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Chapter 34: was washed away

  Chapter 34 was washed away

   "I choose one, and it will take less than ten days to build a bamboo raft."

   "That's right, I'll choose one too."

   "But we don't know how to build bamboo rafts."

   "It's just a matter of juxtaposing the bamboos and fixing them firmly."

   "I want to choose the second, I can't float, I'm afraid of being drowned."

   "I choose one."


  After a long while, Zhou Lizheng said: "There are still more people who choose one, so let's choose one, and everyone will go to build bamboo rafts."

   Some people took action immediately.

  Some people didn’t move for a while, and they didn’t know how to build a bamboo raft, so they planned to see how others did it first.

Other people don't know how, and they don't plan to build it themselves. They plan to pick up ready-made ones and let others build them and take them there, including Qiu, her two daughters, and his third son. Nangong Hong's family.

  Seeing that Qiu Shi didn't move, Nangong Anshan kept staring at her, snorted, and went to chop bamboo.

   Want to get on her bamboo raft, just dream.

  She is very strong and has a machete. In just a moment, she chopped thirty bamboos.

  She doesn't plan to make it too big, just enough to put their family and the cart on it.

   Seeing vines not far away, she went to cut some vines.

  She has quick hands and feet. Although only her second brother helped her, she was the first to complete the bamboo raft, and it is still the largest bamboo raft.

  She easily lifted the bamboo raft and placed it on the water.

  Seeing that the bamboo raft floated smoothly on the water, she said, "That's right, this is my first time making a bamboo raft. I thought it would fail, but I didn't expect it to be quite successful."

   After finishing speaking, she tied a cane reserved on the bamboo raft to a big tree by the river to prevent the bamboo raft from floating away, and then quickly pushed the cart up.

  Many people were envious immediately. As expected, great strength is good. They haven't finished chopping the bamboo yet, but they didn't expect that others have already done it.

  Nangong Anshan was the first to get on the bamboo raft. After confirming that it was safe, she carried A Niang on her back, and then let her elder brother and younger siblings go up one by one.

   Nangong Anshan looked in one direction and said loudly: "Aunt Cao, Grandma Yu, there are still a few people on my bamboo raft, you don't have to do it, come here."

   Seeing that her bamboo raft was really big enough, the two put down the bamboo in their hands, and walked over gratefully with their children.

   Nangong Anshan looked at her second uncle Nangong Kang, and saw that he gave her a reassuring look, so she stopped talking and turned to look at Zhou Lizheng, "Grandpa Lizheng, then we will go there first."

  Zhou Lizheng said: "Okay, you go there first, pay attention to safety."

  Nangong Anshan nodded: "Okay."

   The opposite side must be safe now, who let her have Tai Le Boy.

Nangong Anshan picked up the bamboo pole and was about to cut off the vines connecting the big tree with a knife and leave when Qiu came to the side of the bamboo raft and said, "Take me, your two aunts, and Yingying over there, After we pass, you will come and pick up my other family members."

  Nangong Anshan rolled her eyes and said, "Dream, I will never come back in the past."

  After speaking, she cut off the rattan and let the bamboo raft leave.

  Qiu suddenly became angry, "This unfilial daughter!"

   Nangong Miao said: "Aniang, what should we do now?"

  Qiu said: "Isn't your second brother still making rafts? We'll use his when he's ready."

Zhou Lizheng said suddenly: "Mr. Qiu, if you don't do it yourself, if you use someone else's, it will definitely take a lot of time. We don't have time to wait for you on the opposite side. When we pass by, I won't go back Send someone back to fetch you slobs."

   Qiu's face suddenly turned green, so he had to ask his family to chop bamboo too.

  Nangong Anshan had great strength and reached the opposite bank very smoothly.

  As soon as he got off the bamboo raft, Nangong Cheng shouted excitedly: "Look, there are several pheasants."

   Everyone turned their heads and saw a few pheasants.

  Nangong Anshan picked up the arrow and shot it unceremoniously.

   Several children shouted happily: "Sister is amazing, we have pheasants to eat."

  Nangong Anshan said with a smile: "The villagers probably won't be here for a while, so let's roast the pheasant first."

   After finishing speaking, she went to deal with the pheasant, and it was done after three times and five divisions.

  Others went to collect firewood or start a fire. With everyone's efforts, the pheasant was soon roasted.

   Nangong Mo glanced at the other side of the river, wishing that the pheasant would be cooked immediately, so as not to be robbed later.

  Nangong Anshan is not worried about people coming from the other side at all. She has great strength, so she can do everything smoothly. For those ordinary people, it will take at least half an hour to come over, which is enough for them to roast pheasants.

   Sure enough, after the pheasant was roasted, they all started eating, and the people waiting on the other side started to go into the water.

   Nangong Anshan began to share the chicken with everyone. After they finished eating, the people on the opposite side came over one after another.

  At the beginning, everyone didn't know how to pole, but after a few tries, most of them will.

   Of course, there are also a few people who can't find their way and don't reach the designated location, but the deviation is not too serious, either upstream or downstream of Nangong Anshan, just walk over.

  The bamboo raft made by Li Ergou’s family was also launched into the water, but he was very lazy in order to save time, and the rattan was not tied tightly before launching into the water.

   When the bamboo rafts were about to reach the opposite bank, they all suddenly fell apart.

   "Help! Help, help."

   Li Ergou's family immediately fell into the water.

  Zhou Zhenyang frowned and said: "I knew they would make us mess up, Dad, what should we do? Save them?"

  Zhou Lizheng sighed and said, "After all, it belongs to a village. Those who know how to use water should go to save them."

  The soft-hearted people immediately went into the water to save them.

   It's just that Li Ergou was washed too far by the water, and the rescuers couldn't keep up with the speed at which he was washed away, so they could only watch him being washed away.

  Zhou Zhenyang and Zhou Zhenyun rescued Li's father, Li's mother and Li Dagou.

   "Two dogs..."

  Father Li shouted anxiously, but he had already been rushed far away.

  The bamboo raft of the Wu family has always been with the Li family, and they have seen everything in their eyes.

Father Wu looked at Father Li and said, "When your second dog was slacking off in the back, I reminded you to check all the knots, but you trust your son too much. Well now, washed away."

  Father Li cried and said: "I asked Ergou, and he said it must be fastened. I...I knew it, I wouldn't let him do it if I knew it. He won't float, and something must have happened now."

  Zhou Li was about to comfort him when he saw someone shouting suddenly: "Look, is something going to happen to the bamboo raft of the Nangong family?"

  (end of this chapter)

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