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Chapter 67: Puppet mount

Ye Chenshan and others knew that with the injuries like the Serpent Wings and Canglong, they could not be healed for the first time, and most of them were difficult to save, and they could only be taken back to the Xingshou Mountain for a deep burial.

Looking at the demon beast shrouded in the dark mist in front, everyone's hearts are still quite nervous. Fan Yujing whispered to Su Ping: "Su... boss, is it controlled by your skeleton pet?" his title From "Brother Su" to "Boss Su", the subtlety is not that he intends to alienate Su Ping deliberately, but the strength of the latter, which makes him really embarrassed to be called brother and brother.

"That's right."

Su Ping glanced at the black mist, and through the connection of consciousness, he sensed that the small skeleton was absorbing the energy of the undead of the demon.

Previously, when the Demon Skeleton was about to roll, the small skeleton cut a hole through the bone knife and drilled into its body, disintegrating directly from the inside.

When something that threatens you outside your body enters your body, it is absolutely fatal!

"Need our help to kill it completely?" Li Ying next to him quickly asked if the black mist was a little weird, so that he would not dare to act rashly, and would have killed him directly while he was sick.

Su Ping shook his head slightly, he took out the Yanlongguo bottle, and said to Ye Chenshan and the woman next to him: "Have you seen a blood fox flame tail beast here?"

Fan Yujing and Li Ying were a bit stunned, but they did not expect the enemy to be present. Su Ping was still concerned about this matter.

"Blood Fox Flame Tail Beast?" Ye Chenshan was stunned. He did not expect that Su Ping would suddenly say something unrelated to the Demon Beast, but thinking of Su Ping's strength, he replied: "I haven't seen it. Is this the food of the Fire Beast in your hand, are you going to catch the Blood Fox Flame Tail Beast?"

"This is the beast of their teammates. I was entrusted to help find it." Su Ping heard that he hadn't seen it and was a little disappointed, so he would waste more time to find it.

"Trusted?" Ye Chenshan was surprised. He couldn't help but look at Su Ping more. He noticed that Su Ping said "their teammates". It can be seen that Su Ping was not a member of this team. He saw this doubt about his performance. At this moment, he was relieved. With Su Ping's strength, if he is a member of this team, he can't have never heard of it.

"Boss Su..." Fan Yujing didn't expect Su Ping to take his request so seriously. He felt his throat was dry, and he felt like his eyes were in the sand, and he was speechless.

Su Ping gave him a strange look, thinking about what you are moving, I am not referring to the trust, but the dog system...

"Attention, curse people once!" The system said seriously in Su Ping's mind.

Su Ping pouted.

"The blood fox you said..." The woman next to Ye Chenshan's eyes showed thought, and said: "I seem to... have seen its footprints." She said hesitantly, unable to be sure, and worried that she might be wrong. Mistake for Su Ping.

"Oh?" Su Ping's eyes opened. "Where?"

"Just beside the ramp in front of the ramp, but there is no smell near the footprints, it seems that it was left before." The woman pointed in the direction.

After listening to her, Ye Chenshan recalled it and nodded, "Yes, there is indeed the footprint of the Blood Fox Flame Tail Beast over there."

Su Ping looked over there, wrote it down, and said to the woman: "Thank you."

"We should thank you." The woman smiled brightly and smiled brightly. "Hello, this is Luo Guxue of the Beichen team. What do you call it?"

"Su Ping."

Su Ping said.

"Su Ping?" Luo Guxue and Ye Chenshan were slightly stunned, and immediately searched in the memory, but did not find the name, never heard of it.

They secretly remembered this name. Judging from Su Ping's strength and age, it will inevitably become famous soon and be known by other teams.

At this time, Fan Ganglie also came back under the cover of Shaoshan Beast. He heard the conversation with several people in Su Ping. Although he knew that he could find the trail of Blood Fox Flame Tail Beast, his mood was not fluctuating and joyful. He The strongest pet beast, the snake winged dragon, was on the verge of death. Even if he was rescued, it was crippled and his combat power was greatly reduced. This time he suffered heavy losses!

His eyes fell on Ye Chenshan, his eyes slightly fluctuating when he thought of the other party's previous words.

Ye Chenshan also noticed Fan Ganglie's changing gaze. He smiled lightly and patted the silent Fan Ganglie. He said: "Captain Fan, I'm Ye Chenshan talking and counting, you can rest assured."

"Really?" Fan Ganglie was stunned. He didn't expect that the other party would really be willing to compensate him for a snake-winged dragon. This is an eighth-order beast!

Ye Chenshan smiled slightly, and said to Lin Mokong next to him: "The flaming bird and the six-armed ape you were injured in, I will also pay for the treatment."

Lin Mokong stunned and thanked quickly.

Although he can afford the treatment himself, why not save a lot of money.

"Brother Su, thank you!" Ye Chenshan turned his head and thanked Su Ping seriously.

"You're welcome." Su Ping nodded slightly when he saw what he said seriously.

At this time, the black mist covering the body of the skeletal body gradually contracted. When the body of the body of the skeletal body was exposed in the black mist, Ye Chenshan and others immediately looked at it.

I saw that the black mist shrank into the body of the corpse beast like water absorption. The huge body of the corpse beast was also completely exposed in the eyes of several people, lying on the ground motionless, and there was no energy response on the body.

With a click, a small black skull suddenly emerged from a bone.

The small skull was holding a bone knife, and it was surrounded by a touch of dark energy. In the hollow skull eye socket, there were two scarlet blood.

A few people glanced at the small skull, and suddenly there was a dangerous sense of chilling all over, as if they were staring at something powerful.

Su Ping's thought moved, and let the small skeleton launch puppetry.

The puppet is the ability that the small skull realized last time. Unlike the enslavement of the undead, the puppet is a single body, and it takes some time to make it. It cannot fight like the enslavement of the undead.

The demon skeleton beast in front of him is the best puppet material.

The small skull was conceived, and the dark energy surged throughout the body, infiltrating into the body of the skeletal animal along the foot of the dark skeleton. The rich dark energy gradually connected the skeleton of the skeletal animal together. After a few minutes, the body of the skeletal animal suddenly Slightly moved.

This movement suddenly shrank the pupils of Ye Chenshan and others, almost exclaiming.

"Don't worry, it's a puppet ability." Su Ping didn't scare them, and appeased.


Several people were stunned. They naturally understood this higher undead creature ability. Unexpectedly, Su Ping’s small skeleton not only realized the high undead enslavement, but also the high puppet ability. This qualification is too evil!

Soon, under the control of the small skeleton, the body of the demon skeleton slowly stood up, and the puppet ability can manipulate the corpse of no more than its third order, and the combat power it exerts is one order lower than that of the corpse before its death. , This demon skeleton can only exert the power of the seventh order.

As for why the small skeleton can make the eighth-order corpse puppet with third-order strength, this is naturally related to the qualification.

The so-called no more than third order is the conclusion drawn from the collected data in the federal textbook, and the real limit is, from the beginning of chaos to now, probably only the system knows.

"There are transportation tools now." Su Ping said, and walked towards the demon skeleton beast.

After Su Ping jumped on the Demons and sat down, Ye Chenshan and other talents recovered and hesitated to walk slowly.

"You are going to find the blood fox flame tail beast, let's go with you too." Ye Chenshan said to Su Ping.

Su Ping nodded, although he knew that the other party was unwilling to leave alone, so as not to encounter other unknown pet monsters and encounter danger. After all, Ye Chenshan and Luo Guxue’s pets were basically injured and had no fighting power. .

Everyone sat on the demon skeletal beast and drove through the dense forest quickly. With Luo Guxue's guidance, they quickly found the footprints of the Blood Fox Flame Tail Beast. Su Ping recognized them with just a glance, and immediately chased them in the direction of the footprints.

In the process of tracing, Su Ping took out the Yanlong fruit bottle and crushed the Yanlong fruit one by one, exuding the strange fragrance, which was very attractive to the fire star pet monster.

In this starry sky crack of the undead environment, there are not many other fire star pet monsters, so there is no need to worry about attracting other powerful existences.

Seeing that Su Ping was so well prepared, Fan Ganglie and Li Ying were ashamed.

A few hours later, the crowd found a trail of blood fox flame tail beasts on a cliff, and there was still a smell, which was left shortly after leaving.

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