Except for mutton, beef, pork and donkey meat are all favorites of fat people. In short, just meat!

Ding Zhaotian was helpless about this!

Smiled and said: "If you carry so much, it's not too much!"

The fat man smiled: "You didn't look at the few people now. We are five, they are six, and there is also a manager Xu!"

Ding Zhaotian turned his head and Manager Xu said: "The above means, I will go back! I will not participate!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "If there are 12 people, it's okay. Stay if you want!"

Manager Xu said: "If you don't have a good time, you will return with a full load!"

The fat man said, "Then you can at least stay for lunch before leaving?"

Ding Zhaotian nodded!

Fat guy goes to the kitchen to cook!

Xiao Wu and Gu Dali also followed, Xiao Wu went to shoot, and Gu Dali beat him!

At this time, a man named Yang Dawei said: "I'll do it, I have learned how to cook before!"

Everyone shouted, "Are you a cook?"

Yang Dawei laughed and said quickly: "I have studied Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine!"

Then go look at the ingredients!

Said: "Show you my craftsmanship!"

The fat man yelled: "Okay, okay, great, someone will cook in the future, and I will still be an authentic cook, hahaha!"

Gu Dali and others also showed a happy look!

Barrage is evaluating these six people one after another!

"That little one is less than 1.6 meters, too young, can he work?"

"He's called Plum Tree. It's a magical name!"

"The thirty-six-year-old brother Wang Qiang is a capable player!"

"I don't think these six people are bad, they can do it. Wang Qiang is obviously the most muscular and can compete with Aniu and Gu Dali!"

"Eleven people, it's an official fleet!"

"I heard that there is an official pair of fishing trawlers, one boat has 13 people! The kind of two boats!"

Single tow fishing boat, as the name suggests, is single tow!

In addition, when it is full of gasoline, you can set off!

Ding Zhaotian asked the fat man to urge him!

They will have a door-to-door service to load gasoline, so they can load gasoline into ships!

The fat man called to make an appointment!

Came at 11 o'clock, the meal is hot and ready, 8 dishes!

They are all Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine!

White cut chicken, Kung Pao chicken, fried lamb and eggplant!

Wait for home cooking!

Everyone had a fierce meal, and Manager Xu also had a good meal. At this time, the European audience reached 450,000, and it was online in real time!

The domestic audience is 3.9 million people!

Because of the time difference, the audience in the Americas is 190,000!

So many people are watching, and it is live broadcast, so these six experiencers are also very excited!

There is a gap between the rich and the poor. Wang Qiang is obviously a wealthy family with a fitness club of 20 million!

As for the chef Yang Dawei, he is not poor, he is a technical blue-collar, and some are working, earning tens of thousands of dollars a month!

But relatively speaking, the 34-year-old He Zhiqiang may not be so rich, but he is not particularly poor either!

Poor people do not have this leisure time to participate in this sea experience activity and be an experiencer!

As for Manager Xu, he is a subordinate of Manager Zhao Sisi.

The people are pretty good, responsible for some offline activities of Tianyu live broadcast, and have been the host of offline activities!

At that time, he hosted a group of beauties on a catwalk. In addition, there were dance anchors and singing anchors in the talent area. When they were on the scene, such as the city square, when they carried out some outdoor activities, most of them were supervised by Manager Xu!

Because of this, Mr. Xu's job is also very popular!

What's interesting is that Mr. Xu's current girlfriend also met through work!

Everyone ate lunch, drank white wine, and then bid farewell to Manager Xu!

Manager Xu didn't drink because he had to drive!

But Gu Dali, Wang Qiang and others were already a little drunk!

After sending it away, there was enough gasoline, and then, Ding Zhaotian told the audience, officially set sail!

The audience cheered and the gifts kept coming! There are 10 super rockets and more than 20 rockets plus airplanes!

At this time, Ding Zhaotian thanked the audience in general and said: "Fatty, from the domestic side, let's draw 5 administrators!"

The fat man nodded!

Said: "Should I still use screenshots?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "Use the program given by Manager Zhao before, which is Tianyu's own small program, give a gift to draw a prize!"

In other words, as long as you send more than five yuan, you can participate in the lottery, and the probability of participating in the lottery is equal, which is very valuable!

Everyone has the same probability, rather than the more they give, the greater the probability. Some of those lucky draws are that most of them are drawn by the local tyrants!

But Ding Zhaotian thinks that is unfair!

I haven't used that kind of lottery!

A total of half an hour. Send shark fin fish **** over 5 yuan, that's it!

Soon, the gifts were piled up like a mountain!

Gifts of five yuan are even more endless!

Among the six people, except for Wang Qiang, the other five are all sailing for the first time. So I am very excited. Wang Qiang has obviously seen the world, but he has never experienced fishing!

Unknowingly, after five o'clock in the afternoon, Xiao Wu asked: "Captain Ding, when will we get off the Internet? What is the arrangement?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "Wait a minute, we are heading to the southeast, and we will walk for a while, and we will get off the net tomorrow morning!"

Pause for a while and say, "You don't have to stay up late!"

The fat man said: "You are like this, so that the audience can't see the freshness!"

Talking about ~www.NovelMTL.com~ is also a coincidence, Ding Zhaotian felt that with his own Sea Lingzhu's perception, he could perceive a school of fish around!

As for what kind of fish it is, I don’t know!

Ding Zhaotian knew that it was about 700 meters ahead!

So he decided to change his mind, made a gesture, and said, "Get off the Internet!"

The fat man nodded, and then showed the six people and the audience how to use the machine to get off the Internet!

This is all automated.

In the past, people of the older generation used to manually unload the nets. Now it is fully automated. Unwinding cannot be automated. It is more tiring, because after the nets are harvested, the fish in the nets have to be poured into the fish basket in piles!

Then, carry it into the ice store!

All this requires manpower to do!

Fatty gave a brief introduction to the basic operations for everyone and the barrage audience!

Ask everyone if they have any questions! Mainly Fatty and Xiao Wu come to answer!

And several people including Wang Qiang, Li Zishu, and Yang Dawei also gained a lot of knowledge and understood a lot!

Get off the net and start running!

Ding Zhaotian didn't say a word, his perception was expanding. Then, slowly, entered the range of this big school of fish!

At this time, the detector also began to show red dots!

The red dots are densely populated, which is the school of fish!

However, I don't know what kind of fish school it is!

Everyone is waiting to close the network, but Ding Zhaotian predicts that the network will be closed in an hour!

Very fast!

Because there are no other schools of fish nearby, only such a large school!

As for the size, Ding Zhaotian felt it, and he felt that he was about 2 kilograms in size!

Obviously, not as good as those three or four catties of large yellow croaker!

However, it is worthy enough!

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