Astral Pet Store

Chapter 19: Break your arm [second more]

When Su Ping received the task excitement, Fan Xiaoyu slapped it on the counter with a slap in his face, "If you sell something okay, how can you let a pet animal with a loss of appetite keep eating? You better To be honest!"


Su Ping recovered, seeing the hand clapped on the counter, his eyebrows flicked slightly, and a chill appeared in his dark eyes, but he restrained it.

The two in front of them are obviously darlings, and he is not an opponent at all.

"The host doesn't have to worry. In this shop, nothing can threaten your life. The killer will be wiped out against you, even if the ancient demon comes!" The cold words of the system sounded, revealing an absolutely powerful confidence.

Su Ping stunned for a moment, but did not expect that the pet shop has such a capability. Does this mean that this shop is his strongest refuge?

With a systematic guarantee, Su Ping's concerns were also much less. He looked at the two indifferently and said, "You said that there is something wrong in my pet, but is there evidence?"


Fan Yujing's eyes were cold, and he said: "What I said is evidence. Do you believe me or not? I will immediately let the petting association come over to check and let your black shop close?"

Su Ping frowned slightly.

He is not afraid of the inspection of the Beast Association, after all, he collects natural pet food, no problem.

However, if it is checked by the Pampering Association, the procedure is very cumbersome, it will inevitably affect his business, and will also damage the reputation of the store, which is extremely disadvantageous for him to complete the system task.

"Brother, look at it, this is a black shop."

At this time, Fan Xiaoyu noticed many pets on the counter behind Su Ping, and when he saw the price below, he exclaimed suddenly.

Fan Yujing's eyes swept, his face suddenly gloomy, "I didn't expect that in this outer city area, the black shop was so arrogant, and it really was a place without kingship control."


Su Ping sneered, "Is it expensive to be a black shop? Don't buy it if you can't afford it, and run over to slanders others if you can't afford it. All the things I sell are cheap and good, and it's absolutely fair!"

"Can't afford it?"

Fan Xiaoyu was smirked.

Even if the price is ten times more expensive, it is just a casual consumption for them, even saying they can't afford it?

Moreover, this price is more than ten times more expensive than ordinary pets, but there is still a face that is said to be "good quality and low price"?

"For a penny and a penny, I want to know, what can you do if you sell 20,000 yuan, can you live forever after eating it?" Fan Xiaoyu smiled angrily.

Su Ping said indifferently: "Only 20,000 people want to live forever, and you are afraid to eat farts."


Fan Xiaoyu's eyes widened, and he immediately said furiously: "You say it again?"

"Isn't it?" Su Ping shrugged.

"Insult my sister, you're looking for death." Fan Yujing's eyes were cold and he shot suddenly, five fingers snapped to Su Ping's neck and lightning.

But at this moment, suddenly a very dangerous feeling came to mind.

Fan Yujing couldn't allow it to think, and suddenly clicked, his arm seemed to be under some kind of oppression, and it suddenly broke out from his elbow and his bones shattered.

The pain suddenly hit, Fan Yujing hissed in cold air, quickly retreated a few steps, distanced from Su Ping.


All these changes were too fast. Fan Xiaoyu, who was angry, only saw his brother trying to teach the other party, but suddenly he stepped back, as if hit by something.

Fan Xiaoyu was shocked when she saw Fan Yujing's broken arm. What kind of character was her brother? The strongest pet strategist who had already graduated into the team had far better strength than her. Was her arm abandoned at this moment? !

Su Ping was a little surprised when he saw this scene, and he was quietly relieved in his heart.

"If it weren't for the sake of not killing you, this time it wasn't just an arm." Su Ping sneered.

He is also a person who has died hundreds of times in the nurturing plane, and he is extremely sensitive to killing intentions. Previously, Fan Yujing just wanted to educate him and did not kill, so the systematic punishment was not serious.

"You shot it?" Fan Xiaoyu turned back and looked at Su Ping with some shock.

It’s easy to break her brother’s arm.

And looking at Su Ping, he is younger than her brother in the early twenties. Does this mean that Su Ping is more talented than her brother? !

Fan Yujing is also a person who has experienced countless hard struggles. Although his arms were broken and the pain was extremely painful, he still gritted his teeth. The shock in his eyes was better than Fan Xiaoyu. The sense of danger in the previous moment was still like a pin It’s hard to erase.

He has no doubt that he just walked in front of the ghost gate!

"Who the **** are you?" Fan Yujing took a deep breath, his eyes were dignified, he could easily put his arm away, and he was younger than him. Such a person is definitely a genius, compared to the dazzling geniuses in the Federation. The characters are not inferior, and will never be an unknown person!

"As you can see, it's just an ordinary person, the owner of a beast shop." Su Ping said indifferently: "Now, I think we can communicate on an equal basis."

Fan Yujing's face changed, and his voice was low: "We have no intention of offending, it's just a matter of loved ones, so we're anxious."

"Hehe." Su Ping chuckled,

But my heart is sighing.

Sure enough, you have the power to have the right to speak, otherwise people simply don’t bother to listen to your explanation, the fist is justified, even if the words are wrong!

"Don't you just ask me, is there any use for this?" Su Ping said indifferently: "This thing is called colorful Buddha's heart leaf, which is regarded as a kind of pet, but it is a one-time pet. The only effect is to be able to inspire The beast's spirituality enhances the pet's understanding."

"Qi Ling?"

Fan Yujing heard his face change.

Of the things that can enlighten the spirit, which one does not start at a price of 100,000?

Actually only sell 20,000 here?

Fan Xiaoyu, who helped his brother, was also stunned. Unexpectedly, this flowery plant was actually a treasure of Qiling.

"What level of beasts can these colorful Buddha heart leaves inspire?" Fan Yujing questioned.

At this moment, he did not regard the owner of this shop as a general blackheart businessman. I would like to ask which blackheart businessman could interrupt his arm without knowing it?

Su Ping shrugged: "Everything under the king beast works."


The brother and sister were dumbfounded.

Useful under the king beast?

Doesn't this mean that a beast stronger than the ninth order can also be useful?

What is the concept of a treasure that can enlighten the ninth order beast? Not to mention one hundred thousand, it can't be bought by millions!

For a time, the two brothers and sisters looked at Su Ping's eyes a little weird. To say that this person is a liar, the strength is too strong, such strength is not necessary to be a liar.

But it is not a liar... who would be so stupid to sell such top-level treasures for only 20,000? !

Seeing the bizarre eyes of these two brothers and sisters, Su Ping slightly twitched, and he was very sad. Why did he not know that the price of 20,000 is completely the price of cabbage, which means that the price is "reasonable".

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