They attacked so cruelly that they even started to bite each other!

Then, it bleeds!

And the bloodshed brought a more rapid attack among the sharks!

In this way, the fat man was stunned!

The arm holding the lens began to tremble!

Old Ding Zhaotian said: "Fatty, fatty!"

The fat man came to his senses and shouted, "Yah, oh, this! This Nima!"

The barrage shouted: "It's so spectacular!"

"This is horrible, isn't it?"

"I think it is **** and cruel! These sharks have dyed the sea under the rainstorm red!"

"The shark is so ruthless!"

"Horrible, terrible!"

Everyone talked a lot, and kept sending out barrage, and even the courageous didn't dare to watch it!

At this time, Ding Zhaotian was not afraid of rain, and continued to observe carefully.

The fat man brought an umbrella to prevent the photographer from getting wet.

Of course, some of the camera equipment is not afraid of rain!

When the fat man bought it, he took into account the rain and storm on the sea!

The audience enjoyed it very much. The number of viewers has reached 34,000!

It is the first time for many people to see the bite of a school of sharks on the sea in this form, this form of live broadcast!

All feel very surprised!

At this time, Ding Zhaotian looked at the sea carefully, and then took out a long harpoon!

The fat man shouted: "Old Ding, what are you doing?"

Ding Zhaotian said: "I'll try to insert a fish!"

The fat man almost spit out water and shouted, "You, you!"

Then I saw that Ding Zhaotian went down the ship's side!

At this time the boat stopped and floated with the water.

Ding Zhaotian went to a place not far from the sea and used a fork and a fish!

Soon, I caught a shark with a small head!

Then, set off to the deck!

The fat man shouted: "Nice!"

Then, chop it down with an axe!

All of a sudden, chopped on the shark's head!

Ding Zhaotian did the same! With a harpoon, 4 medium to small sharks were speared!

And for the big one, Ding Zhaotian is not unable to fork, but if one person forks the big shark, it means it is abnormal!

Everyone will discover Ding Zhaotian's superpower, which is the ability conferred by the Sea Lingzhu!

Therefore, Ding Zhaotian is very cautious!

Spear fish in the past, find a small fork!

Soon, coming up!

The fat man shouted: "You are too, too risky, do you know what the barrage says about you?"

With that said, show Ding Zhaotian the cellphone barrage!

Ding Zhaotian looked over, and the barrage had gone crazy!

"Old Ding 666!"

"Old Ding, you are looking for death!"

"It's just looking for a dead end, pulling teeth out of the mouth!"

There are all kinds of barrage.

And now, Ding Zhaotian came up safely, everyone brushed 666!

Moreover, there was a local boss who sent 6 super rockets in a row!

Fatty's happiness is blooming!

Yelled: "Thank you to the boss whose ID is Blue Love, 6 super rockets, awesome!"

Ding Zhaotian also expressed his thanks!

At this time, the boss with the ID of Blue Love said: "The first time I saw such a thrilling live broadcast, it was great! You deserve it!"

Some people in the barrage disagree!

Said: "This kind of spirit of not being afraid of death is not worth promoting, because everyone is not afraid of death, and they all venture to ask for gifts. As a result, accidents will happen!"

"Yeah, I agree, there are no wet shoes when walking along the river!"

"This kind of sport, or activity, is too dangerous!"

"Old Ding, Old Ding! Don't do it again!"

Everyone still talks about you and talks about it!

Ding Zhaotian said: "I'm prepared, everyone don't, don't imitate it!"

"Yeah, we don't imitate, no problem, but we can't bear you old Ding!"

"Yeah, Old Ding, we can't bear you to die!"

A barrage of persuasive words!

The fat man was very moved and cried, "I understand everyone's hard work! Thank you!"

"Fatty should be more sensible!"

"Fatty is sensible, despite the bragging, he just doesn't act!"

Everyone is also picking things up!

It took more than an hour before the sharks dispersed!

At this time, the fat man came into the house and shouted: "Old Ding, the shark meat is cooked, come!"

Then, the rain stopped, the fat man simply put a pot of shark meat, together with the pot, on the deck!

Then, I aimed the camera at the shark meat to show everyone clearly!

Everyone asked: "This meat seems a bit rough?"

"It looks delicious!"

"It would be great if I was there!"


The people who came to receive the super rocket gift box of the "blue" ID people, seeing this exciting scene, did not leave, and the number of people soared instantly!

60,000 people!

The number of followers has also reached 59,000!

Moreover, the number of followers, that is, the number of favorite channels, is still rising!

The fat man shouted, "Hey, this number is constantly exploding, Old Ding!"

Ding Zhaotian nodded and said, "Thank you for your support, thank you!"

A simple word of thanks!

There are constant barrage of small gifts, shark fins and fish **** constantly!

In addition, someone opened the ranger and knight.

These titles all represent the financial ability of these audiences!

Economic strength!

For example, the title of emperor means that the monthly consumption is more than 120,000, the king is 60,000, and so on!

Of course, after the activation, the gifts given by UU Reading are not necessarily presented to this single anchor. Some people give it to a single anchor individually, some give it widely, and often the latter. More certain economic strength!

These titles are similar on all websites, with little difference!

Some website apps are distinguished by titles such as the king, the strongest king, and so on!

Some website apps are distinguished by God of War, XXXX and the like!

Same but little difference!

The fat man said, "Thank you for this knight's gift!"

Ding Zhaotian also said some words of thanks, but he didn't communicate as much as the fat man!

Fatty is a silly talker, really lively!

At this time, many barrage viewers asked what the taste of shark meat was!

Ding Zhaotian smiled and said, "Let the fat stew big, like tofu!"

It caused everyone to laugh.

Someone in the barrage said: "I think shark meat is similar to python meat?"

Another barrage said: "You haven't eaten a python, don't scream!"

"Have you ever eaten pythons?"

"Of course, don't you know? At the junction of China and Myanmar, there is a large amount of python meat at the farmer's market, cut into pieces. The appearance looks similar to shark meat, but the taste is different!"   

Everyone started to talk about the taste of various meats!

At this time, Ding Zhaotian suddenly felt that something went wrong.

After a closer look, it is the Hai Lingzhu that has played a role, and there are schools of fish nearby!

Ding Zhaotian is overjoyed!

Cried: "Fatty, are you finished?"

The fat man took a bite of meat and asked, "Old Ding, what's the matter? I haven't finished eating, hehe!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "We are here to get offline!"

The fat man asked, "Can this work? Do you have any hunches?"

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