Raising a Newbie and changing it [BL]

Raising a Newbie and changing it [BL]

뉴비 키워서 갈아먹기

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Like Sung Cha-hyun's customized AI partner healer, his favorite new guild member, Choi Soo-bin. Sung Cha-hyun, who is famous for his bad temper on the entire server, grows Soobin to suit his taste. How will he react when he finds out the secret Subin has been hiding? GameBL novel [Newbie Breeding and Grinding], which combines a comic and exciting story and a sweet romance that encompasses all the elements of the game, including Reid and PVP. This work is tough for others, but warm for my partner, Hiller.It is especially recommended for readers who like Jeongsu, who like the younger giant doggy who practices and tries to appeal to Sue, and who love the fun unique to game BL.[15 Years Old Guy Guide]This work contains inappropriate content for teenagers under the age of 15.Please enjoy the work under the guidance of your guardian.*The main volume of this work is recommended for those aged 15 or older, and only foreign currency is for those aged 19 or older. Please refer to it for purchase.#AI Seol-Gong #Not Bok-Guk but hiding secrets #He's handsome #He's like a experienced newbie #Dong-Gong-Gong#Road #Shincon healer #Heart fairy #Unbearable #Suddenly launched sewage #Konghanjeong Sweet Water #Pretty South Water

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