Astral Pet Store

Chapter 20: Advanced【Third and more votes~】

"I said earlier, the shop is good and cheap, absolutely fair." Su Ping said expressionlessly.

The brother and sister were slightly dumb.

To be really as Su Ping said, this is more than good quality and low price? It's a bargain!

The brothers and sisters looked at each other. Although they were a little shocked by Su Ping's strength, this matter was still a little mysterious.

Su Ping saw that the two did not believe and frowned slightly. He suddenly thought of something, and said indifferently: "If the two don't believe, I have something here that can verify the two's guesses."

"What is it?" Fan Xiaoyu wondered.

Su Ping took out a transparent glass bottle from behind the counter with two blue fruits in it. He said: "This is the'Blue Yuanguo', a low-grade spirit fruit, and it is a favorite food of high-water pets. It can be taken for a long time. Strengthen the ability of higher water pets, if it is for lower water pets, you can directly advance to the first order!"

"Direct promotion to first order?"

The two were surprised.

The things that can be directly promoted to the higher ranks are extremely expensive, even if they are only advanced ones for lower-level beasts.

"Lan Yuanguo can only be taken by pets of Tier 1 to Tier 3, and it is only effective for the first time, and the price is 8700." Su Ping said indifferently: "If the two can bring inferior water pets, you will know by experience." true and false."

"Only sell 8700?"

The brothers and sisters were again speechless by the cabbage price.

But the thought of the colorful Buddha heart leaves in front of him quickly relieved.

"Is it a low-level water beast? I don't have to buy it elsewhere. I brought one." Fan Xiaoyu turned his eyes and said to Su Ping, "Boss, can I try now?"

Su Ping raised an eyebrow, "Of course."

"it is good."

Fan Xiaoyu saw her, her whole body was floating, and she raised her hand and grabbed it from space. As a twisted vortex emerged, a light blue figure jumped out and landed on her shoulder.

This is a small beast with a big fist, with light blue spots on the body, like a water polo, only a huge head in the whole body, limbs are extremely short, almost invisible.

"Water spray beast?" Su Ping saw this little guy and immediately recognized it as a first-order beast of the water system. It is extremely common and very common. It is almost every household.

Although it is a first-order beast, the combat effectiveness is almost negligible, but the water-spraying beast is deeply loved by people because it can spray a stream of water without attack, helping people save some household water to a great extent.

Moreover, for many adventurers, if they want to wash their hands, drink water, or clean their bodies when they go out, they can let the water spray beasts take action, which is equivalent to carrying a small water source with them.

"Boss, is this OK?" Fan Xiaoyu held the water spray beast to Su Ping.

Su Ping said indifferently: "Of course, but you have to pay Lan Yuanguo's money first."


Fan Xiaoyu hesitated.

Fan Yujing came over at this time, took out a card, and gave the money to Su Ping, "Boss, please start."

Su Ping heard the wonderful reminder of entering the account, a smile appeared slightly on the indifferent face, he opened the bottle and took out a blue yuan fruit from the inside.

This is the favorite of his shop, the price is second only to the colorful Buddha heart leaf.

"Small thing, come." Su Ping handed the fruit to the sprinkler.

The water spray beast already smelled the fragrance of Lan Yuanguo, and when Su Ping handed it in, he didn't even ask its owner, so he couldn't wait to open his mouth to bite.

The fruit of the big thumb was stuffed into the mouth, and the sprinkler's mouth seemed to bulge a ball, but it soon disappeared and was swallowed by it.

Three pairs of eyes were fixed on the sprinkler, waiting for its reaction.

Su Ping thought it needed some time to digest, but did not expect that within three minutes, the sprinkler would have changed.

I saw the light blue spots on the sprinkler, which suddenly flowed like a liquid, and then its entire body swelled slightly.

This expansion caused the water-spraying animal to feel pain, its body rolling back and forth on the counter, spraying water arrows from time to time during the tumbling.

Su Ping raised his hand to block and found that the water arrow shot in the palm of his hand.


Suddenly, a thicker water arrow blasted over.

Su Ping was too late to block, but at the next moment, the water arrow was resisted like touching an invisible barrier.

On the other side, Fan Xiaoyu had realized what he was after the water-spraying beast shot an offensive water arrow, quickly opened a star shield, and enveloped her and her brother in it.

The water arrow shot on the star shield and rippled. Her star shield had a higher level and could easily resist.

After a while, the body of the water-spraying animal gradually stopped rolling, and at this time its body was already huge, and its originally invisible limbs were also exposed at this moment. Although it is still very short, it has been able to stand firm with its limbs. Too.

"Really advanced..." Fan Xiaoyu opened his eyes wide.

As a very popular beast, the water spray beast is what it looks like from the first to the third order, even if it can be recognized by children of seven or eight years old.

Fan Yujing's eyes flashed with surprise, but he didn't expect that Lan Yuanguo was really a Jin-order thing!

Although it is limited to low-level beasts, it is also very rare!

"Successful." Su Ping was relieved when he saw the result, and then said to the two: "Do you have any questions?"

The brother and sister recovered and looked at each other with a slightly complicated expression.

"Sorry, we offended before."

Fan Yujing resisted the pain in his broken arm and gritted his teeth slightly.

Fan Xiaoyu's complexion fluctuated, and eventually it was the default.

They know that people who can sell things of advanced ranks and suspected treasures of enlightenment will never be black merchants. It can be seen that the fruit that the other party sold to their grandfather is not an ordinary thing, so they will let the red be Zhu Zhu loves it.


Su Ping nodded and accepted the apology as a matter of course. Although at present, it is the other party who suffers the loss, but if there is no systematic shelter, the dumb eater of Huanglian may be himself at this moment. After all, with the other party’s previous strong attitude, it is basically He will not listen to his explanation.

After a brief silence, the atmosphere was awkward.

Fan Xiaoyu hesitated after seeing the colorful Buddha heart leaf beside him, and asked, "Boss, is this really effective?"

Su Ping raised a brow, still questioning? He didn't look good: "I've already introduced it, and I won't repeat it again."

Fan Xiaoyu saw that he had misunderstood, and he had to explain it quickly. At this time, Fan Yujing suddenly shot and directly gave the money to Su Ping. He said, "We bought this."

No amount of explanation is worse than buying.

Fan Yujing felt that it would be worthwhile to spend 20,000 yuan to verify it. If it is true, it will make a lot of money!

Even if it is a fake, for him, 20,000 is nothing. If you go out for a pioneering trip, you will be able to earn it 10 times and 100 times.

Seeing his brother's actions, Fan Xiaoyu froze for a moment, but soon understood that she didn't say much, but she always felt a little unwilling in her heart.

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