Chapter 77 Admitted

  Chen Cuicui dissatisfied: "Nangong Anshan, my daughter is a girl, do you want a girl to take off her clothes in front of everyone? Do you want her not to marry? Do you want to force her to death?"

Nangong Anshan said: "I didn't let her take off her clothes in front of everyone. After a while, more than ten people will come and form a circle, and let her take off her clothes in the circle, and I didn't let her take off." .”

  As for her tent, she doesn't want people like Li Fangfang to go in.

   "I don't agree." Chen Cuicui said angrily, "I will never allow my daughter to undress here."

  Zhao said: "You don't agree? Then we can only treat you as guilty."

  Chen Cuicui still stood in front of her daughter, and said loudly: "If you dare to let her take off her clothes today, I will die here."

  Zhou Li was about to speak when he heard an unfamiliar male voice coming into his ears.

   "Why is it so lively here, what happened?"

   Everyone followed the sound and saw six men walking over suddenly.

   Nangong Anshan was not surprised to see Dugu Huanxu, and today happened to be the day when he came to check his pulse.

  Shen Kaiyu, Xiao Ruiyan, Feng Yuan, Feng Yun, and Qianhua also came.

  Zhou Lizheng also knew that Dugu Huanxu was Li Wang's friend, so he said very politely: "My lord, you are here."

  Dugu Huanxu said: "Well, entrusted by His Royal Highness King Li, I came to see how the workshops in the village are going. It's just that I didn't come at the right time. It seems that something big happened in your village."

Nangong Anshan said: "Young Master Xu, it's like this, someone came to set fire to my house last night... That's how it happened, if I hadn't been vigilant, our whole family would be ashes now, now we let that person take off his clothes, but that person doesn't take off. "

   Dugu Huanxu and his party looked at Li Fangfang at the same time.

  Seeing the cold eyes of those people, Li Fangfang trembled suddenly.

  Dugu Huanxu said: "Don't take it off? Feng Yuan."

  Feng Yuan immediately stepped forward and said, "Master."

   "If the woman doesn't take off, I'll send her to the county government office and give her a 50-big board first."


  Feng Yuan stepped forward and said: "Miss Li, should you take it off now, or should I send you to the county government?"

  Chen Cuicui said: "Why do you send my daughter to the county government?"

  Feng Yuandao: "Just because someone identified her, just because she is a suspect, and just because my master is a member of the county government, then he is qualified to take care of this matter."

  Chen Cuicui choked, and was immediately speechless.

  She can't afford to mess with the people in the county government.

  Li Fangfang had no choice but to cry, "I...I won't take it off, I...I admit, I set the fire last night."

  As soon as her voice fell, there was an uproar.

   "It's really her."

   "She is too vicious."

   "I guess she has a grudge against Ah Shan because of the food distribution last time."

   "It's true that like a brother, like a sister, the Li family is too vicious."

  Zhou Lizheng said angrily: "Li Fangfang, why did you set fire?"

  Li Fangfang cried and said: "My mother cursed Nangong Anshan at home every day, saying that she killed her second brother and didn't distribute food to the family. I was also very angry when I heard that, and wanted to take revenge on her."

   "She was right. I pretended to see a ghost on purpose, so that everyone would not dare to go out at night, and no one would see me doing bad things, and they would not be able to find out about me."

   "But I didn't intend to burn them to death. I dare not kill people. I just wanted to order those building materials so that they would not be able to build houses in the future and become a joke in the village. I would never dare to kill people."

  Everyone was angry again when they heard the words.

   "You are really too insidious."

   "You are so scheming at such a young age."

   "I let you get in touch with my daughter before. I really know people, know faces, but don't know people. If you spoil my daughter, I want you to look good!"


   "Enough." Zhou Li was looking at Nangong Anshan, and asked: "Ashan, the truth has been revealed, how do you want to deal with her?"

   Nangong Anshan said: "Now that there are all the witnesses and material evidence, and she has confessed herself, then send her to the county government."

  She won't get her hands dirty.

  Dugu Huanxu said: "Let me help you. I will send Feng Yuan to send her to the county government office. I live in the county government office now. Feng Yuan is very familiar with the county government office."

   Nangong Anshan said: "Then please trouble Mr. Xu."

   "No trouble, you're welcome."

  Feng Yuan stepped forward to arrest Li Fangfang.

  But Chen Cuicui immediately stopped in front of her daughter.

  At this moment, she was no longer as domineering as before, but instead looked at Nangong Anshan flatteringly, "Ah Shan, my daughter is young and ignorant, please forgive her this time."

   "They are all from the same village, and you also grew up together. You played together when you were young."

   "I promise you, she will never do this kind of thing again."

   "I don't have many children at all. I have already lost a second dog. I can't lose another daughter. Please do me a favor and take pity on me as a mother."

Nangong Anshan said indifferently: "Impossible, she is so scheming at such a young age, the thought of using ghosts to frighten people has caused panic in the village for the past two days, even if I promise to forgive her, I think other people will definitely not like it." Willing to agree."

  Others spoke one after another:

   "That's right, I don't agree either. My son hasn't had a good rest for the past two nights, and he was scared sick."

   "Such a vicious person, she must be punished."

   "That's right, I haven't had a good rest in the past two nights, and I have no energy during the day. It has really affected me too much. She has to go to the county government."

   "I didn't even dare to go to the convenience these two nights. She caused a lot of trouble in my life, and I have to pay for it!"

  Chen Cuicui suddenly became more anxious, and she couldn't say anything to refute, so she could only pretend to be pitiful and look at Nangong Anshan.

  Of course, Nangong Anshan was not moved at all.


  Dugu Huanxu said: "Feng Yuan, don't talk nonsense with her, do it quickly."

   "Yes, master."

  The Li family still wanted to stop Li Fangfang, but Feng Yuan didn't show mercy, pulled them away, grabbed Li Fangfang and walked towards his horse.

  The Li family wanted to chase him immediately.

  Zhou Lizheng warned in a cold voice: "You can go after him, but from today onwards you are no longer from Liuye Village."

  The Li family was stunned at the same time, and they didn't dare to go over.

  Zhou Lizheng said loudly: "Okay, everyone has seen Li Fangfang's end, if anyone dares to set fire to hurt others in the future, then wait to enter the yamen. Everyone should leave, do what you have to do."

   Soon, everyone dispersed, including Zhou Lizheng.

  Before the Li family left, they gave Nangong Anshan a hard look.

  But Nangong Anshan didn't even give them a look, and immediately made them half dead.

  (end of this chapter)

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