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Chapter 86: The grievances of the yin and yang trio

  Chapter 86 The Dissatisfaction of the Yin-Yang Weiqi Trio

  After lunch, Dugu Huanxu asked Feng Yun to send some fruits back to Liwang Mansion, while he led the others up the mountain.

  After the guests left, Nangong Anshan and her family opened the presents that the three of them had just given.

  As soon as it was opened, everyone was shocked.

  In the first box is a ginseng.

   Nangong Anshan said: "Young Master Xu is really willing to give us ginseng. I have been collecting herbs in Xulei Mountain for so long, but I haven't seen any sign of ginseng."

  Yang Ruolan said: "This ginseng seems to be old."

   Nangong Anshan's consciousness entered the space, and soon came out again, saying seriously: "This ginseng is actually two hundred years old."

  Everyone was shocked.

  In the past, people in Qingshan Village found decades-old ginseng and sold them for dozens of taels of silver. Two-hundred-year-old ginseng was worth at least five or six hundred taels. "

  Yang Ruolan said: "This ginseng is too expensive, we can't accept it."

   Nangong Anshan said: "Aniang, but you and the third brother's body can heal faster with ginseng. I was worried that I couldn't find a century-old ginseng. I didn't expect that when I fell asleep, someone would give me a pillow."

   "This..." Yang Ruolan glanced at the third son in embarrassment, so how could this be a good thing.

   Nangong Anshan said again: "Aniang, don't worry too much about it. After all, I saved Mr. Xu's life. She gave him ginseng as a gift. In fact, he didn't lose money."

   "It's true." Yang Ruolan immediately stopped being entangled.

  Nangong Anshan opened the box sent by Xiao Ruiyan and Shen Kaiyu again, and there were also precious medicinal materials inside.

  Xiao Ruiyan gave Ganoderma lucidum, and Shen Kaiyu gave Cordyceps sinensis.

   "That's right, it seems that they are really giving us presents with their heart. Aniang, third brother, these medicinal materials are not available in ordinary pharmacies outside, and you will also need them in the future."

  Yang Ruolan said: "Okay, then you can keep it well."


  After Nangong Anshan put it away, she went to Lizheng, and walked to the meeting place while beating the gong.

  Both her and Zhou Lizheng's houses were built, and it was not easy to gather at the gate. Anyway, the village has a lot of land, so they found a deserted wasteland as a meeting place.

  The villagers were summoned suddenly, and some of them guessed what they were going to do. After all, Nangong Anshan said before that after the workshop is completed, people will be recruited to work in the village.

  Since the workshop is under construction, many people have been watching the progress of the workshop, and some even take the initiative to work as supervisors. After all, the day the workshop is completed, they can earn an extra day's wages.

  After a long while, Zhou Li saw that most of the villagers had come, and said loudly, "Everyone, be quiet."

  Everyone fell silent.

Zhou Lizheng said: "I called everyone here today, and I think some people have already guessed the reason. The workshop of His Royal Highness Li Wang in our village has been completed, and Ashan is entrusted by His Highness Li Wang to start recruiting people in the village." , the specific details will be left to Ashan."

Nangong Anshan stepped forward and said: "Everyone already knows that the workshop needs a lot of manpower, and His Royal Highness Li Wang sent me to select candidates. I will talk about my conditions here. Those who meet my conditions will be selected." You can sign up now."

   "First, it's still the old rule. People who work in the workshop must be people who have no relationship with my family. Those who have bullied my family don't have to come."

"Second, it must be people who love cleanliness. Those who don't change their clothes for a long time, or those who don't like to take a shower or wash their hair, don't have to come. After all, the workshop is for food, and it will be sold to wealthy people in the future , if people know that the oil in the workshop is made by people who don’t like cleanliness, no one will probably want to buy it.”

"Third, it must be a person without any disease in the body. The reason is also very simple. If you know that the food you eat is made by a sick person, you will probably dislike it. To judge whether there is a disease, I will personally feel the pulse. Every selected person has to go through my test."

   "Fourth, as for the number of people, we don't know how the business is going so far, so there are only 50 people, 25 men and 25 men, and all of them must be over fifteen years old and under thirty-five years old."

   "Fifth, for the sake of fairness, it is still determined by drawing lots."

"Sixth, if you are selected, you must do things according to my requirements. Simply put, you must be obedient. Otherwise, His Royal Highness Li will blame you and be caught in the prison. Then I will not be able to save you. "

"Seventh, those who have already worked in my field don't need to be envious. After all, the work in the workshop does not need to be exposed to the wind and the sun. It is easier than your work in the field, so the wages will be five cents less, that is to say , People who work in the workshop, not including food, are paid thirty-five Wen a day."

   "Okay, that's all I want to say. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If there are no questions, then go to draw lots."

  Zheng suddenly said: "Nangong Anshan, you just said that people who have a festival with you cannot participate, so why don't you allow us to participate?"

Xu said: "The last time you built a workshop, you were not allowed to participate in the lottery. Now that you are not allowed, are you not afraid that His Royal Highness Li will know that you are favoritism? This is His Highness Li's workshop, not yours. .”

  Li Shi said: "That's right, we have no holidays with His Royal Highness Li Wang, why don't you let us work in his workshop?"

  Seeing that the yin-yang trio was finding fault again, Zhou Li was about to speak when Nangong Anshan said, "You guys are quite self-aware, that's right, I just don't want you to sign up."

"This is the workshop I jointly opened with His Royal Highness Li Wang, and it can be regarded as my workshop. His Royal Highness Li Wang entrusted me with the selection of candidates. Why can't I choose people I like, but choose people I hate? ?”

   "If you think that I am playing for selfishness, then I admit that I am playing for selfishness. If you have any opinions, go to His Royal Highness Li Wang."

"To tell you the truth, this workshop was not built here because you are here His Highness Li Wang, but because I am here, it was built here. Because I have a way to make His Royal Highness Li Wang, His Highness Li Wang and I cooperate."

   "If you continue to be so eccentric, then I will not hand over my method of making money. At that time, you will make other villagers unemployed. It depends on how you explain to them."

   "The most important thing is, if His Royal Highness Li blames you, and blames you for harming him and making him no money, it is estimated that your whole family will have no good end. Maybe it will affect the whole Liuye Village if it gets serious!"

  The yin-yang trio suddenly turned pale.

Zhao Shi, Zhou Lizheng's wife, said: "The three of you really don't have self-knowledge. All the things sold in the workshop are the things that Ah Shan came up with. She doesn't want you people who have hurt her to take her money. What's wrong? You If you continue to find fault and anger Ah Shan, let her sue King Li, I see what you will do!"

  (end of this chapter)

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