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Chapter 42: Yin and Yang strange trio

  Chapter 42 Yin-Yang Strange Qi Trio

   After finishing speaking, she took out a purse from her pocket and counted fifty copper coins, "Can we go now?"

   Nangong Anshan took the money and said, "Next time, don't bully my family while I'm not there, or I won't be as easy-talking as I am today."

   Nangong Cai gave her a hard look, and took her daughter away.

  The onlookers dispersed.

When Nangong Cai returned home, she suddenly slapped Chen Ledong, and said angrily, "What's wrong with you today? Didn't you tell you to do what I said? It caused our family to lose fifty copper coins. Do you know that we are now No income, just rely on the little money at home to live?"

  Chen Ledong suddenly burst into tears, "Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..."

   Mrs. Qiu happened to come over, and hurriedly said: "Why are you beating her? This is your own daughter, and you can do it."

  Although Chen Ledong is not as popular as Dai Yingying, she is her granddaughter after all, and she still cares about it.

"Aniang, you don't know the situation." Nangong Cai recounted what happened today, "I'm too angry, who knew that she would embarrass me so much in public and cost me fifty copper coins .”

   Qiu Shi looked at Chen Ledong disapprovingly, "You really went too far today. This not only shames your mother, but also shames your whole family."

Chen Ledong choked and said: "I... I don't... I don't want to, but Nangong Anshan said, if I don't do what she said, just tell me about my secret meeting with the boss of the Deng family. I will go to the meeting My dear is old, if she tells about it, won't my reputation be over?"

"What?" Nangong Cai frowned and said, "You actually went to see the boss of the Deng family behind my back. I told you that I will find you a rich family in the future. The Deng family is even poorer than ours. What good life can you have if you marry in the past!"

   "But how can people like us know rich people?"

   "Take your time, you are only fourteen years old this year, look for another year, if you can't find it after one year, then let's talk again, what are you in a hurry for?"

   "But the boss of the Deng family likes me and treats me very well, and I like him too."

   "No, he is eighteen years old, you are not worthy of him, if you meet him behind my back in the future and get caught, then I will never care about you again."

  Chen Ledong cried even more sadly.

  After Nangong Anshan waited for the outsiders to leave, she said: "Ah Cheng, if someone troubles you again in the future, don't be afraid, sister will protect you."

   Nangong Cheng nodded, "Well, thank you, sister."

   Just then, there was a loud noise from a distance.

  They turned their heads and saw a lot of bullock carts pulling things over.

   Taking a closer look, it was the blue bricks and other materials they needed to build their houses.

Long Lianqi and Zhou Li were walking in the front. Seeing Nangong Anshan, Long Lianqi hurried forward and said, "Miss Nangong, there are a lot of people who want to build blue brick houses recently, so there are no ready-made bricks for them to use. When they are made, they will need more bricks." It takes a little time, so I only sent it today, and please don't be offended by Miss Nangong."

  Seeing how polite he was, Nangong Anshan smiled and said, "It's okay, it's only a few days, there is no delay."

"I can rest assured that."

  After Long Lianqi finished speaking, he called people to start unloading.

  Zhou Lizheng smiled and said, "Ashan, I have already found the manpower you want. Here is the list. You can take a look."

  He handed over a bamboo slip.

Nangong Anshan glanced at the names, and the people inside had no grievances with her family, she nodded with satisfaction: "Grandpa Lizheng, the people you are looking for are all very good, why don't you let them start now, I will give them today." They count wages."

   Zhou Li is having a happy event with the people he brought over at the same time, so that they can earn an extra day.

   "Okay, that's it." After speaking, he let people start working.

  Other onlookers were shocked to see that the Nangong family was going to build a house.

   After all, when Yang Ruolan was still healthy, the eldest son of the Nangong family lived a good life relying on her to hunt.

  But ever since Yang Ruolan was paralyzed from hunting, life at home has plummeted.

   Besides, her husband and eldest son both joined the army, and the family didn't even have an adult man, and was separated by the Qiu family. She was a well-known poor family in Qingshan Village at that time.

   I didn't expect such a poor family to build a house at the same time as their village. It's really surprising.

Zheng's yin and yang said strangely: "Ashan, it seems that your house is really hidden, there is so much money in the house, and the house is built with blue bricks. Judging by the number of these bricks, the house is not small. .”

  When they fled, they all knew that she had spent all the money she got from the Qiu family, but they didn't expect that their family still had money to build a house.

  If they had known that their family still had so much money, there would probably be a lot of people trying to trick their family, and it might be possible to survive here.

Xu said: "Yes, I really envy you. You actually built a house as soon as you came here. Aunt Rong, I would like to ask, where did you get so much money? If there is a way to get rich, you must tell Auntie. Everyone's life is not easy, if you can help, please help us."

  Li said: "Yes, we are all in the same village. We need to help each other. If you have extra money, you can lend us some. We also want to build a house, even if it is a mud-brick house."

Just as Zhou Li was about to speak, Nangong Anshan put her hands on her hips and said, "How about my house is none of your business! I don't believe you didn't save money secretly. What? I have to report to you all about my family's money? Which onion are you?"

   "You want me to tell you the way to get rich? Go ahead and dream. If I tell anyone, I won't tell you."

"It's not easy? Everyone knows how miserable my family was in the past, especially when they were separated by Qiu Shicai. They were so hungry that they couldn't sleep every day. Did you help my family at that time? We Was it easy back then at home?"

   "Now that my family is rich, I have the cheek to ask for directions. There is no such good thing in the world!"

"You want me to lend you money. I haven't forgotten how you made sarcastic remarks when you saw my family was divided, and even arranged for my mother to tell you that even if I threw the money into the latrine, I would not lose money." I won't lend you three."

   "I, Nangong Anshan, saved you many times on the road. You don't know how to be grateful. It's not happy to come to me. The three of you are really disgusting."

  The faces of the three of them were a little uncomfortable. They didn't expect Nangong Anshan to disrespect them like this.

  (end of this chapter)

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