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Chapter 63: Undead enslavement

Several people quickly rushed to the place where the distress signal was sent, and soon rushed to the ramp in the jungle, only to hear the roar of beasts and strange screams from time to time, and from time to time there was the sound of ground shaking, it seemed that they were fighting .

"Quick!" Fan Ganglie took the lead and rushed into the jungle.

The jungle is full of weird trees, surrounded by a rich breath of death, scattered with bones everywhere.

Lin Mokong wanted to run slower and fell behind Su Ping, looking for revenge opportunities, but found that Su Ping had the slowest running and was almost behind. He cursed a **** in his heart and had to accelerate Cyclonus.

Fan Yujing saw that Su Ping ran the slowest, which was a bit strange. I don’t know what he was thinking. He had to reduce his speed to avoid Su Ping losing the team. As a result, the team formation was pulled into a long line.

After Su Ping and Fan Yujing entered the dense forest, they saw a large tree destroyed by the break, which was a trace of fighting.

They ran along the destroyed tree marks all the way to the depths of the jungle, and soon saw Fan Ganglie and Lin Mokong and others, and saw that they were holding two figures beside them, as if they were a man and a woman, and there were a few around them. Beasts are guarding, while in front are several beasts fighting.

"That's... an eighth-order skeletal beast?!"

When he saw the huge figure of the bloodthirsty demon wolf beating up and fighting, Fan Yujing's pupils shrank and his face was horrified.

The demon is seven or eight meters tall, like a pile of bones, and the mountain is creeping on the ground. The whole body is covered with fierce bones. Sharp bone spears or huge bone arms are continuously projected from the bones. The attacking method is strange and endless.

"Demon Skeleton?"

Seeing this huge monster, Su Ping was stunned. He couldn't help but carefully looked at the bones on his body. A different color appeared in his eyes, as if... the chef was choosing his favorite ingredients.

At the same time, the consciousness of the small skull connected in his mind, the consciousness of excitement and urging came, very active.

Su Ping recovered, calmed it, and then came to Fan Ganglie and others with Fan Yujing.

"It's an adult eighth-order corpse beast!" Fan Ganglie's face was a little ugly, and there was even a trace of regret in his heart. He turned to the two people around him: "Two, what other beasts can you fight, Call them all, relying on my bloodthirsty wolf beast alone, not its opponent."

The two men, one woman and one woman were all scarred. Obviously, after a fierce battle, the man smiled bitterly and said: "The pet beast beside me is only this ground shield beast."

"My holy flame bird can fight again." The woman bit her lip slightly, her eyes full of unyielding, she stood next to a flying bird with golden feathers, holy flame bird of the eighth-order advanced beast blood, but At this moment, the holy flame bird's feathers are messy, holy flame is bleak, and there is a shocking tear in the chest and ribs, and golden blood is overflowing from time to time.

Fan Ganglie couldn't help but look at this holy flame bird more, even in the eighth order beast, this holy flame bird is extremely powerful, how could it be so unbearable?

It seems to see the doubts in the eyes of Fan Ganglie and Lin Mokong. The man hesitated for a moment, and finally confided the truth, "This monster is not an ordinary monster, it should have the strength close to the eighth order."

"Close to the eighth-order upper-level strength?!" Fan Ganglie and Lin Mokong both shrank their pupils, terrified.

The Li Ying and Fan Yujing beside them were also terrified. They were both choking in front of the seventh-order star pet monster, not to mention the eighth-order monster, which was simply a food delivery!

"Is there only two of you left in your team?" Fan Ganglie asked, looking back.

The man smiled bitterly: "We encountered another eighth-order bone dragon on the road and were dispersed. Otherwise, if the whole team is here, although it may not be able to kill this thing, it will not be so difficult to escape. ."


Fan Ganglie and others were speechless, what a **** of luck.

Moreover, actually encountered two eighth-order star pet monsters in succession here?

"Everyone, you..." The man hesitated, but took a deep breath and looked at a few people seriously, "If you don't let your beast come back and continue to fight hard with this thing, I'm afraid we will all be Stay."

Seeing Fan Ganglie and others' discolored expressions, the man quickly said: "After you leave, we will compensate you for your lost beast, and there will be rewards. I have no words to say to Ye Chenshan!"

"Ye Chen Shan?" Fan Ganglie was about to get angry, and he was shocked when he heard the name, "Are you Ye Shan Shan?!"

Li Ying and Fan Yujing next to him looked at him in surprise, and they were very familiar with the name.

"Jinlong Medal Pioneer Ye Chenshan?" Lin Mokong froze for a moment, his face slightly changed.

"Yes." Ye Chenshan reached out a golden dragon medal from his arms, gave it to a few people, and then withdrew, said: "I hope that some people will think about it, time will not wait for others, and I won't walk away. I'm afraid everyone can't walk away. Now."

Fan Ganglie's face changed, looking at the bloodthirsty demon wolf that was fighting with the demon beast in the distance. The wounds on the latter gradually increased. Although the bloodthirsty demon wolf was a seventh-order sensitive attack beast, it was in front of the demon beast. No way, this monster is like a hedgehog. There is nowhere to talk. It can only rely on its sensitive speed and dodge left and right to barely delay the monster.

"Okay!" He gritted his teeth and finally agreed to come down.

If he can compensate for another bloodthirsty demon wolf beast, it can be considered to make up for his loss, the key is to get Ye Chenshan's favor.

Ye Chenshan was relieved, just about to speak, and suddenly his face changed, only to see that the surrounding ground suddenly crawled out of a large number of bones, and surrounded their retreat.

"It is the call of the undead!" Everyone's face was ugly.

Just as they were about to command the beasts to break through, all of the skeletons and skeletons that were called out suddenly bypassed them and rushed towards the demon beast in front.

This scene suddenly surprised several people, stunned.

"Captain, it's a pity that your beast has been with you for so long, and it's so abandoned." Su Ping said.

Fan Ganglie was stunned. He couldn't help but look at Su Ping, and he immediately thought of something. His eyes fell on the small skull at his feet. I saw that the whole body of the small skull exudes a strong dark energy, and the bones of the whole body are enveloped. At first glance, it looks like Mysterious existence shrouded in black mist.

"This is the call of the undead, is it yours?" Fan Ganglie was shocked. This is a high-level undead's pet skill, and looking at the scale of the surroundings, it is obviously extremely skilled, which is more terrible than the general call of the undead!

Su Ping did not speak, and was directing the small skeleton to operate the skeleton around him with his mind.

This is the ability of small skeletons. Undead enslavement, as long as there are bones around, they can be directly enslaved. The strength of the ability depends on the number of bones around, and the bones around the monsters are naturally the most. If strong enough, this monster can be directly enslaved!

Because, the skeletal beast also belongs to undead creatures.

However, it is clear that the small skull currently has only third-order strength. Although its mental strength is far more fierce than that of third-order creatures, it is still too difficult to directly enslave eight-order creatures. The highest can only enslave sixth-order creatures.

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