I’m Really Playing Basketball

I’m Really Playing Basketball


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I am an ordinary international student studying in the United States who is preparing to study abroad. I am preparing to study hard every day and build a beautiful motherland after studying abroad!

However, the moment I set foot in the United States, everything was different…

You picked up the basketball!

You walked into the stadium!

You keep walking forward amidst the whistling and tsunami of the stadium!

One of the strongest five quintiles in the quintile era

One of the five strongest forwards in the power forward era

One of the five strongest forwards in the small forward era

Finally, when I became the league’s first center, I found that I had no enemies.

Looking at the basketball in my hand, I was silent for a moment.

I am really playing basketball!

ps: A story about a kid who doesn’t have any basketball accidentally being brought into his soul by basketball. Please be patient to watch him grow up step by step.


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