Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman

Chapter 48: Chasing fish for half an hour

In this way, Ding Zhaotian chased him for half an hour, and then ordered to close the net!

Let's work together!

Put the net up and use the machine to collect it!


It's tuna!

A large number of tuna is in front of everyone!

The barrage is crazy!

"Cao, got rich!"

"What kind of **** luck are you guys!"

"It's dog feces luck again, why did I mention dog feces luck again? I'm Cao!"

"You guys, fat guys! You are blessed again!"

"It's estimated to be millions, right?"

"Millions! Fatty is going to dance again!"

"Fart, this time it's four people!"

Everyone is still playing around, laughing and joking! A noisy barrage!

Suddenly, more than 20 flower fish appeared in the school of fish!


The fat man wondered: "This, this is a very rare grouper!"

Aniu didn't know him, Xiao Wu knew him, and said, "This grouper is called Gentian grouper, it's very valuable. I guess the price is not lower than tuna!"

The fat man yelled, "Grouper school, damn, what did we miss!"

Some people were puzzled by the barrage, Ding Zhaotian explained: "This is indeed called Gentian grouper, but this head is, um, quite large, and it is medium to large! This one is more than a catty! Well, this one is two catties! It's a pity that we missed the grouper school! But tuna is also valuable, so people should be content with it!"

Barrage asked: "Is gentian grouper expensive or tuna expensive?"

The fat man said in order to make it difficult, "The average tuna is not as good as the grouper, that's for sure, but this is bluefin tuna! Lao Ding, Xiao Wu, A Niu, what do you think!"

Lao Ding and Xiao Wu looked at each other, Xiao Wu said, "Let's take a look when you collect fish!"

It was being cleaned up, and suddenly, a fishing boat came in the distance!

By coincidence!

Everyone quickly call them over!

The owner's surname is Cao.

Boss Cao said, "So many big tuna? You guys, did you catch it nearby? My God!"

The fat guy said with a smiley face: "Give a good price, don't give it or sell it!"

Old Ding took two large gentian groupers and said, "Fatty, these two are for supper, let's take them to the kitchen!" The fatty nodded happily!

Fatty likes to eat, but Xiao Wu frowned and said, "Don't you sell more money, we can eat just a little bit!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "The food is not bad, you can sell it for money, we can go offline, and we can sell 400,000,500,000 on the next online!"

Xiao Wu was dubious, and said: "It's strange, can your luck always be so good? I don't believe it!"

In the end, 4 large tuna, 2 large gentian grouper were left, and all the others were sold for 3.1 million!

Adding the balance, Ding Zhaotian has another 6 million!

This is really a quick way to accumulate wealth!

Immediately, in front of the live broadcast audience and the porter, Ding Zhaotian gave each one another 1 million!

Xiao Wu was stunned!

Asked: "Are you sure?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "Of course I am sure. I will now allocate 6 million to the three of you. Each of you will have 1 million, and there will be 3 million left. I will no longer divide the money for the next net fish. I will save money for 40 million. A big ship to 50 million!"

Waved, made a gesture of a big ship, and said: "So, I hope you can understand!"

Xiao Wu nodded and said, "I have been working as Hai Mengzi for two years, and I have worked hard, but I can't make 1 million! This, this, this is 1 million? My God!"

Aniu was even more excited and crying!

The fat man was comforting Aniu and said, "What are you crying for!"

Aniu said: "I am excited, I am excited! Haha!"

Everyone laughed together!

Ah Niu wiped tears of excitement and said, "I am happy, I am proud!"

The barrage asked: "Lao Ding will not be separated next time? Still?"

Ding Zhaotian talked about his plan and said: "My plan is to develop towards the direction of ocean-going super-large fishing boats, hire a dozen people, and get a large single tug fishing boat of more than 40 million yuan. This plan needs to be realized step by step. Everyone’s support is needed! In addition, ocean fishing, the scenery is better, and the live broadcast experience for everyone is better!"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Someone on the barrage asked: "Is there still a lottery draw today?"

Ding Zhaotian looked at the number of viewers and the number of followers. At present, the number of viewers is 290,000, which is growing steadily! And the number of followers has broken through 300,000!

The fat man shouted: "Old Ding has three million left, do you still let him smoke?"

The barrage said: "If you draw 9,999 yuan, the meaning is also true!"

"It's not necessary to have more than 9,000, just draw 999 yuan, meaning, in addition, get a housekeeper!"

When it comes to pumping a house, everyone gets excited!

Because it's been a long time since the house manager was appointed!

The room management is the administrator of the live broadcast industry. You can mute other people, and there is a special room management sign in front of the name ID!

At that time, a house manager was appointed, and he is still there. Since then, no house manager has been appointed.

And a lot of gifts are also received. Generally speaking, the appointment of a house manager mainly depends on the number of gifts, the degree of support, and random selection!

Of course, if the randomly selected ID character is an ID character who has not given any gifts, it can be recovered.

There are no dead rules.

Ding Zhaotian thought for a while, Xiao Wu asked: "This is a live broadcast, how do you draw it?"

The fat man smiled and said: "It's still a screenshot, but I suggest that the trumpet, the white account, who has never given a gift, don't participate, can you see it? Old Ding?"

Ding Zhaotian thought for a while, and agreed!

3 room managers will be drawn starting now, countdown to three and two.

After a meal, the dust settled quickly.

It was a coincidence that three water friends were drawn. Of these three water friends, only one has never given a gift!

The other two are acquaintances!

Fat people often chat and get to know them.

Asked: "Then this trumpet that I don't know has never given a gift, do you want to cancel it? Old Ding?"

According to the APP backstage display, I saw that the trumpet was registered three days ago. It is true that I haven't watched everyone's live broadcast, including other people's live broadcasts, and watched Lao Ding's sea life live broadcast. I only watched it for 3 hours!

Ding Zhaotian smiled and said, "It's not good to cancel it like this. Let's do it, you send your work address or home address to my mailbox, I will give you a gift, and the housekeeper will give it to someone else!"

The trumpet was silent and did not respond.

Everyone agrees to do this because Ding Zhaotian is actually generous enough. Many dancing anchors only send out a house manager with two super rockets. If they don't send a super rocket, it is impossible to give the house manager!

In addition, adding WeChat also needs to send Super Rockets and so on.

They are all measured by monetary gifts.

Ding Zhaotian didn't want this very much. He often said when chatting, if you like to see the sea, just take a look together. You don't have to smash the pot and sell iron to give gifts!

Ding Zhaotian's actions are deeply loved by everyone!

Money, there are 3 million left!

The hull sails to the southeast, keep sailing!

Ding Zhaotian took three more room managers, plus the previous three, making a total of six room managers.

At this time, it's getting dark!

Have something to eat for supper, salmon, bluefin tuna!

And, gentian grouper!

Very rich!

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