Chapter 62 Garlic

After the guests had left, Nangong Anshan moved the oil press under the dining shed and said, "Second brother, let me teach you how to extract oil. I will often go to the mountains to collect herbs in the future, and I don't have much time to extract oil. After I teach you, you can teach the people in the workshop in the future."

   Nangong Sheng said: "Okay, I will follow your orders."

   Nangong Xiudao: "Ashan, I can learn it too. After I learn it, if you two have something to do, I can also help you."

   "Okay, let's learn together."

  Nangong Anshan began to teach the two elder brothers how to extract oil.

  Although the process is complicated, the two elder brothers are quick to learn, and she only needs to teach them once.

  The younger brothers and sisters also watched carefully and learned a lot.

Seeing that the family members are very interested in the oil press, Nangong Anshan said: "Since you are interested, you can make it here. Anyway, we have to eat it every day, so it won't be wasted. I will do it later." Go to the mountains and see if there are any wild peanuts."

  Five people nodded at the same time: "Okay."

  Nangong Anshan returned to the tent.

  Yang Ruolan saw everything just now, and said with a worried face: "Ashan, is it really good for you to do business with that kind of rich man? Aniang is worried that you will suffer."

   Nangong Anshan said: "Aniang, don't worry, it won't happen. I saved Mr. Xu last time, and now I am detoxifying him. He should not be that kind of ruthless person."

   "Okay." Yang Ruolan said: "Then you can handle this matter according to your needs, but you must protect yourself."

   "Well. A Niang, I have something to go out later, so you stay at home, and I will go up the mountain alone."

  Yang Ruolan said: "You go, pay attention to safety."


  Nangong Anshan walked in one direction with her backpack on her back.

  She is still short of four merits to twenty merits, and when she reaches twenty merits, she can exchange them for rapeseed, and then there will be one more oil for the workshop.

   She has a lot of peanuts, but she still likes canola oil.

   "Boy Tai Le, can you figure out where I can accumulate merit?"

   "Yes, but accumulating merit is very simple. Your strength is very useful, and many people dream of it."

   Nangong Anshan's eyes lit up immediately, "I understand."

   After she finished speaking, she carried the basket on her back and walked towards Xulei Mountain.

   It's just that she just walked to the foot of the mountain when she saw a group of children hiding behind the grass and looking ahead quietly.

   Seeing that there were no children with her family in the house, Nangong Anshan stepped forward and asked, "What are you doing?"

  The children turned their heads at the same time, saw that it was Nangong Anshan, and made a silent movement at the same time.

  A child whispered: "Sister Ah Shan, there is a little wild boar ahead."

   "Little wild boar?" Nangong Anshan leaned forward and took a look. Although the wild boar was small, it weighed several dozen catties, and said in a low voice, "Catch it, and everyone will have meat to eat."

   "But we can't catch it. I have been chased by wild boars before. I am really scared and dare not go forward."

   Nangong Anshan rolled up her sleeves and said, "Sister Ah Shan will help you eat meat today, look at mine."

  All the children's eyes lit up.

   Nangong Anshan drew two machetes from her waist, quietly moved forward a few steps, and suddenly threw both hands at the same time, and the little wild boar stuck two machetes on its head, and died instantly.

  The children jumped up happily.

   "Sister Ah Shan is amazing."

   "I haven't eaten meat for a long time, and today I can finally eat meat."

   "My parents will be very happy to take it back."


  Nangong Anshan walked up to the little wild boar, and divided the meat into roughly equal amounts based on her own feeling, and divided several pieces for everyone.

  Tai Le boy said: "Helping a child who hasn't eaten meat for a long time eat meat will add one merit point and one drop of Holy Spirit water, and the total merit value will be seventeen."

   Nangong Anshan immediately smiled with satisfaction.

  After every child had meat in their hands, she looked at the pigs entering the water and said, "These are also meat, but it's more troublesome to handle. Do you want it?"

  The children said at the same time: "Yes."

  Their parents have said that although pig offal is difficult to handle, it can still be regarded as meat.

  Nangong Anshan divided the pigs into water again, and there was only one pig head left. She also divided it into two halves and gave it to the two youngest children.

  The children got the meat, thanked her, and ran home happily.

   Nangong Anshan continued to work.

   Immediately afterwards, she met an old man who was chopping firewood, helped him chop firewood, and rescued a man who accidentally fell into the slope, and then helped a woman looking for wild vegetables find a lot of wild vegetables.

  After working for a long time, her merit value finally reached twenty, which can be exchanged for **** seeds.

  She picked some herbs that were not available in her space, and after throwing them into the space, they also entered the space.

  Looking at the things in the system, there are several more things that can be exchanged now, but I don’t know why, there are **** seeds in the system that can be exchanged, but there is no ready-made rapeseed.

   But it doesn't matter, she just needs to plant the seeds in the space land.

  Thinking that after she planted the herbs, she planted rapeseed on the remaining part of the land.

   "Boy Tai Le, if I haven't come in to harvest the rapeseed after it matures, then I'll thank you to help me harvest and replant it."

   Tai Le boy said: "Okay, it's a small matter."

   Just a few thoughts in the space and it won't cost him any effort.

  Nangong Anshan looked at the other unlocked items, and the garlic has also been unlocked. It seems that she can cook in different ways again.

  Qinglong Kingdom itself does not have garlic, and the system also has garlic seeds that can be exchanged. If garlic is promoted, she can make a lot of money.

  After working in the space for a long time, she reckoned that the time was almost up, and then she left the space.

  On the way, she hunted a roe deer, and when she was about to reach the door of the house, she put the peanuts and other food that should be taken out in the back basket, and took out some herbs.

  Nan Gongyao saw her sister came back at the gate of the fence, and hurried to her side, excitedly said: "Sister, we squeezed a lot of oil, enough for you to use for a long time."

  Nangong Anshan went in and put down the basket, looked at the barrel, saw that the oil was almost full, and said with a smile: "Okay, I found a lot of peanuts, you can peel them if you have nothing to do these few days."

   "Yeah, I always listen to my sister."

   Nangong Anshan began to deal with the roe deer brought back as she spoke.

  When she passed the river, she had already washed the roe deer, and now she only needs to process it briefly.

   Nangong Sheng saw that there were not only peanuts in the basket, but also something he had never seen before, and asked, "Ashan, what is this?"

   Nangong Anshan turned her head and said, "That's garlic, a kind of condiment, it's delicious when cooked."

  (end of this chapter)

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