Astral Pet Store

Chapter 50: Pioneer

In Taohuaxi Street, a small naughty pet shop.

Su Ping was lying in front of the computer, practicing while watching the film.

The computer that had been damaged by the previous virus was sent by him to be repaired, but just reinstalling the system cost him seventy dollars to make him feel like a knife.

"Well, yes, try harder..."

A gentle and simple voice came from the small speaker.

I saw a pink musk cat pet in the video, lying on the stage, standing next to a young man, kneading its front paws with strange techniques.

Standing next to him was an elegant middle-aged man who nodded from time to time to correct the youth's kneading technique.

"This is also called nurturing?"

Su Ping looked speechless.

According to the video, the young man kneads his way to inject his own star power into the body of this civet cat, combing the meridians of its front paws, and according to the middle-aged man wearing the medal of the intermediate trainer, it will last for so long. , You can strengthen the front paw of this civet cat pet.

The difficulty in the cultivation is that you need to be very familiar with the structure of the star pet, otherwise the injected star power cannot be digested and will only have the opposite effect.

Su Ping was not interested in learning this technique. He fast-forwarded directly and pulled behind the screen to see the filming a few months later.

I saw the young man take out the ruler and measure it at the front paw of the pet cat, twelve centimeters!

Two centimeters more than the usual civet cat!

Then there are several fragments, which are the comparison of the attack of the civet cat... The final comprehensive result is that the attack power of the front paw is increased by one-fifth!

It took only three months to cultivate!

Seeing the screaming "Bai Lin Da +238" "I want to be the civet cat +529" "I ​​want to become two centimeters longer? I suddenly had a wonderful idea...+1073" and other bullets, Su Ping is a little speechless.

Is this amazing?

Three months!

Every day it takes the educator's own star power, and it takes so long to increase the front paw attack by one-fifth? !

Looking at the various kneeling and licking in the barrage, Su Ping felt a bit hot.

He turned off the video, and suddenly, a brilliant light appeared in his mind.

No business in these days, he has been very melancholy, although the wine is not afraid of the alley, but he has no time to wait for fermentation slowly.

"The effect of distributing flyers on the street is too weak. Someone hasn't believed it yet. Shooting videos online like this is a good way to advertise."

Su Ping secretly said.

Although there is nothing to shoot in his shop, he does not know the cultivation techniques, but he can shoot the cultivation plane.

For the trainer, in addition to some secret cultivation methods, the most important thing is the cultivation base.

The environment that cultivates the base has the greatest impact on the beasts, which is why Su Ping has been able to increase the combat power of the Lightning Mouse and the small skeleton by several grades in just a few days.

"Compared with the cultivation bases of these educators, my nurturing plane is completely another world, vast and boundless, and it can definitely attract the eye."

"Every time you go to nurture the plane, you can take a camera in the storage space, shoot the nurtured landscape and the beast, take it back and edit it, and you can send a video to promote it."

"However, some special nurturing planes can't be fully photographed, such as the Chaos Necromancer, the three rounds of crimson blood moon in the sky that day are too shocking, they are not on Blue Star at first glance, I am afraid that they will be considered as Picture of P."

The more Su Ping thinks, the more feasible this method is. As for how to shoot, I will consider it later.

He immediately opened the most popular video portal website and registered an account in it.

"Please enter a nickname."

"Handsome, handsome and invincible."

"The nickname is already registered."


Who is so shameless, actually grabbed my exclusive nickname!

Su Ping frowned and fell into thought.

After a while, he quickly entered again.

"Handsome and handsome."

"The nickname is already registered."

"Your handsome pot is online."

"The nickname is..."

"So handsome what should I do."

"The nickname..."

After half an hour,

Su Ping finally registered successfully.

Just registering through a small account, let him fully see this ugly world.

There are too many shameless people!

With a sigh of exhaustion, Su Ping came to the personal center behind the account with a tutorial on how to upload and post videos.

It's not complicated, he will watch it once, and the only problem now is to shoot video.

"Now there is no business to cultivate, it is a bit of a loss to go to the cultivation plane on my own, and I have to prepare an HD camera..."

Su Ping had a headache when thinking about the camera.

A good camera is not cheap, it can be thousands of less.

And all the money in his shop is converted into energy. Even if there is no conversion, it is impossible to buy a camera. In this way, the money to buy a camera can only be asked at home.

"By the way, my mother gave me 20,000 pieces of Cary. I went to the Beast Base to buy the cubs of the Beast, but now I can breed the Beast in the shop, there is no need to buy it. Works."

Su Ping was relieved at the thought of the deposit, and the camera was resolved.

Next, it is time to think about what to cultivate for plane shooting and how to shoot.


Suddenly, the noise of an engine humming from a sports car was heard outside the store.

Su Ping's thoughts were interrupted. He frowned slightly and found that the car was parked outside his shop.

The extraordinary hearing made him hear the magnetic absorption of the door opening and closing, and then two figures came to the store.


A clear voice said hello.

Su Ping looked up and immediately recognized that it was the pair of siblings who touched porcelain.

Speaking of which, he has to thank these brothers and sisters. Without their anger system, he will not get the opportunity to enter any plane for free.

"Boss, a lot of new goods have been added."

Fan Xiaoyu, who was slender, entered the door and saw the rich shelves at first glance, ridiculed with a smile, but when her eyes carefully scanned the prices of these goods, the relaxed smile on her face froze.

Lying trough,

See you in a few days, what's more expensive?

However, thinking of the benefits of that last time, Fan Xiaoyu quickly recovered, and his eyes radiated light.

"Boss, I haven't seen you for a long time." Fan Yujing said with a smile, he didn't seem to care about the last time his arm was broken.

Su Ping glanced at his arm, which was intact and healed.

It has to be said that the treatment technology in this world is still very advanced, and it is not difficult to heal a severed limb, but the difficulty is only the money paid.

"Want to buy something?" As soon as he saw these two people's expressions, Su Ping knew that most of them tasted the sweetness, and they also knew that the pets he produced here were all good value for money.

As Su Ping guessed, Fan Yujing came here this time and really wanted to buy some other pets at this store.

The last colorful Buddha heart leaf, he took it for his beast after he went back. I don’t know if it was a coincidence. After taking it for a long time, his beast really accidentally realized a new one in a battle. Favorable skills!

Although it is not a precious advanced pet skill, but it is enough to surprise.

So, he came here this time, holding the idea of ​​experimenting again and buying some pets, but besides that, he has another main reason.

"Boss, I don't know if you are interested in pioneering?" Fan Yujing looked at Su Ping hopefully.

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