don't worry about it, let's eat first. The rain will stop at any time, and we have to set off at any time."

   Hearing what she said, everyone stopped asking.

   There were seven of them. Nangong Anshan cooked a total of 21 white water eggs. Everyone ate three, and some vegetable and egg soup was enough.

  Yang Ruolan said: "Ah Shan, there are too many eggs here, why don't we just eat one and have some soup, the soup also has eggs, so we can be full."

  I don’t know if I can find food at the next foothold, or it’s better to save a little.

  Nan Gongsheng nodded in agreement. He told his sister in the kitchen just now, but his sister refused to agree, so there was nothing he could do.

  Nan Gongxiu also said: "Why don't we each save two to eat when we can't find food."

Nangong Anshan quickly ate the eggs, and said while eating: "Everyone just listen to me, these are not staple foods, don't care how full, not much at all. We have to walk too much every day, if we don't eat enough, It will make the body suffer, and if it hurts the body, it will not be able to make up for it no matter what you do in the future. Don't worry, with me here, I will not let you go hungry again."

   Others still hesitated.

Nangong Anshan knew that if she didn't persuade them, they probably wouldn't be full every day in the future, so she said seriously: "Let me tell you the truth, when I was fainted by Mrs. Qiu, I dreamed of a fairy in my dream. He said that he would give me supernatural power and luck, so that no matter where I am in the future, I can easily find food."

  Nan Gongsheng asked suspiciously: "Ashan, is what you said true?"

Nan Gongxiu also couldn't believe it. They had never done anything harmful to nature in their life. They used to pray to gods and worship Buddha every year and festival to bless their family with good luck and safety. But their family is still so unlucky. They don't believe that there are gods in the world. up.

"Really." Nangong Anshan said: "The strength I showed just now was given to me by the gods. Otherwise, how could I suddenly have such great strength? Otherwise, how could I escape from the hands of the bad guys? He is a vicious person. You also know that I couldn't even lift a wooden bucket filled with water before."

  Everyone heard the words and felt that there was some truth.

  Nangong Anshan said: "So, you go ahead and eat, I will take care of finding food in the future."

Yang Ruolan thought that when her daughter was born, a monk happened to come to the house to beg for water. He said that her daughter would encounter a catastrophe when she was nine years old. luck.

   "Since Ah Shan has said so, you should eat all the eggs. Everyone really needs to make up for it."

  The children said at the same time: "Yes, A Niang."

   It’s just that the three younger children couldn’t eat any more after eating two eggs and soup. Nangong Anshan didn’t make it difficult for them, and asked them to keep it for themselves and save it for when they were hungry.

   Nangong Yao sighed: "Today's eggs are really delicious, I think they are even better than the ones I have eaten before."

  The others nodded as well, thinking so too.

  Nangong Anshan laughed and said, "Perhaps it's because everyone hasn't eaten eggs for a long time, that's why they feel this way."

   Of course, the eggs in the system are all good things.

  Yang Ruolan said: "That's true."

  Everyone was about to take a nap when there was a knock on the door.

  Everyone in the room was shocked at the same time.

  With such a heavy rain outside, who would come at this time?

   Even if Zhou Lizheng wanted to tell them to go on the road, he would come when the rain stopped.

  Nangong Anshan walked to the door with a vigilant face and asked, "Who is outside?"

   "Open the door first, I'm here to deliver a message to you for Zhou Lizheng, and I can't tell clearly through the door."

   Nangong Anshan frowned. Through the crack of the door, she could see that none of the men outside were from Zhou Lizheng's family. They probably came to attack their family's idea of ​​ten taels of silver.

  Nan Gongsheng also stepped forward to take a look, obviously he and his sister had thought of something together, and said, "Ashan, what should we do?"

  Nangong Anshan smiled and said, "Of course the door is open."

  She held the dagger in her hand and motioned for her second brother to open the door.

  Nan Gongsheng didn't ask any more questions, and quickly opened the door, and saw eight men looking at them with malicious expressions.

   "Wu Dayong, what are you doing here?"

  The people who came here were all from the Wu family. It turned out that when they were in their village, they were notoriously unreasonable.

  Wu Dayong held a wooden stick in his hand and smiled sinisterly, "What am I here for? Of course I want you to hand over all the money, or I won't let you all get out of this house."

Nangong Anshan stood in front of the second brother, and said loudly: "If you want money, it's ok, pass my level first, if you can step into the house today, my name, Nangong Anshan, will be reversed from now on." Write."

   Wu Dayong sneered and said, "Then don't regret it."

  As soon as the voice fell, he rushed towards Nangong Anshan with his people.

Seeing that they were all holding wooden sticks, Nangong Anshan quickly put the dagger back into her bosom, pushed her second brother back a step, and when the wooden stick was about to fall on her head, she grabbed the wooden stick, He easily grabbed it, and then gave the stick owner a stick, breaking his head in an instant.

   Seeing this, the others rushed towards her with red eyes.

  After a long while, all the Wu family members fell to the ground, moaning non-stop. Not only was their head cut, but their left arm was also fractured at the same time.

   "Ouch, my arm is broken, it hurts like hell."

   "My head was broken and my hand was broken. It hurts so much."

   "Me too, it hurts me to death."


  Nangong Anshan put her hands on her hips and said, "This time I only broke your heads and broke one of your arms, just to teach you a lesson. If you do it again next time, I will wring your heads off!"

   After she finished speaking, she closed the door.

  (end of this chapter)

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