Astral Pet Store

Chapter 82: La Feng's appearance

In an auditorium on the edge of the arena, there were six or seven breathing and restrained figures, men and women, and there were precious fruits on the table in front of them. Each one said that they could sell hundreds of pieces, but they Did not look at it.

"The little girl who uses Phantom Flame Beast has a good reaction ability and is worth cultivating."

"Two good seedlings again. It seems that two years later, I have to come again."

"Oh, what are you here, don't you like to sign privately, go to sign now?"

"That is to say, everyone is fair competition, and in the end, some people who don't want Bilian actually secretly use the contract to confuse the children, what a terrible thing!"

Several people were sneering, all eyes were full of anger, but two of them were smiling, seemingly did not understand what they were saying, one of them also smiled and said: "Today's night scene is really good."

Vice-President Dong Mingsong was sitting on the sidelines, smiling on the surface, but was proud in his heart. Normally, their college actively took the outstanding students into these first-class teams, and asked them to help take care of the cultivation. It’s really cool to hold myself!

Someone noticed the smiling old fox, his face suddenly cold, said: "Vice Vice Governor Dong, you honestly, how much money did they stuff you?"

Dong Mingsong was stunned and said in a daze: "Crowd money, what is the money?"

"Oh, pretend!"

"Vice Vice Governor Dong, you are not kind. This is not the case with old principals. You don't preside over justice?"

The angry men turned their eyes to Dong Mingsong. Everyone was a first-class team. They were right to take the two shameless people, but they were welcome to Dong Mingsong.

Dong Mingsong said innocently: "I don't know either. When I knew it, they had already signed a contract, and I couldn't help it."

"How could you not know, believe it or not, let me tell the old headmaster about it?" Someone said angrily.

Dong Mingsong said in dismay: "Even if you tell the old principal, I can't help it. I really don't know."

Seeing him bite to death, everyone was angry and angry, but they were helpless, two shameless, plus an old fox, they are really helpless, they can only hate themselves, why didn't they think of such a shameless trick? Why is his ideological and moral character so noble and pure?

What a sin!

"It's almost time for us." Su Yanying looked at the second-year champion who had been fighting and said to Su Ping.

Su Ping leaned on his chair and looked around boredly, his eyes sweeping from time to time to the auditorium in the far field. The few figures sitting there should be the strongest presence in this hall.

"Is this the first-class team for recruiting students from prestigious schools?" Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly. First-class pioneering battles will only select outstanding students with potential and strength from famous schools. It was selected in the ordinary star pet university.

There are seven famous schools in Longjiang base city, Fengshan College is one of them.

Fan Xiaojing's sister, Fan Xiaoyu, is also in a prestigious school, and is also a prestigious school in Shangcheng District. Even in the seven prestigious schools, they are the best colleges, and everyone who walks out of the base city of Longjiang is recognized.

"Boss?" Su Yanying saw Su Ping distracted and whispered.

Su Ping recovered, looked at her, "how?"

"We are about to play." Su Yanying said.

"Oh, I heard that." Su Ping said.

Su Yanying was stunned for a moment and couldn't help but ask: "Aren't you going to prepare?"

"Preparation?" Su Ping looked at her strangely, "What are you preparing for?"

"Uh..." Su Yanying saw Su Ping's unconscious appearance, and I don't know what to say. Although it is an exhibition game today, winning or losing will not change anything, but if you lose too ugly, it will still have some impact and it will be embarrassing.

Moreover, she has already signed a contract with the team and knows that the team she will go to after the holiday is here today and will watch her performance.

So even though it was an exhibition game, the anxiety in her heart was no less than an official game.

"It's nothing." Su Yanying shook her head, thinking that Su Ping just came to the stage to join in the excitement and publicize his thunder mouse, and he was the protagonist. Whether the battle was brilliant or not, it was up to her to direct it and close her eyes immediately. Adjust your state and let your body relax first.

Later, she simulated the battle scene in her mind. After all, she had a previous experience of fighting the silver snake thunder dragon beast. She also knew what the skills of the silver snake thunder dragon beast. This time the silver snake thunder dragon beast also broke through and improved. She is under more pressure and must make no mistakes, otherwise she will lose a lot of shame!

The time passed in a blink of an eye.

The second-year championship and second-place exhibition games also ended, and the battle was more intense than the previous first-year competition.

In the expectation of many people, the interpreters read the names of Su Yanying and Ye Hao, and there was a warm carnival in the audience again. Many family members of the students were driven by this warm atmosphere. In addition to the excitement, there were also some envy and regret After all, this is a child of someone else.

"Brother, here we are!"

In the third grade sixth class, Ye Hao was sitting in the crowd, but he was dazzling like the sun, making people recognizable at a glance, and beside him was a 16-year-old girl, dressed extremely fashionable and beautiful, wearing brown The knitted hat with shiny ears is two small crystal earrings.

Feeling the atmosphere at the scene, all boiling because of Ye Hao’s name, the young girl’s face was full of excitement. From small to big, the elder brother was her idol, whether it was a pet master or an ordinary academic ability. It is the best among its peers.

"Let's go." Ye Hao smiled slightly and stood up. The classmates burst into warm applause and cheers. In his class, Ye Hao was not only the class leader, but also handsome and handsome, gentle and humble. The female classmates admire him extremely, and the male classmates...

Ye Qingyin stood up smiling.

The two walked in the corridor of the aisle, the dense lines of the contract condensed in the air, the head of the silver-winged dragon beast protruded from inside, Ye Hao took the younger sister, striding up one step, and the whole dragon body more than ten meters long at the next moment. Breaking out of the contract space, spreading its wings and shaking, the people on both sides of the aisle were confused.

Some boys banged the bangs for a long time, and they immediately froze. They suddenly had no image in front of their goddess, and they greeted Ye Hao's ancestors all over again.

Ye Hao had already taken the dragon and rose into the sky, attracting the audience's attention. Long Yin roared and entered the game.

This appearance was undoubtedly extremely fanatical and crazy, but with the handsome appearance, it caused a lot of excitement and cheer for the female students on the scene, and some girls were fainted with excitement.

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