Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman

Chapter 57: Global media digging

The fat man ate and cried!

Ding Zhaotian asked: "You manly man, why are you crying?"

The fat man said: "I, I, I'm crying excitedly!"

Xiao Wu patted the fat man on the shoulder!

Said: "We can already do it, it's exciting! I never thought I could live such an exciting life!"

A Niu nodded beside him!

Keep nodding!

The fat man turned from crying to laugh, and said, "I'm so happy, haha!"

Everyone laugh!

At this moment, Ding Zhaotian said to the barrage: "I hope everyone understands us, we are too tired, and we are seriously exhausted. Let's start broadcasting at noon tomorrow! It's almost 10 o'clock now, good night everyone!"

Everyone is reluctant to give up!

But Lao Ding still closed the live broadcast.

Then, everyone hurriedly finished eating dumplings and went to bed!

too tired!

With a special exception today, Ding Zhaotian did not go to practice.

But fell asleep directly in the sleeping cupboard!

Everyone, if you stop the ship, you won’t get off the net anymore!

Just fell asleep!

I didn't wake up until 10 o'clock the next day!

The fat man is still snoring!

Everyone is exhausted!

At this time, by coincidence, I encountered a large fish harvesting boat!

Xiao Wu shouted: "It's a fishing boat!"

The fat man got up and said: "Yes, just right, let them move away, give a good price!"

Ding Zhaotian started the live broadcast first, and then went to wash!

The number of people in the live broadcast room reached 400,000 in five minutes!

It's already pretty good!

And Xue Zihan and Zhao Sisi are having a meeting with the leaders of the company!

And it was a live room meeting about Lao Ding's sea life!

what happened?

The largest foreign media website is called Global Live!

This website actually took a fancy to Ding Zhaotian's live studio!

They want to expand their market in China, and they also want to broadcast Lao Ding's marine life globally!

They have been eyeing Lao Ding for a while!

Before, when the spear whale, I knew about the old Ding Ding Zhaotian!

However, the formal decision was finalized, and the desire to dig people and cooperate began last night!

The promotion of Tianyu live broadcast last night, coupled with the stimulating scene of Ding Zhaotian, Xiaowu, Fatty, and Aniu dealing with sharks, directly detonated the national live broadcast industry!

And because of this, it has attracted the attention of the global live broadcast industry!

Not only the domestic, but also the global live broadcast industry has its eyes on it.

And the format of the global live broadcast industry is also very complicated.

Let's just talk about investment. A large amount of foreign investment has been invested in the live broadcast industry. It can be said that the live broadcast industry is quite expensive on a global scale!

Moreover, it has entered a stage of fierce competition.

In the past few days, under the Universal Media Empire, there is a live broadcast platform called the Global Integrated Live Broadcast APP!

This app integrates the resources of three small and medium-sized live broadcast apps, and has become the world's largest integrated live broadcast app!

Of course, the name is also called Global Integrated Live!

However, the volume cannot be the same as last year!

At present, the official live broadcast platform has just received an investment of 4 billion US dollars!

It can be said that the funds are quite abundant!

They especially want to dig out some special live program content with creative power.

It just so happened that their Asian president, named Zeng Riqiang, listened to the executive manager's explanation of the live broadcast content and situation of Lao Ding's sea life!

I opened the Tianyu APP and just happened to see the scene of yesterday's shark warfare!


Make a decision on the spot and decide to win Ding Zhaotian at any cost!

They even thought that Ding Ding Zhaotian could be made into an oriental myth, the king of the ocean, the superman of the oriental ocean, and so on!

They were so excited about it.

And Mr. Smith, the chief operating officer of the Global Integrated Live Broadcasting APP, also watched the live broadcast!

Shout for miracles!

In short, Smith's operating officer and manager Zeng Riqiang are all very good-looking Ding Zhaotian!

Zeng Riqiang met Di Xiaolong, CEO of Tianyu Live!

Di Xiaolong is 45 years old and Zeng Riqiang is 39 years old!

Once met at a cocktail party, he was also called Brother Di Xiaolong Di!

But I didn't expect it to cooperate now!

Di Xiaolong himself also knew Lao Ding's sea life and the causes and consequences of the spear whale, but he went to a wine bureau last night and didn't see it!

Quite drunk and confused the next morning!

Then manager Zeng Riqiang called!

Di Xiaolong didn't remember Zeng Riqiang's number, and asked, "Hello, who is it?"

However, Zeng Riqiang recorded the number of General Manager Di on his mobile phone!

So I introduced myself patiently and said: "My name is Zeng Riqiang, and I am the general manager of the Asia-Pacific region of Global Integrated Broadcasting! Are you Mr. Di Xiaolong?"

With a cry of Di Xiaolong, he was half sober!

Hurriedly said: "Hello, hello! Excuse me, what's the matter?"

Zeng Riqiang said: "That's it. Your website has a live broadcast room called Lao Ding on Sea Life, isn't it? The anchor is called Ding Zhaotian!"

Manager Di Xiaolongdi wondered: "Yeah, what's the matter?"

Zeng Riqiang said, "Did you watch him live broadcast last night?"

Di Xiaolong answered truthfully: "No, I just got up, I was drunk last night, and had a meal!"

Zeng Riqiang paused, thought for a moment, and his thoughts turned!

Then he said: "We live broadcast globally, do we want to dig this person, don't you know you?"

Di Xiaolong felt a little bit in his heart, and immediately thought of a lot, what might have happened to Ding Zhaotian that caused him to become a potential stock?

He immediately said: "Oh, UU reading is like this, I don't know what your price is?"

Zeng Riqiang said: "I was not responsible for the digging, but my subordinates, Manager Liu, were responsible for it!"

Pause for a while and said: "But once I came, I had your number before, and I met you at a charity reception. Secondly, I am more optimistic about this young man named Ding Zhaotian, so I want to sincerely strive for a preferential price!"

Di Xiaolong immediately understood that Di Xiaolong was also a shrewd businessman. So I know that this is really a potential stock and cannot be let go.

Immediately began to blow, and said: "This Ding Zhaotian, although I did not watch his live broadcast yesterday, but I watched it before! It is a potential stock! I will check his data for the last two days, including real-time online number and other data. , Can we negotiate a price again? Or maybe we have other ways of cooperation!"

Obviously, he didn't say anything to death.

And it has opened up another way, that is, there may be other ways of cooperation, maybe, this sentence!

It's about work, about making money, and about a potential stock. Manager Di pays special attention to it and immediately call Zhao Sisi!

Zhao Sisi is in the office and is discussing the contract for another game anchor!

At this time, the boss called.

Manager Zhao Zhao Sisi hurriedly answered.

Asked: "Manager, what's the matter?"

Manager Di briefly talked about the cause and effect, and said quickly: "Hurry up and look at the data last night. I want a data sheet. I will go to the company now!"

At this time, Zhao Sisi was also surprised.

Then I asked Xue Zihan, Xue Zihan has already turned into a regular, from a fresh intern to a right-hand man, she can also be regarded as a model of a strong woman!

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