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Chapter 85: Bells and whistles

Is this... derailment?

Without giving Su Yanying much time to think about, the Lightning Mouse could not wait to take the initiative to attack.

Thunderbolt Pentium!

Its limbs are surrounded by electro-optics, and its body is suddenly launched, just like a missile, leaving a long series of electro-optical after-images along the way. This is the evolution of lightning fast rush, high-end pet lightning thunder!

The speed of the Lightning Mouse soared to the level of twice the speed of sound in an instant, almost approaching the Silver Winged Dragon Beast in a blink of an eye, a sharp thunderbolt condensed on the top of the head at the moment when its body was slightly stagnant, the next moment, its body was suddenly high Leaping, Lei Duan, which contained the power of destruction, slashed fiercely on the neck and neck of the silver-winged dragon beast.

With a bang, a dent half a finger deep was cut, and a few dragon scales were cut off!


The silver-winged dragon beast roared, and his eyes suddenly withdrew from the sky and turned to the ground. The silver dragon's eyes locked on the little mouse that was moving on the ground.

"this is……"

"Thunder Mouse?!"

This sudden scene made everyone in the stadium stunned. When they saw the figure of the wounded Silver Winged Dragon Beast, they were suddenly dumbfounded.

This figure of the Lightning Mouse, they are already familiar with it.

However, this time its opponent broke through to the seventh-order silver pterosaur beast in adulthood!

The Dragon Wing of the Silver Winged Dragon Beast itself is enough to make most of the medium and low-level pet beasts tremble. Even some ordinary high-level beasts will be frightened in front of Long Wei and their combat power will be greatly reduced.

And the Lightning Mouse... does it dare to take the initiative?

Okay, so timid as a mouse, could this little thing secretly grow a gentian? !

At the pioneer's seat on the sidelines, everyone looked at each other. When Su Yanying's falling phoenix was defeated, they all thought that the exhibition game was over, but they didn't expect that at the last moment, the thunderous rat that had been scared before came out.

In just a short time, did it overcome Longwei? !

Is this still this still a rat? !

This speed of adapting to the sky makes them feel a little scary!

"Huh?" Ye Hao also noticed the Lei Guangshu in the first time. He was a little surprised. He glanced subconsciously at the opposite Su Yanying, but he saw that the latter also had an expression of brutality, which seemed even more surprised than him.

Ye Hao frowned slightly, and his gentle eyes gradually froze. Since the Lightning Rat dared to take action, it means that Longwei had failed it. He was equivalent to serving as a foil from the side, once again showing the demon of this Lightning Rat!

Ha ha…

He took a deep breath, the cold in his eyes swelled, and his thoughts passed on to the silver pterosaur.


He wants to completely defeat this humble little thing.

Dare to shoot, so he also has a chance to step on it, no matter how many evildoers, become a loser, honor will follow, people will always remember the strong!


Feeling the master's killing intention and anger, the silver-winged dragon beast roared up in the sky, and was previously attacked by the thunder light mouse to the neck and neck, and it also produced a painful feeling. It has made it extremely angry and suffered great shame. Out, the Dragon Yin with infinite anger resounded throughout the venue!

The flood-like Long Wei was released, accompanied by Long Yin, and it shook the soul, even the people sitting in the audience, were all affected by Long Wei, all the hairs were erected, and a grain of chicken skin rose from the skin. Pimple, there is a sense of panic.

This is the Dragon Beast!

They have an unmatched feeling and cannot afford any resistance.

Participants sitting in various classes have undergone some changes in their faces. The previous Tier 6 Silver Pterosaurs are enough to sweep them, and the Tier 7 Silver Pterosaurs at this moment actually make them feel fear. This is the adult Is it a high-end beast? If they were to fight on the field, they estimated that they could not help but open their mouths.


In the crowd of first-year girls, Su Lingyue's face changed slightly, her eyes fixed on the back of the field, her fingers clenched her fists, and her eyes were annoyed and tense. After being touched by this silver pterosaur beast a little bit, she was ready for rescue.

She was even more annoyed at the thought that the other party was coming to the limelight.

"Ice Sea Freeze!"

Under the direction of Ye Hao, the silver-winged dragon beast once again exhibited the previously used ice sea freezing. This is a high-end pet skill. The attack range is extremely large, and the cold is permeated. It is quickly covered from its feet, ready to cover the entire mess The broken stadium is frozen!

When the ground freezes, the faster you run, the easier it is to skid!

Moreover, as long as the Lightning Rat rests on the ice, the Silver Winged Dragon Beast can control the cold, stick the Lightning Rat's limbs, and then freeze it into an ice sculpture!

The Lightning Mouse can't fly, this trick is deadly enough for the Lightning Mouse!

"not good!"

Seeing the freezing sea freeze, Su Yanying recovered, her face changed.

Su Ping saw the other party's thoughts, and then looked at the thunder mouse that was lying on the ground, full of gray energy. It seemed that he was brewing undead summoning skills. He couldn't help but rolled his eyes and didn't have a good air way: "Fuck, This is the arena, how can there be higher undead to summon you, so be awake!"

This word was sent into the mind of the Lightning Mouse by mental force. The Lightning Mouse froze for a moment, and his death suddenly disappeared and converged. Although he was afraid of Su Ping, he had unconditional trust in Su Ping’s words. Instinct obedience developed in the second life and death

The reason why it is summoned by the undead is mainly because it is too eager to defeat its opponent immediately, but the opposite guy is extremely resistant. His strongest attack is unable to strike a lethality, which makes it a little irritable.

Under Su Ping's scolding, the Leiguang mouse calmed down a little, and the shiny gloss appeared in the rat's eyes.

Seeing the ice sea cover, its body jumped and retreated immediately, and retreated to the edge of the Wutai. When the retreat was irreversible, it suddenly cast a ten-party thunder jail, smashing the ice in front of it, burning. Thunderbolt cleared out the ice on the ground and could settle.

After it jumped over, the surrounding ice covered it again.

The Lightning Rat continuously splits the open space with small ten-party Thunder Prison, jumps left and right, and slowly approaches the Silver Winged Dragon Beast.

Seeing Thunder's response, Ye Hao frowned and immediately changed his attention, allowing the Silver Pterosaur to show his gaze!

The silver dragon eyes flourish in silver, and the gaze skill is locked on the thunder mouse immediately. This gaze is a deterrent technique, but the way of launching is through mental power, which is a mental attack.

"Thunder Roar!"

Su Ping immediately passed on the idea.

Although not as convenient as passing thoughts through the contract, the Lightning Mouse received instinctive obedience and a thunderous roar from its small mouth, which surprised everyone in the audience.

The nearest Su Yanying was caught off guard and even more startled.

The roar contains the power of thunder and lightning, and the momentum is also a deterrent technique, but this is a deterrent technique through sound waves and energy, not a mental attack.

While it roared, the silver eyes of the Silver Winged Dragon Beast launched at the same time. Thunder Roar's deterrence did not work for the Silver Winged Dragon Beast. After all, it was a dragon beast. It was basically immune to other deterrent techniques, and was at most slightly affected by the point.

However, the Lightning Mouse's body was still jumping, and it didn't freeze because of the gaze.

Seeing this scene, Ye Hao was a little stunned. Could it be that the skill launch failed?

He immediately made the Silver Pterosaurs stare again.


At the same time as it was launched, there was another thunder roar.

The Lightning Mouse's body was grinning and still advancing through the ice.

Ye Hao froze, but he immediately realized that it was not his skills that failed to start, but that he was cracked!

Both skills were launched, and I heard the thunder roar of the Lightning Mouse. Although I don't know what this has to do with his skill failure, there must be a reason for it.

He didn't have time to think about it, he could only let the Silver Winged Dragon Beast change his skills and display the Silver Wing Storm.

Su Ping saw the silver on the wings of the silver pterosaur, and immediately knew what skill it was going to play. After looking at the thunder mouse, he was still struggling to break through the ice, but it was estimated that he had not waited for it to come to the silver pterosaur. In front of the beast, it will be lifted off.

Su Ping was a little speechless. Sure enough, without pointing, this guy was still so brainless.

However, this is not to blame for it. After all, the opponent is a seventh-order silver-winged dragon beast. It is not only inferior to the Lightning Mouse, but even a few points stronger than it, otherwise the Lightning Mouse will immediately kill the Thunder in front of the opponent. , It is enough to distinguish the outcome.

"Use multiple afterimages."

"In three directions, the ten thunder prisons will be displayed first. After the body turns around, the thunder will be broken on the first, and the thunder and lightning will be on the second."

"Continuous thunder flash close, attack the key, blinded by thunder and lightning, destroyed sight, and then torn from the dragon's mouth!"


Several thoughts in a row, Su Ping quickly passed to the Lightning Mouse. Although the opponent's pet skills were bells and whistles, but the lethality was still not small, let this Ye Hao and this Silver Pterosaur beast play, the Lightning Mouse really lost, It's better to directly end the spike.

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