Astral Pet Store

Chapter 43: Training test

"Boss, are you serious?" Su Yanying couldn't help but she felt that Su Ping might be joking with them or mocking. After all, Su Ping's cold expression looked bad.

"of course."

Seeing that they did not believe it, Su Ping was too lazy to explain it in detail, booed a whistle to the Lightning Mouse at her feet, and wrapped her thoughts in Star Power to convey: "Lei Ying's afterimage!"

Although there is no maintenance of the contract, sensing the idea of ​​Su Ping, the listless lightning rat is almost conditioned reflex, and the whole body is exploded, and the two words of lightning rodent around the lightning quickly from the body.

A total of three!

Each Leiguang mouse is doing different postures, some looking around, some running to the door, and some standing beside Su Yanying.

"This is...multiple afterimages of Lei Ying?"

Su Yanying and Lan Lele were dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

Can actually produce two Ray Shadow? !

And the movements are also different, this is not what the ordinary afterimage of Ray Shadow can do, too realistic!

"This lazy guy..." Seeing that only two afterimages were released, Su Ping was a little angry, but he didn't continue to let it show. After all, just improving the ability of multiple imagery afterimages was enough to be worthy of the other party. Ten thousand dollars.

"Lei Ying's afterimage is an advanced pet skill, but it has been upgraded again!"

"This... is too strong?"

Su Yanying and Lan Lele were shocked, and Lei Guangshu had previously realized that the "Lei Ying afterimage" was already very valuable, and now it has been upgraded to multiple afterimages, which is not necessarily possible for many advanced thunder beasts!

After a while, they recovered, and the two looked at Su Ping again, their eyes clearly different from before.

In just three days, advanced pet skills can be upgraded. If this shop does not cultivate masters, they are absolutely unbelievable.

What is the concept of nurturing a master?

Even the ninth-ranking titled pet master must be treated with politeness.

Thinking of her previous attitude, Lan Lele blushed a little and was afraid. She did not care about Su Ping's indifferent expression and bowed her head: "Boss, I misunderstood you before, sorry..."

"It's nothing."

Su Ping didn't care about the previous things, and said: "Is there any other needs, such as petting?"

The duo stunned slightly and glanced across the counter behind Su Ping. When they saw the prices of the many pets on it, their eyes suddenly flickered twice.

"This one……"

Su Yanying hesitated.

But the thought of having such a big change in my Lightning Mouse depends on this beast shop.

She gritted her teeth slightly and said, "I don't have much money, or the boss, would you recommend me some cheap pet food?"

"How much did you bring?" Su Ping asked.

"One thousand five." Su Yanying answered honestly.

"That's it." Su Ping turned around and selected it, and found a fire spirit grass that could just eat for the Luofeng. "One thousand and two."

Looking at this scarlet grass less than ten centimeters in length, Su Yanying's eyelids jumped, and only one grass sold for twelve thousand...

Thinking of the Lightning Mouse, she bit her back molar and paid the money.

Lan Lele next to her knew her thoughts, and did not say anything to stop, it should be thanks to Su Ping for nurturing.

Su Ping packed the grass in a transparent pot and handed it to Su Yanying.

After receiving the fire spirit grass, Su Yanying didn't see it and put it directly in the messenger bag, then thanked Su Ping seriously again, thanking for the cultivation of the thunder mouse.

She truly sincerely thanked her. Through the multiple afterimages of Thunder Shadow, she no longer has any doubts in her heart, and is sure that her Lightning Mouse was cultivated from here.

Without the Lightning Mouse, even if she used the Hundred-toothed Tiger Beast last time, she is likely to lose and fail to pass the primary election.

Not only is that shameful, but it will also have a huge impact on her career after graduation. It can be said that this shop helped her.

Among the two thanks, Su Ping also felt the reward after hard work.

Watching them leave, Su Ping choked with a throat in his throat, but he couldn't say it: "Thank you, just give me more money..."



After receiving the beast, Su Yanying and Lan Lele immediately hurried back to the college.

When they ran to the gate of the college, they looked at the time, and it was only ten o'clock, which relieved them.

"Yingying, go slowly. Your game starts at 11:30, we have time to go." Lan Lele gasped, her cheeks red.

Su Yanying's eyes were full of excitement, saying: "I want to go to the training ground first and try their situation."

"Okay, then I will accompany you too." Lan Lele thought of the thunder mouse, and his eyes suddenly showed bright light.

The two soon felt the area of ​​the training ground of the college. This training ground is very large. There are twenty full fields. The environment is different, and there are forests, molten pools, waters and so on.

According to different types of beasts, different training grounds can be selected.

In addition, there is a conventional comprehensive training ground, the environment is very common, and it is often the environment that the pet strategist often encounters outside. After all, no one will fight in an environment where others are good, so the combat power in the conventional environment is more important!

At this time, most of the students are watching the game, resulting in almost no queues here.

Su Yanying came to the instrument in front of the venue, logged in to her student account, marked out credits, and selected the venue.

She chooses a regular venue and a two-player mode.

Lan Lele, who was next to him, also logged in to the student's account, crossed out credits, and was invited to the team by her.

There was no queuing. After the selection was completed, they were immediately assigned to the venue number on the screen, 08.

Su Yanying and Lan Lele went in together.

"Yingying, let me try your Lightning Mouse!" Lan Lele eagerly tried to fight against a Lightning Mouse with advanced pet skills. It was very interesting to think about it.

She exerted the power of the contract and summoned her strongest beast, Di Zangtou Tuo!

This is the beast of the high bloodline of the rock system. It is petrified throughout the body and humanoid. It is named because it looks like an ancient Buddha.

"Cunning!" Su Yanying didn't have a good air.

Although the Tibetan head is still in its adulthood, it is not a high-level beast, but it is also a fifth-order beast!

Fighting her thunder-light rat with a fifth-order pet beast, or attribute suppression, this is just a shame!

However, just for the training test, she also wanted to see, whether the multiple lightning shadow afterimages of the Lightning Mouse could deceive the fifth-order beast.

"Star Shield!"

Lan Lele sticks her tongue out and props up the Star Shield as soon as she plays. Last time the Lightning Mouse used the afterimage to lead away the beast. The body's sneak attack on the war pet master's final winning process made her have to beware.

Su Yanying snorted softly and said to the Lightning at the feet: "Go!"

The Lightning Mouse felt the master's idea of ​​fighting, and instantly changed its appearance from laziness. No one noticed that it shot a sharp bloodthirsty Hanman in its tiny mouse's eyes. It was a very crazy killing color!

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