Astral Pet Store

Chapter 95: Reliable identity (third)

The requirements for this professional training are extremely high, and the qualifications must be middle-to-high, which means that the combat power must be doubled several times, and it must reach the level of increase in the combat power of the Lightning Mouse.

However, the fees required for this professional training are also high, which is one hundred times the original. This means that if a thunderbolt mouse is bred, it will cost one million yuan. The same... It means that he has lost money on Su Yanying. 990,000!

My money...

Su Ping felt a bit of heartache, but fortunately, the reward was rich, and he got the cheats of the Jinwu God Demon Body, which was out of print God Demon-level exercises that could not be bought for any amount of money, which also made his heart balance a lot.

In addition to the requirements for fees and qualifications, the cultivation period is quite loose. One month, this relieved Su Ping, the system is still humane. After all, he did not enter any plane and die for free this time. Opportunity, the energy accumulated by itself can only be absorbed in the general cultivation plane, and it takes much time to cultivate.

Jiang Hanxue saw Su Ping's promise, and took out his mobile phone to prepare for payment.

Su Ping saw her move and quickly said: "Wait."

"How?" Jiang Hanxue wondered.

Su Ping said: "If you want to breed a pet like the Lightning Mouse, it is not impossible, but the fees will be quite expensive."

The expensive here is really expensive, you can buy an ordinary seventh-order advanced pet animal for one million, of course, only the cubs of advanced pet animals need to be retrained and reared, which cost countless In general, an adult ordinary seventh-order beast, priced at about three or four million, is equivalent to a suite in the upper city, and the extremely excellent kind, the price may be doubled ten times. .

After all, the poor only ask for minimum living standards, and the rich seek the ultimate.

"Really?" Jiang Hanxue opened his eyes, surprised, and asked, "How much does it cost?"

"This is professional training. The fee is one hundred times the original standard. The low-level beast is one million and the medium-level beast is 10 million!" Su Ping said.

"One hundred... ten thousand?" The surprise in Jiang Hanxue's eyes suddenly disappeared, a little stunned, the price is too expensive, she calmed down and looked suspiciously at Su Ping, "Boss, if you give one million Can you really cultivate a low-level beast to the level of a thunder squirrel? At that time, you were also on the field, but the thunder squirrel defeated the seventh-order dragon beast, although the silver-winged dragon beast was only a seventh-order subordinate , But the real combat strength is also comparable to the upper rank of the seventh order, can it really be done for one million?

Su Ping said indifferently: "Don't your mentor have taught you, the battle is not entirely determined by the beast, otherwise what do you want to do with the pet master? That Leiguang mouse's own combat power is only seventh-order inferior, but the combat experience Rich, and the silver-winged dragon beast is a seventh-order inferior dragon beast, but the combat experience is general, and the strong body of the dragon beast has no physical effect.

In addition, the increased skill and command given by the war pet master are the keys to the victory. I can only say that I can breed a beast like the Lightning Mouse for you, but can you use this pet to defeat other beasts? The seventh order beast depends on your own play. "

Jiang Hanxue was stunned for a long time, but Su Ping was not very old. She said something quite understandable. She looked at Su Ping and was a little hesitant. She couldn't get it out of 10 million. Although her family was good, she couldn't just take it casually. Ten million was raised to cultivate the beast. This amount of money was used cautiously, and one million was not a small amount for her. She almost emptied the money she had accumulated.

"Boss, I know all this, but are you sure you can make the pets you nurtured beat the ordinary pets?" Jiang Hanxue hesitated and asked again.

Su Ping understood her concerns and said, "This is completely okay."

Jiang Hanxue glanced around the store, and when she saw the many pets and prices on the shelves, she suddenly froze for a moment, and her face changed slightly, and asked Su Ping, "Boss, is this store you rented or your own?" ?"

"My own." Su Ping knew that she was worried about running away with money, not only did not resent her cautiousness, but also appreciated it.

"This... can you look at the deed?" Jiang Hanxue didn't know how to ask. She was a little embarrassed and asked. This question was too weird, but she wasn't sure if the shop was Su Ping herself, and she didn't dare to take out one. Millions of payments, after all, the security in Xiacheng District is not as good as in the uptown area, and people may not be able to catch it if they really run away.

Seeing her embarrassed and slightly embarrassed expression, Su Ping smiled and said: "If you really want to worry, you can go to the official website of your college to see, I am not only the owner of this store, but also the higher tutor that your college just hired. , So you don’t have to worry about credibility."

I have to say that at this time, a decent identity still works.

"Higher mentor?" Jiang Hanxue suddenly froze.

She widened her eyes and looked at Su Ping, who was so young in front of her, and was stupefied: "You said you are the high-level mentor just hired by our college? How is this possible! The high-level mentor must at least have the status of a high-level war darling teacher..."

Su Ping said: "You can see it on the official website."

Jiang Hanxue couldn't help but say, immediately log on to the college's official website with a mobile phone, go to the mentor page, select the top mentor, and immediately see the original four mentor heads, which became five, and the fifth one was Su Ping. appearance.

"This..." Jiang Hanxue was almost ashamed and almost fell the phone.

She raised her head, looked at Su Ping, and then looked down at the phone, it was really the same.

"You, are you really?" Jiang Hanxue is unbelievable. Is such a young man a senior tutor?

"If you still don't believe it, you can call to ask your vice principal." Su Ping smiled.

Jiang Hanxue had recovered, she naturally could not call to ask the vice-principal, the college's official website could not be fake, no one dared to hack in, even if hacked in, she would be found and dealt with in time, and she came to this shop No one knows that Su Ping cannot count on this in advance. In order to trick her into hacking into the official website for fraud, it only shows that all this is true.

The person of the student's age in front of him is actually a senior instructor. What kind of talent should this be?

Jiang Hanxue's self-confidence was somewhat hit, and her face was gray. This time, she only entered the quarter-finals, which made her extremely unwilling, and also saw the means of other geniuses besides herself, especially Ye Hao, who was young Reaching Tier 5 strength, there are Tier 7 dragon pets in his hand, throwing away a lot of others, enough to beat the top ten alone, sweeping a large swath.

I thought this was already terrible, but I didn't expect that in this humble shop, there were actually more horrible people than Ye Hao.

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