Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman

Chapter 36: First encounter with a fighting whale

The fat man was triumphant and exclaimed, "This is all due to Old Ding!"

Indeed, this is the contribution of the old Ding Ding Zhaotian!

There are 3 sharks left, which are very heavy!

Ding Zhaotian said: "Nothing, nothing!"

The barrage complained: "Is this shark sold too?"

"How's that? That boss, did you take the sharks too?"

"I think it's choking, sharks are not very rare!"

"Sharks are not rare yet? But the taste seems a bit worse!"

Everyone talks a lot!

But many people are amazed, plus brush 666!

The fishing boat is gone!

Take this large number of big fishes and go away!

The fat man looked at the account balance on Ding Zhaotian's phone and the bank card balance, silly and happy!

Barrage was helping Old Ding settle the accounts and said, "You have at least 4 million yuan left, right?"

The fat man said sincerely, "Less than 6 million, haha, haha!"

The barrage said: "Fat man, you are too real!"

"Yeah, you really have no intentions!"

"Of course, you can also brag!"

Everyone set sail and continued to sail forward.

There is no wind and rain all the way.


At this time, Ding Zhaotian thought, I need to find a place to sit cross-legged and learn the magic of the Hailingzhu!

Isn't there no place to go now?

It's really interesting!

Because in the public, it is always inappropriate to breathe out and sit cross-legged!

Practice in the future, only at night, turn off the live broadcast in the bedroom, that is, in the sleeping cabin, practice for a while.

Continue to sail, according to the fat man, before going to bed that night, lower the fishing net into the sea.

Then, the next morning, get up early to harvest!

See if there are any gains.

At this time, Ding Zhaotian thought, there should be no gain. Just an ordinary net of sea fish!

Sure enough, early the next morning, the fat man asked Lao Ding to get up and close the internet, and at the same time started the live broadcast!

There were still people quizzing in the live broadcast, 20,000 people in the morning!

That's a lot!

But the result was not as good as the fat man expected.

The fat man shouted: "This, this!"

There are some large yellow croakers in it, but they are not big. They are worse than the big yellow croaker caught on the sea fishing rod last time!

Moreover, the scales are also damaged and worn out!

The scales of the large yellow croaker caught by the sea fishing rod will not be destroyed!

It's perfect!

The price is completely incomparable!

Ding Zhaotian considered this question. If every net is a big fish and a big shrimp, it is totally abnormal. You can reveal your own perception!

This is what Ding Zhaotian doesn't want to see. As the saying goes, the water flows long!

Therefore, in these two days, Ding Zhaotian has been fishing with Fatty's temper!

Go offline everywhere.

In addition, on the detector, you can see some red dots. The more dots, the denser the fish.

But in fact, it is not very useful, because it is not very valuable, and it is generally better for 100,000 yuan after the Internet is launched!

It's almost 80,000 yuan, and even better it will die 200,000 yuan!

That's it!

On this day, I pulled a net of Spanish mackerel, which was already a good harvest. The fat man shouted, "Brothers, dear audience, today I will show you how to make Spanish mackerel dumplings!"

Ding Zhaotian wondered: "Bayu dumplings are a lot of trouble, would you like to make them?"

The fat man said, "It's okay anyway."

Then he made a gesture and said, "Just eat it. You have to work hard to get delicious food. Dumplings and beef buns!"

Indeed, I just made a pot of beef buns before!

The fat man said, "Good fellow, come here!"

After finally getting it right, Ding Zhaotian also went to help, and the two of them partnered to make dumplings.

Ding Zhaotian went to roll the dumpling wrapper when the stuffing was done.

The barrage saw it and said, "You two have a good little life!"

"Bayu dumplings, I am greedy too!"


"Old Ding, a good life!"

"This is Lao Ding's sea life!"

Everyone, you and I are discussing.

Unconsciously, 3 days passed!

At this time, into the far sea.

Suddenly Ding Zhaotian felt his senses, and his perceptual power began to break out!

This feeling is not right, there seems to be a huge monster nearby!

At this time, Ding Zhaotian came out to see it, it was 10:30 in the morning!

I saw a whale.

It's a spear whale! a place far away!

But at this moment, Ding Zhaotian's perception is already very deep and deep, and the range of perception is very large!

That's it!

The fat man didn't know. The fat man got out of the cabin, went to the deck, took a look at the bow, and shouted, "I, Cao, what are you doing? There are whales over there!"

Ding Zhaotian calmly said at this time: "I'm looking for a whale."

The fat man took a closer look and was startled, and cried, "Hey, you shit, this is a spear whale, a fighting whale with extremely powerful combat power!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "I know, I plan to use it to make a fortune!"

The fat man shouted, "I know that the spear whale is about seven or eight hundred pounds of meat, and the internal organs are also very valuable, but, but, can our boat withstand the toss?"

As soon as the words fell, this adult gun whale had discovered Ding Zhaotian's fishing boat, a single tug fishing boat!

Swim over here angrily!

The fat man shouted: "Old Ding, run! Run!"

Ding Han said: "What are you running!"

Then, took out the harpoon!

The fat man felt that this was hitting the stone with an egg, and at this moment, the barrage spoke one after another!

Because the fat man’s camera was in the wrong position, everyone didn’t watch the Dao just listen to the fat man talking to Lao Ding in desperate urgency!

I want to see the true face of the spear whale that Lao Ding and the fat man said!

All of a sudden, good fellow, the barrage is fried!

"The lens!"

"Fatty man, where's the field of vision?"

"Fatty, Old Ding, the camera is crooked!"

"Old Ding, fat man, the camera is not right!"

What you say to me is all about the camera. Then, when the old Ding Zhaotian approached and the fat man exclaimed, the barrage began to worry about the host!

Said: "Old Ding, how is it? Old Ding!"

"Hurry up and run!"

"What are you waiting for? Just relying on the two of you, who are not professional whaling teams, can win the fighting whales that professional whaling teams dare not touch?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "Alright, you step back and I will do it myself!"

The fat man shouted: "You are crazy, you are really crazy!"

Ding Zhaotian said, "Isn't it?"

"I'm Cao, wealth and wealth, beg for danger? Old Ding, are you sure?"

"Come on, I'm going to get on, you take the helm!"

Ding Zhaotian pounced forward, using a strong harpoon to directly stab the fighting whale, the spear whale, which was leaping into the cabin!

At this time, the fat man couldn't think of the lens at all, but was worried that Old Ding would be safe!

On the other side of the camera, the mobile phone barrage, everyone is in an uproar!

"This this!"


"What's going on?"

"Old Ding won't die here, right?"

"Old Ding, Old Ding!"

"Anchor, you must live!"

"Anchor Lao Ding, don't die!"

"Fatty man, you are going to protect Old Ding!"

"Fatty Fatty, I love you, go and protect Old Ding!"

"I'm so anxious, I can't see it on the camera!"

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