The fat man questioned and believed. It is a very delicate state of mind!

The main thing is that fat people don't believe that miracles can happen many times, and N times happen to the same person!

From the beginning to the present, how many miracles have been experienced!

From the initial unbelief, the fat man experienced a very strange psychology until the facts were right in front of his eyes!

It's not just ecstasy.

At this time, the fat man continued to ask: "Old Ding, what are your plans?"

The current online audience of more than 6 million people in the live broadcast also has this problem.

Because Mr. Fukuyama has already caused a sensation in the world!

Tracing back to the source, Ding Zhaotian was the one who got the lobster, the blue lobster!

This matter is not over yet, but Ding Zhaotian has already taken everyone out to sea!

This experience allowed the six winners to receive so much money. Except for the rich Wang Qiang, everyone else was extremely happy!

Naturally refused to leave!

Some people even want to stay for a long time and make money as a sailor!

Someone put forward this idea, but Ding Zhaotian did not express it!

Everyone keep sailing and live broadcast!

It wasn't until noon the next day that everyone's mood slowly relaxed from the ecstasy!

Then, at 3:30 in the afternoon, several people asked Ding Zhaotian if he could get off the Internet!

Ding Zhaotian did not find a large number of fish. I just feel that some small groups of marine fish have passed by!

Therefore, Ding Zhaotian did not advocate going offline, but the barrage was very anxious and urged Lao Ding to go offline.

And said, to replicate another miracle!

But Fatty and others, including Xiao Wu and others, think that it is difficult to replicate the miracle again!

Because Ding Zhaotian concealed the ability of his Sea Lingzhu! Everyone naturally doesn't believe that good things will favor Ding Zhaotian again and again!

Continue sailing, the noodles and pork ribs for dinner!

It's pork ribs!

Fatty made it himself.

Of course, because of the large number of people, in fact, everyone still focuses on marinated noodles, supplemented by stewed pork ribs.

Because I can't do it!

The fat man wasn't gloomy, he just felt that next time I should get more ribs in, it would be nice if I didn't eat enough!

Ding Zhaotian looked at the fat man touching his belly and laughed haha!

Everyone got along very happily.

In fact, everyone can't fully enter the paradise. Because everyone still has 5G networks, smart phones, and barrage viewers!

These are the links to communicate with the outside world!

At noon on the third day, I saw a coral reef.

The fat man shouted very excitedly: "Look, it's a coral island!"

Then he said, "Are there prawns? Let's have another 10 kilograms of blue splendid lobster, right?"

The barrage also exerted force, saying that they wanted to pray for Ding Zhaotian and Fatty to meet the lobster again, and so on!

Where is Ding Zhaotian?

Ding Zhaotian suddenly felt the giant!

what's the situation?

Ding Zhaotian felt a little bit in his heart!

I thought, could it be that this living behemoth is the new blue lobster king?

Before I can think about it, this huge object is getting closer and closer, and it's still moving!

Ding Zhaotian's soul was out of his body, and when he saw it, he was shocked, damn!

This is, this is, wouldn't it be such a coincidence?

The giant lobster that Fatty talks about all day is right in front of his eyes!

It is a golden yellow lobster, estimated to weigh 30 kilograms!

Ding Zhaotian felt like a dream!

Quickly take back the soul, think about it for a moment, and then use the soul to take a closer look!

Damn damn! This is too big!

Moreover, compared to the previous blue lobster, this splendid lobster is an ordinary color! But this head is too big, right?

The big ones are even a little abnormal!

Soon, the ship will pass by!

Ding Zhaotian gave the order at this time and said: "Everyone, get your diving suits ready, let's go down! Take a look!"

Then stop the single tug!

The fat man was very happy and said, "Look at me, this time I must find a prawn. Well, I have confidence!"

Xiao Wu glanced at the fat man and said, "How am I? Should I pick you up on the shore?"

Aniu and Gu Dali have already started to change their clothes!

Everyone dressed in diving suits and went into the sea.

Ding Zhaotian said to Xiaowu: "Look at it, and pick us up at any time."

Xiao Wu nodded, indicating that he promised to complete the task.

Wang Qiang also went into the water, because Wang Qiang, as a rich man, knows how to dive!

Have you ever been diving and having fun on the west coast! He told the fat man and the audience.

It was the first time that he dived to catch lobsters.

But having diving experience before, obviously helped this action!

After everyone got down, Ding Zhaotian went straight to the big lobster!

Sure enough, I saw this pair of lobsters, it was a pair!

Originally, Ding Zhaotian thought it was a shrimp, just like the blue lobster last time, but now it looks like a pair!

But it's not blue, it's an authentic color!

The sapphire blue that is not a scarce variant!

Just in terms of size and weight, indeed, it is much larger than the previous blue splendid lobster!

Ding Zhaotian still felt like he was dreaming.

I thought, this Nima’s, even if I have this super power, it’s too weird, isn’t it?

This is too amazing!

Ding Zhaotian didn't rush to take out the knife and kill him. When he asked Ding Zhaotian, he found a problem, that is, the pair of lobsters were too big and should weigh 40 kilograms. So, it is impossible to remove a large object of 40 kilograms from the water alone!

Therefore, Ding Zhaotian decided to seek help from Fatty, Aniu, Gu Dali, and Wang Qiang!

In other words, catch alive!

Until swimming ashore, Ding Zhaotian still felt a little in a trance, but the big lobster was too big and abnormal!

Each is more than 20 catties, a total of more than 40 catties... how do you say this? How do you speak?

Ding Zhaotian stuck his head out of the water!

Seeing that the fat guy hadn't come out yet, Wang Qiang came out and brought a big lobster, probably a big lobster over half a catty!

He already feels great!

Put it in your pocket, beckoning everyone!

At this time, Xiao Wu saw Ding Zhaotian and the audience saw it too. Xiao Wu asked, "Is there anything you noticed?"

Because Xiao Wu saw that Ding Zhaotian's net pocket was empty!

Barrage audiences are also discussing, UU reading www.uukā have discussed: "How does Lao Ding return empty-handed?"

"Does the anchor have another adventure?"

"Could it be that I met another 10 catty lobster?"

This is also a half-joking statement, because everyone generally thinks that Ding Zhaotian can no longer find a large lobster. Some people think that Ding Zhaotian is absolutely different from ordinary people. May he encounter a miracle again?

Of course Ding Zhaotian didn't see the barrage anymore, and Xiao Wu ignored the barrage!

Want to meet Ding Zhaotian!

Ding Zhaotian didn't rush and said, "Wait, wait for others to get on the boat!"

Xiao Wu feels baffled!

As soon as his thoughts turned, Xiao Wu's mind was more active, and he said, "Could it be that you have made new discoveries again?"

And at this moment, Gu Dali also came out, shouting: "What's the situation?"

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