Rebirth Space Little Fierce Girl

Chapter 18: boy in white

  Chapter 18 The Boy in White

   Nangong Cai frowned and said, "Nangong Anshan, don't tell me there's no food there anymore, are you lying to them on purpose?"

   "I didn't lie to them, I found it there, I didn't say there must be more there."


   Nangong Cai suddenly felt an ominous premonition, and said angrily: "Nangong Anshan, if something happens to my family, I will not let you go!"

   "Come if you have the ability, and pretend that I am afraid of you."

  Nangong Cai had no choice but to guard the food in the pot while anxiously waiting for the family members to come back.

   Almost half an hour later, the sky completely darkened.

  Yang Ruolan originally thought that their family's eating meat was very eye-catching, but seeing that Zhou Lizheng also found a hare at home, she felt relieved.

  After the hare stewed peanuts were cooked, the family ate it with relish, and Nangong Cai was envious.

   Nangong Anshan sat down and closed her eyes after eating and drinking enough.

   Not long after, Qiu came back with his family.

  Looking at them through the fire, the people present burst into laughter.

   I saw that they were covered with mud all over their bodies, even their faces.

At this time, Qiu's face was also stained, his shoes were gone, and his clothes were covered with mud. Looking at Nangong Anshan, he said angrily, "Damn girl, didn't you say there were peanuts there? When I got there, I fell into it." I fell into the quagmire, and my family took a lot of effort to pull me out."

  Nangong Anshan smiled and said: "I didn't say that there are still there from the beginning to the end. I just said that I found peanuts and hares there. You thought there were still there, so you ran over there in a hurry."

   "You!" Qiu thought for a while, as if she had never said that there was still food there.

  She said again: "I don't care, you ruined my clothes and lost my shoes, you have to pay me back."

   "I will not pay!"

   "If you don't pay, I'll take it."

   "If you dare to rob, don't blame me for dealing with your beloved family!"

   "If you dare to deal with my family, I will let my family deal with your family quietly."

   "Come on, you can try and see if I am better or your family members are better."

  Ms. Qiu thought of Nangong Anshan's supernatural power, her face suddenly turned green, and she glanced at her daughters and granddaughters, and had to leave bitterly.

  Nangong Anshan snorted, and began to close her eyes again.

   Mrs. Qiu found a hidden place, changed clothes, put away the dirty clothes, looked at the food in the pot, and suddenly felt very depressed.

  I thought others were making a joke, but I didn't expect her to be the one making the joke. It's really irritating.

  Zhou Lizheng has been paying attention to the situation here. Seeing that Nangong Anshan passed the test easily again, he stroked his beard in relief and rested in peace.

  At night, after everyone was asleep, Nangong Anshan approached the second uncle's family and asked them to follow her quietly.

  After arriving at a hidden place, she gave them some peanuts and a bowl of meat, and said, "Just eat the meat here, or if the Qiu family sees it, she will **** it from you again."

Nangong Kang’s family ran out of food, and fell asleep after eating a little wild vegetable soup, but they didn’t care how full they were. They were so hungry that they couldn’t sleep. Unexpectedly, Nangong Anshan came to help them again. After hearing her words, they were full of gratitude nodded.


  Early the next morning, all the people in Qingshan Village began to climb the mountain.

  It’s similar to what Zhou Lizheng said before, the journey was considered safe, and I didn’t see any ferocious beasts.

  People are afraid of beasts, and beasts are also afraid of people. It seems that they feel that there are many people on their side. After walking for a day, they didn't see any wild animals, but heard a few howling wolves at night.

   Time soon reached noon the next day, and Zhou Li was preparing to let everyone rest when he heard the sound of swords coming from a distance.

   Everyone listened carefully, and the sound of swords and swords gradually approached them.

  Nangong Anshan was always at the front, and immediately asked her second brother to stand behind the cart, while she stood in front of the cart, looking vigilantly at the direction from which the sound came.

After a while, she saw a young man in white running towards her quickly, clutching his red-stained chest. Behind him were two people in green clothes, who had been fighting with the man in black, but the fight was a bit difficult. .

   Also, their enemies had fifty people in total, how could two of them easily beat each other.

  The people in Qingshan Village suddenly panicked, and they all retreated involuntarily.

  Nangong Sheng also anxiously pulled the cart back, but the mountain was muddy and he didn't have the strength of Nangong Anshan, so the cart didn't even move for a while.

  Seeing this, Nangong Anshan was about to go over to help, so she heard Boy Tai Le say, "Go and help that young man. Helping her will benefit your family and increase your merits."

  It seems that the boy should be a good person, and his status should be unusual.

  She didn't help just now, but she wasn't sure if the boy was a good guy or a bad guy.

  Seeing what Boy Tai Le said, she asked her second brother and Wei Zhongshan to protect her family, while she rushed over.

  Although those men in black are incomparable to human traffickers like Liu Dashan, their kung fu must be stronger, but she was an only child in her previous life, and her parents also let her learn martial arts in order to prevent her from being bullied.

  Combined with her current divine power, it should be more than enough to deal with this group of men in black.

  But she doesn't plan to force it, it's wise to outsmart her.

  She climbed onto a big tree with neat hands and feet, holding a handful of peanuts in her hand, and threw one after another towards the head of the man in black.

  She was so strong that every person in black who was hit by a peanut fainted.

  The guards in Tsing Yi were a little overwhelmed. Seeing that the heads of the men in black were smashed by unknown objects, and they fell down one after another, they immediately launched a counterattack. After a while, the two men in black killed all the men in black.

   Even those who passed out, they went to make up for it.

  Seeing this, the boy in white heaved a sigh of relief, and glanced at Nangong Anshan who was still on the tree. Before he could say a word, he passed out.

   Seeing this, the guard in green clothes quickly came to the boy in white clothes, took the medicine he carried with him, and applied the wound medicine on his right chest, but he still didn't wake up.

   "Master, wake up quickly."

   "Master, please don't let anything happen to you."

  Nangong Anshan jumped down from the tree, walked quickly to them, handed over a bamboo tube, and said: "I have added medicine to this water, you can give it to him, maybe it will help."

   She listened to Boy Tai Le just now and added holy water to the water, which has a miraculous effect on trauma.

   Seeing that she was a child, the Tsing Yi Guard A did not take precautions, not to mention that it was thanks to her just now, so he simply took it and fed his master several mouthfuls.

  (end of this chapter)

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