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Chapter 81: Su Lingyue's performance

At this time, the exhibition game on the field has ended, the two sides withdrew under the announcement of the instructor, and soon there were new people on the field.

After two consecutive games, the quarterfinals show ended and the following is the quarterfinals.

After the semifinals exhibition competition, it is the championship exhibition competition.

The championship exhibition starts from the first grade group, and the third grade group ends.

When the sun went down and the sky above the stadium was completely dark, the championship exhibition game began.

Hearing the instructor announcing the first-year group championship exhibition game, Su Ping, who was looking drowsy, suddenly woke up, thinking that the proud old girl was about to play, and was somewhat interested.

To be honest, he hasn't seen Su Lingyue really fighting.

And Su Lingyue’s Phantom Beast has reached the fourth-level median power, not to mention in the first grade, even in the third grade, it can be ranked in the top eight. Although the goods are usually arrogant, but they are indeed There is arrogant capital.

"Yueyue, it's your turn."

In the first grade group, in a certain class, several girls surrounded a black straight girl. When the commentator read the championship game, one of the girls reminded the black girl in the middle.

Su Lingyue nodded slightly, his face cold.

This is what she always looks like in the college, and the people around her don't think it's strange, they are already used to it.

"Yueyue, come on, beat him with your most gorgeous pet skills!" Another round-faced girl clenched her fists and cheered.

Su Lingyue nodded.

At this time, the interpreter remembered her and another person's name, and at the same time, a beam of light shone over, covering Su Lingyue in the crowd, and bringing everyone's eyes together.

"come on! Come on!"

Several girls encouraged her.

Su Lingyue got up and passed the instructor in front of the class. The instructor said earnestly to her: "Don't care, although it is an exhibition game, but if you lose, it will not look good."

Su Lingyue nodded, then walked onto the field.

Her opponent is already standing at the other end of the arena, beckoning somewhere in the stadium, it seems there are people there.

In this exhibition competition, many students brought their families to watch.

Su Lingyue saw the other party's move, thought of the admission ticket she handed out in the morning, and thought of it, "I don't know if he is here?" Her eyes subconsciously swept away from the auditorium, the area, she gave The area where the admission ticket is located.

There were crowds of people there, but her eyesight was excellent, and after passing by, she didn't see the familiar and hateful face.

So, this face was even more abhorrent in her mind.

"Sure enough, I didn't come... Well, I didn't come, this lady is not rare." Su Lingyue hummed in his heart, gritted his teeth, and knew that he wouldn't give the ticket and throw away the trash!

She withdrew her gaze and glanced casually at another place, where there was an old gathering place. Suddenly, she saw something familiar in her eyes... It was a person, to be precise, she fixed her eyes and immediately widened her eyes.

It's him?

Is it really him? !

Our little Nazha...Bah, bah, is that abominable guy? !

How could he get into the senior area?

Wait, isn't the one next to him, the master of the Lightning Mouse in the upper grade? !

Su Lingyue was a little dismayed, and confirmed her eyes again and again, and found that there was nothing wrong, not his own dazzling. Not only did he come, he actually sat in the front seat, surrounded by celebrities from the college.

What... what? !

The referee beside the stadium was also speechless. What happened? I have called you three times, haven’t heard? !

"Su Lingyue?" the referee shouted again.

Su Lingyue heard this time and recovered, looking at the referee.

"The game has started." the referee reminded.

Su Lingyue reacted and looked at his opponent, but he saw that the opponent with the smile on his face was already full of anger... Feeling despised?

Su Lingyue was a little bit wrong, but she couldn’t explain it, and she was irritated. She was not afraid. She thought she had returned to the field, thinking of the abominable guy under the stage, her chin lifted slightly, "Huh, let you Look at Miss Ben’s amazing!"

She directly showed the Phantom Flame Beast to enter the battle state.


Phantasm Beast jumped off her shoulder and landed on the ground with a cry of milk and milk, but when the roar was over, the body quickly became larger and turned into a fierce tiger nearly two meters high, with black wings growing behind. .

The demon is a high-level beast with three abilities of flying, illusion, and fire!

Moreover, the melee ability is not bad, it is an extremely popular pet among the high-end pets, even in its infancy, the price is extremely expensive.

Her opponent also summoned her own beast, is the most popular dragon beast, the silver-winged dragon beast!

This is a hybrid of dragons and beasts, but it has a good fighting strength and is of the ninth rank bloodline. However, it is still in the growing stage. The body is only five meters in length and the fighting strength is also around the fourth rank.

"Go!" Su Lingyue raised her hand, and four booster skills instantly blessed the Phantom Flame Beast. She is a first-year student, but all booster skills are all second-order, and from the perspective of casting speed, she is extremely skilled, just afraid It is very quick to reach the third order.

If the powerful beasts can be bought with the financial resources of the family, the average student is still somewhat dissatisfied, but this skill of increasing the hand is enough to show Su Lingyue's own skills and efforts. This is not something that can be done with money.

Her opponent is also showing the skill of increasing the speed, but it is obviously slower than her, and the power increase is actually a first order.

For the first-year students, the first-order increase is the passing line for the year-end exams.

However, the release speed of the opponent is also very fast, and it will not take long to enter the second order.

Phantom Flame Beast exhibits familiar mental erosion and interferes with illusion as soon as it enters the field. This illusion affects not only the beast but also the owner of the beast.

At the moment when the silver-winged dragon beast was eroded by illusion, the dragon roar suddenly broke out. The spirit of the dragon beast is extremely strong. The dignity of the dragon species prevents them from bowing their heads easily. The illusion in his master's mind was also cracked.

But despite this, the interference of illusion is still limited, delaying time.

The Phantom Beast flew out quickly, and flames sprayed.

The flames swept out like a sea, the hot temperature rolled outside, and the whole venue was heating up.

The silver-winged dragon beast roared with cold air, and flew to the air at the same speed, fighting with the phantom beast.

The collision of flames and ice, the dragons roaring, and the sense of power that oscillated during fierce fighting, made the scene cheers louder than loud.

Su Ping nodded slightly and performed well.

"Now the first graders are really strong." Lan Lele and Su Yanying sighed. They were not so strong when they were in the first grade. It's a time when newcomers come out!

The battle continued, very fierce, and not long after, an unexpected illusion of interference, Su Lingyue's opponent suddenly lost his mind, and the movement of the Silver Winged Dragon Beast that had not been commanded suddenly became a little dull, caught by the Phantom Beast. A huge fireball bombarded it in the stadium, and it felt as if it were shaking at the feet of the front row, like an earthquake.

The cheers were warm again.

Su Lingyue looked at the Phantom Flame Beast under Xu Feifei, and there was a smile on her face. Yu Guang glanced in that direction, but saw that the abominable face was full of smiles, just like the people around him. Clap your palms for her.

Her complacent eyes were slightly stunned, and she stared deeply, then turned back, turned around, thanked the scene, then turned and stepped down, facing away from the lights of the entire stadium at this moment, only The outline of the remaining shadow is just the corner of the mouth where the edge of the shadow shines, and a slight arc is outlined.

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