Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman

Chapter 98: Scalping the administrator account

The other party will give video and take pictures, and report to Ding Zhaotian in time after taking pictures of the hull structure.

After the acceptance is completed, another 40 million will be paid, which is a total of 80 million, which is in line with Ding Zhaotian’s expectations.

The unprecedented Ding Zhaotian did not live broadcast this negotiation.

One is that I don’t really want to broadcast live, I still have to be a bit **

Another one, Ms. Penny also said, don’t broadcast it

However, the prototype of the ship to be given in the future, including videos and pictures, etc., can be announced in the live broadcast room, and there is no problem if it is announced in the live broadcast.

The negotiation is over, it's late at night

Everyone ordered some takeaways, they were all hungry and started to eat

The lawyer is gone

Translation still

Everyone enters the chat time.

At this time, the fat man asked: "Mr. John, you are really awesome when you come along this way. I heard that this shipyard is your private enterprise. It is not a listed company or a multi-person investment company. You can say yes. Whatever you develop, you can develop without being manipulated by shareholders."

The fat man is not stupid, now he can tell the truth.

Everyone laugh

John said: "My grandpa and dad are all fishermen"

This sentence aroused everyone's interest

Ding Zhaotian asked: "Mr. John, how did you become the current shipbuilding tycoon step by step"

John smiled and said: "I'm actually not as good as you, and I'm not as capable as you."

The fat man smiled and said: "You have more than Lao Ding Niu, your shipyard, I heard from Ms. Penny, the value is more than 30 billion."

Mr. John said: "I am forty-eight years old this year. I have struggled for twenty-six years before I have the result today. However, Mr. Ding Zhaotian, with less than one year of struggle, his net worth is over 100 million and he started his business empty-handed. It is really remarkable. "

Penny said: "This, in fact, is indeed the case. Mr. John doesn't watch the live broadcast very much. It should be said that he never watched the live broadcast. But his friends, many people have seen Mr. Ding's live broadcast and videos, including some You can understand Mr. Ding from the pictures. Some people even call Mr. Ding you the king of the ocean."

Translator speaks to John

John nodded straight

Said: "It is true, my friends are paying attention to you, Mr. Ding"

Fatty interpreted it from another angle and said: "Lao Ding is now a world-famous anchor. It stands to reason that you should be his sponsor. Nowadays, some halter female stars are sponsors with clothes."

Pause for a while, pat your thigh, and say, "Even if you have to take into account the cost, you can't do that. 80 million is still too expensive. I think you can just give it a cost price."

John changed his smile and said sincerely: "Mr. Ding's actions have indeed attracted a lot of fans, audiences, but our shipyard is already well-known, and there is no need to advertise, and the cost is indeed a little high haha"

Everyone laugh

The take-out that is very easy to chat is fast food, and it is not advisable to eat more.

But Fatty and Ding Zhaotian are in a good mood and ate a few more times

On the second day, Ding Zhaotian and Fatty and his party, including an interpreter, went to Shanghai East Airport to see them off.

Wave goodbye

Then, ready to go back by high-speed rail

Go back to Linhai Town

Before leaving, he applied for and requested from the fat man, and went to the West Lake.

The scenery by the West Lake is good

Reminiscent of many things

Including love stories.

The fat man pretended to be sad and asked: "Where is Gu Zixuan?"

Ding Zhaotian thought, yes, then Gu Zixuan, I haven’t contacted myself for a long time.

I didn't take the initiative to call Gu Zixuan

I don’t know why, Ding Zhaotian actually has a touch of cute heartstrings

The fat man said, "Let’s have a live broadcast at West Lake."

At this time, Ding Zhaotian watched for a while and agreed

Drove for a while

8 million people swarmed right away

Everyone asked when to draw

The fat man smiled and said, "You bastards, why are you in a hurry?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "I will randomly select 5 administrators. You can help me share some questions and answer your questions and concerns."

Everyone agrees.

The administrator of this live broadcast room is officially designated by the US and European channels.

And here, it’s Tianyu a, which was arranged by Ding Zhaotian himself.

As for the official one called Super Tube

Super administrator

Of course, 5 people are drawn this time, not a small white number

What is Xiaobaihao

The number that has never given a gift

This is to prevent traffickers from selling the administrator account

For example, an administrator account of a big anchor with 2 million fans is worth more than 10,000 yuan

As for the administrator of this live broadcast room of Ding Zhaotian, the value of this account cannot be said to be invaluable, but because Ding Zhaotian is an unprecedented anchor, it is not easy to estimate.

Tianyu a has developed a special lottery program

It is equivalent to a small plug-in

This plugin has two modes

One is that the more gifts you give, the greater the probability of winning

Another mode is that as long as the audience who gives gifts of more than 5 yuan, there is a uniform probability that they will be drawn to the prize.

Ding Zhaotian obviously prefers the latter

I think it’s more fair and won’t let the administrator's authority fall into the hands of the local tyrants

But as a result, you will receive a lot less gift money

Ding Zhaotian didn't care

Don't care about these

Ding Zhaotian randomly selected, and he drew five fans at once.

Among them, the name of only gave a gift of 5 yuan, one gave more than 20,000 gifts, and 2 gave a few hundred yuan.

In the interactive options in the account details at the back of each person, you can see the record of the other party’s gift

Of course, you can only see the record of the other party giving gifts to yourself

I can’t see the interaction with other anchors, it’s a **

Of course, when you give a gift to the extreme, it's not considered as an affair.

Why do you say that

Because Tianyu Live has a ranking system

There is a leaderboard

Divided into daily rankings, weekly rankings, monthly rankings and total rankings

As the name suggests, there are too many gifts to be on the list.

For example, Ding Zhaotian and Lao Ding, his daily ranking is currently a gift of 4,000 yuan

Because it just started

And the first place on the monthly list is a gift of 200,000 yuan.

It's incredible

The top five in the overall list are all young and wealthy in China, of course, including the rich second generation.

Ding Zhaotian said repeatedly, don’t give too many gifts just to get administrator privileges

As long as everyone gives 5 yuan shark fin

Because if you don’t give these five dollars, you won’t be eligible for the lottery.

After 5 people were drawn, someone wanted to blatantly sell the account

What's going on

Ding Zhaotian traveled to the West Lake, swam around the West Lake, left, took the high-speed train from Hangzhou, and went straight to the downtown area of ​​the Yellow Sea

On the way, I received a call from Assistant Xue Zihan

Xue Zihan told Ding Zhaotian and Fatty that there was an account id called "Years and Winds", which is now sold.

Sold 100,000 yuan

What is the real person’s name? I can’t say it because of **, but I have already withdrawn and left.

Now buyers use this id to advertise

Therefore, Zhao Sisi and Mr. Di decided to title

Permanently mute, ask the old Ding Zhaotian's meaning

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