Many people are reluctant to give up, now it is 5671!

Ding Zhaotian said seriously: "I don't have any opinion, but the problem is that live broadcast will bring pressure to others, which is not good!"

See anchor Lao Ding said sincerely!

Everyone also agreed!

Asked whether to open the live broadcast at night!

Ding Zhaotian thought for a while and said, "It should be impossible to open it!"

Qian Dawei mentioned a location, a hotel in the city!

It’s a 25-minute drive to the city!

At this time, the fat man sighed and said: "We should have a car!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "Buy!"

At this time, the live broadcast was closed, and the fat man came over and said, "I promised the old man to support his business with the 500,000 yuan! Can you buy it with your money?"

Ding Zhaotian nodded and said, "Okay."

At this time, the fat man patted his thigh and said, "Don't we still have 280,000 public funds? It's enough to buy a car, don't buy a car, buy a van, right?"

Ding Zhaotian was silent for a while, and said: "Let's take a taxi, buy a car tomorrow, go out to sea in the afternoon, and spend it at sea in the evening!"

This arrangement is correct, the fat man thought.

The two took a taxi and went to the city.

At the entrance of the Boya Hotel, Ding Zhaotian saw many old classmates!

There was another pregnant woman with a big belly, but Ding Zhaotian didn't recognize it for a while!

After getting out of the taxi and seeing the four people at the door, the fat man shouted, "Old Qian! Qian Dawei!"

Qian Dawei leaned in and said, "This good fellow! Your kid is fat enough!"

Then he said, "Ah, Old Ding! Top students!"

In fact, Qian Dawei and Ding Zhaotian have a sense of alienation and distance!

Ding Zhaotian said: "Hello, hello!"

The speech seemed a bit stern.

Then introduce each other.

In fact, it was mainly introduced to Ding Zhaotian. Because after all, three years in high school, four years in college, and seven years have passed!

I don’t know that much anymore!

The flowers bloom and fall, and the appearance is easy to grow old!

Everyone introduced, Ding Zhaotian knew that this beautiful mother with a big belly and a baby was named Liu Yanli!

Liu Yanli said: "Ding University student! Hello!"

shake hands!

Ding Zhaotian blushed a little bit embarrassed!

Once a junior high school girl classmate, now she is going to be a mother soon!

Next to her was her husband, who was from the same Linhai Town No. 1 Middle School, only one year older, not of the same level!

At this time, everyone went in and saw that there were 17 people inside!

Add Fatty and Ding Zhaotian, plus the 4 outside welcoming guests, for a total of 23 people!

For 23 people, in such a restaurant, two banquets are required!

This restaurant is called the Boya Hotel, which is not too luxurious. The fat man asked, "Who initiated it?"

In fact, who is the implication of the treat?

The fat man is not a stingy person, just ask, because I think this party is too abrupt!

Too accidental!

Zhang Qifa said: "I treat guests, don't worry!"

The fat man twisted a little and said, "I'm not worried. To be honest, I also made a fortune recently. Of course, I have made a fortune with Lao Ding, so let me treat guests!"

This sentence detonated the topic.

Everyone asked how to get rich and what is the way!

Then the fat man started blowing!

What a pound and a half a pound of lobster, what a big sea crab like a basketball!

Of course, it's not bragging, it's true that there is such a thing, and there are photos as evidence, but the fat man's tone went louder, and he said how lucky he and Lao Ding are!

With that said, everyone was attracted. 21 people, except for Ding Zhaotian and Fatty, the other 21 dugongs wanted to see the photos!

The fat man said: "Everyone build a group and post it on the WeChat group in the future!"

Add friends to each other and set up a class group!

This is also the first time a class group has been established in 7 years!

There was none before!

The fat man is very happy!

Said: "This is all right, there will be places to show off in the future, to tell you the truth, my fat guy can be welcomed by everyone!"

Then talked about the live broadcast!

The topic changed!

Turn on your phone and show you the number of followers of Tianyu APP!

Now, the live broadcast of Lao Ding's sea life has received more than 17,000 attentions!

This is the number without any publicity, which is quite amazing!

The fat man said so.

Someone knows the goods. Among them, Wang Xiaoqi and Zhao Xiaoqiang, these two are undergraduates, and they watch more live broadcasts!

Zhao Xiaoqiang is a game fan and often watch e-sports live broadcasts!

For example, what kind of mobile game competition?

And Wang Xiaoqi works in an advertising company!

Wang Xiaoqi asked solemnly: "Which company do you plan to sign? It seems that you haven't signed a contract yet!"

The fat man said, "Ah, do you see this?"

Someone said: "Why don't you sign a contract? I heard that there is a signing fee and a basic salary!"

The fat man said, "Here, Old Ding, tell me!"

Look at Ding Zhaotian!

Ding Zhaotian said: "I didn't think about it." As soon as the voice fell, a big man came in with a thick beard.

Said: "Hello everyone!"

It's Xu Guanhua, this Xu Guanhua is also a fat man, but unlike Fatty Wang, he has a beard, and Fatty Wang has no beard!

Xu Guanhua is a rich second generation, and UU Reading has money at home.

Coming late, I scanned for a week and said, "Ah, Liu Yanli, are you pregnant? How many months have you been?"

Liu Yanli smiled and said, "5 months!"

Then shook hands with Liu Yanli's husband!

sit down.

Zhang Qifa said: "24 people are here, let's eat! After eating, we will sing a party song, and there is no other way to celebrate!"

Zhang Qifa was the monitor of the class, and everyone respected him.

This party is also his proposal!

The fat man said: "I can't wait, haha!"

Everyone laughed.

At this time, the laughter here caused dissatisfaction among the people on the west side of the hall.

A yellow hair called: "What's that over there? Why is it so noisy?"

He followed another person and said: "A bunch of poor ghost classmates have a party, not even a private room!"

The second person's voice is loud, as if deliberately mocking the people here!

Everyone is not happy anymore!

Fatty Wang was furious, and stood up and said, "You, what are you talking about?"

The Huang Mao shouted: "Do you want to hear this a second time? Are you a dog?"

The fat man yelled, "Ya, you call your mother!"

Xu Guanhua said: "You eat yours, our classmates reunion, the well water is not against the river water, the restaurant is a noisy occasion, still not let people talk? Is this reasonable?"

Zhang Qifa said: "Guanhua said it well!"

Everyone agrees!

At this moment, the person on the right side of Huang Mao stood up and picked up a beer bottle!

Exclaimed: "What are you yelling at?"

The fat man said, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, you still **** my fat man's words, I'm Cao Nima!"

The waiter in the hotel saw it and quickly persuaded it!

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