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Chapter 28: Qiu's anger

  Chapter 28 Qiu's anger

   Nangong Zhen said: "Then why didn't you go in by yourself? Did you know there was no danger inside? Now that they're back, you know it's my fault. Didn't you run away with us yesterday?"

   "If you didn't run away, can I run by myself?"

   "To put it bluntly, you are also afraid of death. Why do you want us to do things that you can't do yourself?"


   "Enough!" Zhou Lizheng said: "I'm running for my life now. Everyone hasn't slept all night, and they are already very irritable. If you continue to quarrel and affect our mood, I will drive you all out!"

  The Qiu couple immediately shut their mouths when they heard the words.

   When a group of people walked halfway up the mountain, they saw some caves.

Lizheng turned his head, he could clearly see the situation down the mountain from him, and seeing that no one was chasing him, he said loudly: "Okay, everyone hasn't slept all night and is tired, let's take a rest, there is a cave there , you can go there."

  Everyone was overjoyed and rushed to the cave.

   Nangong Anshan was the fastest, and found a small cave that could accommodate their family.

  Cao Zhenya's mother and daughter and Yu's mother and son did not go to the small cave, but went to the big cave. They were with a group of people. They felt that it would be safer if there were more people.

  After Nangong Anshan lit the fire and put the pot on it to boil water, she was about to find something to eat when she heard Zhou Lizheng's angry voice from the cave next door.

  The cave next door is huge and can accommodate hundreds of people. At this moment, everyone is looking in Zhou Lizheng's direction.

   People from other caves also came to watch the excitement curiously.

   "Mr. Qiu, tell me the truth, have you been marking the road since you left Hanshui City, so that your daughter and granddaughter can find us?"

  Qiu's eyes dodged and said, "I...I didn't."

Mrs. Zhao stepped forward and grabbed Mrs. Qiu's left hand so that everyone could see clearly, and said, "If you didn't do it, why were your fingers and fingernails dyed green? You just sprinkled leaves along the way for your daughter and Granddaughter leads the way."

Zhou Lizheng said: "This mark was not only seen by her daughter, mother and daughter, but also by the rogues. That's why the rogues could go to Sanyuan House to find us so accurately. If it wasn't for Ashan who asked us to leave immediately, we might not be here now. It's all bad luck."

  The people who heard it were immediately angry.

   "Qiu Shi, you are really going too far."

   "You are too selfish to risk the lives of the whole village!"

   "People like you don't deserve to follow us!"

   "Get rid of her, get rid of her!"

Seeing that she had really angered everyone, Qiu quickly explained: "Li Zheng, I didn't do it on purpose, my original intention was really to let my daughter, mother and daughter find us, and I didn't intend to harm you at all. I am also in this team, and I have attracted bandits, and my own family can only die, I really didn't do it on purpose."

Nangong Zhen was no longer silent at this time. If he was kicked out, he would only have a dead end. He also begged: "Li Zheng, the old woman is not sensible, her purpose is really just to want her daughter, mother and daughter to come back. , for the sake of her love for her daughter, let her be spared this time."

  Nangong Miao snorted, "My aunt didn't do it on purpose, why did you drive us out?"

"Slap!" Nangong Zhen slapped her suddenly, and said angrily, "Sinister, you still say such things at this time. If it weren't for your mother and daughter being greedy for money, how could we be in such a situation. You two, kneel down to me now, and ask Zhou Lizheng to forgive you."

  Nangong Miao refused to accept, "I don't kneel."

  Dai Yingying said: "I don't kneel either."

"You!" Nangong was so angry that he kicked them hard and made them kneel down, saying: "Do you really have to be driven away to be obedient? Do you know that you have provoked the anger of the public?" ?”

  The mother and daughter stopped talking for a moment.

   Nangong Zhen saw that Nangong Anshan's family had also come over, and said: "Ashan, they are also your relatives, so you can help us and beg for mercy. If we are really kicked out, we will really die."

   Dead? The original owner was already dead because of the Qiu family!

  If it weren't for her, Nangong Anshan, who came here, the people in the first house of Nangong's family still don't know how sad they are!

   Nangong Anshan said: "Impossible. They wanted to sell our brothers and sisters for money before. I won't repay my kindness. But my second uncle's family didn't know about this matter at all, so they can stay."

   Nangong Kang's family suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

  Nan Gongzhen had no choice but to beg Zhou Lizheng again: "Zhou Lizheng, for the sake of us being okay now, please forgive them."

  Zhou Lizheng said: "I can make the decision, just drive away the three of them, and you can stay."


   Nangong Zhen hesitated immediately.

   Zhou Lizheng ignored him when he saw this, and said loudly: "Those who support driving away the three of them, please raise your hands."

  Nangong Anshan's family all raised their hands.

  Zhou Lizheng glanced around, except for some members of the Nangong family, basically raised their hands, and said loudly: "In that case, let's drive all three of them away. Young and strong with swords, you can do it yourself."

  The twenty people with knives immediately wanted to arrest Qiu Shi and others.

   Nangong Miao saw that Zhou Lizheng had actually come for real, and hurriedly cried and pleaded, "Uncle Lizheng, we were wrong, and we will never do this again in the future, really please forgive us this time."

  Dai Yingying also said with a look of fear: "I will never act without authorization again."

  Qiu cried and said: "Aren't you killing people? We left the team, and we only have a dead end."

  Zhou Lizheng said with a cold face: "No, hurry up!"

  Qiu thought for a while, gritted his teeth and said, "Zhou Lizheng, I have a way to calm everyone's anger."

"any solution?"

Qiu took out a handkerchief from his pocket, opened it to reveal the gold bracelet inside, and said with a heartbroken face: "This is the gold bracelet from my natal family, I can offer it up, and when I meet the city, you You can send people to use it to buy food, and everyone can share the food bought.”

  The people present were shocked at the same time, they didn't expect that Mrs. Qiu actually had a gold bracelet on her body.

   Nangong Anshan raised her eyebrows, this old lady is really hiding her secrets.

   Nangong Miao pursed her lips. She had been looking at the gold bracelet for a long time, and it was so cheap for outsiders!

  Dai Yingying was also very upset. Grandma had clearly said that this gold bracelet would be her dowry in the future.

  Nangongkang and Nangonghong looked at each other, A Niang actually hid so deeply, with a gold bracelet in her hand, when she was at home, she actually made them eat porridge that could float with chopsticks every day?

  (end of this chapter)

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