Astral Pet Store

Chapter 1: Star pet world (first)

"Brother, it's time to get up."


Who is calling me handsome guy?

and many more.

Am I not sleeping alone, who is talking? !

Suspiciously, Su Ping quickly opened his eyes and turned his head to look around. This almost scared soul flew away!

Next to his pillow, there was a grimace with seven bleeding eyes, a twisted smile in the corner of his mouth, white teeth.

"I depend!!"

Su Ping trembling backhand is a slap fan.

The palm of his hand went straight through the grimace and slapped on the soft pillow.

The grimace grinned slightly, exposing the scarlet tongue.

Su Ping was frightened, turned around and ran away in a hurry, but he didn't pay attention when he panicked. His palms were empty, and he fell directly under the bed and faced the ground.


Su Ping felt that his nose was about to break, hot and painful.

But when he thought of the scary female ghost behind the bed, Su Ping felt cold all over his body.

"Um, poo..."

It seemed to hold back, but couldn't hold back, and there was a burst of laughter next to him.

Su Ping shuddered, the ghost was laughing? !

"Ha ha ha... Su Ping, do you want to laugh at me, so scared, you are too useless!"

Laughter came from the side of the room.

Su Ping was stunned,

He turned to look around.

I saw a beautiful young girl standing at the end of the bed, wearing an orange cartoon pajamas, bright eyes and bright teeth. It was a little beauty, but at the moment, he was laughing and shaking, and there was no image at all.

what's the situation?

Su Ping was a little ignorant. At this moment, he suddenly noticed that the surrounding environment was a little different.

The most obvious is the huge monster poster on the wall behind the girl, which should be a poster of a movie.

Obviously, this is not his room!

Su Ping never had the habit of posting pictures in the room.

Where is the ghost?

Su Ping thought of the horror female ghost being left aside, she was shocked and turned her head quickly.

At this look, I found that the bed was empty and the female ghost was gone!


Su Ping was startled, just relieved.

Suddenly, a black shadow emerged from the bed, a black cat.

It's not so much as "jumping out", but rather rolling out, its body is too fat, almost a ball.

"Snowball, come here." the girl called to the black cat.

The black cat heard the words, short limbs struggling hard, and finally turned Yang Tian's body upside down. It shook his body a few times, glanced at the scared Su Ping on the ground, and walked slowly towards the girl with an elegant kitten.

Perhaps it was an illusion, Su Ping felt that he was despised by a cat.

At this moment, Su Ping suddenly noticed that the black cat had two pointed black horns on the top of his head, and there were several strands of dark red hair in the forehead hair pattern, like a flame circuit.

One slowly appeared on his head... "?"


Suddenly, the air trembled at the same time.

Su Ping's eyes were blurred, only countless information came from his mind, and it came from all directions, rushing like a torrent.

Su Ping? Su Lingyue?

Star pet?

another world?

The information that followed was huge, Su Ping felt that his head was about to explode, and the pain was unbearable. He clenched his teeth before he could barely hold back.

I don't know how long, the chaotic storm in his mind slowly subsided, and a piece of memory gradually emerged in an orderly manner along the timeline.

Actually passed through...

Su Ping was a little surprised, no wonder he would appear in this strange room, meet this strange girl, and this strange strange cat.

However, I just sleep at home, can this be worn? !

Is it caused by hand exercise before going to bed?

Su Ping smiled bitterly in his heart, he began to sort out the memory in his mind.

"This is a world similar to the earth, with more advanced technology. It has already stepped out of the earth and entered the interstellar age, but it is not based on the development of technology, but on the strange star pets!"

"There are many types of star pets, which are closely connected with human society. There are tool pets responsible for infrastructure, transportation, daily life, etc., and even scientific research! And interstellar pioneering and warfare are the responsibility of war pets, and even the war and status of various major powers. It is also determined by the strength of the pet of war!"

"Star pet..."

Su Ping gradually immersed in these memories, the more he understood, the more shocked, he also knew what happened to the female ghost he had seen before.

"The demon is the pet of war, the phantom flame beast, the main ability is to create illusion and control of flame elements..."

This Phantom Flame Beast is the strange cat, the fierce demon war pet, and the star pet in the dual field of spirit and element. It belongs to the "rare" variety and the price is extremely expensive!

And such a rare star pet is actually used by the "self" sister Su Lingyue to scare herself daily...

After reading the memory of the original owner, Su Ping was a bit crying and laughing. The two brothers and sisters were really a pair of enemies. Since childhood, they looked at each other and were not pleasing to each other. When he was a child, Su Ping always liked mischief, bullying and frightening his sister. The queen queen turned the other way around, and it was her turn to worry all day.

This change occurred because they entered a different school when they were twelve years old.

One is an ordinary professional school.

One is the Star Pet Warfare Academy!

In this world where star pets dominate, not everyone can become a star pet warrior. Only with the original nuclear talent can a contract be formed with star pets!

Obviously, this "Su Ping" does not have such a talent, and this talent is determined by everyone born, that is to say, he is destined to be an ordinary person from birth.

It's just that neither brother nor sister had such a concept in their childhood. Therefore, Su Lingyue, who has the talent of star pets, was always bullied by Su Ping who was not talented.

When they realize that the differences are different, it is the beginning of the Suping disaster.

This younger sister is not a simple and irritating character. Qiu, who was bullied when he was a child, remembers it one by one. After so many years, he has doubled back from Su Ping.

Today, the brothers and sisters have completely opened the gap. One is a genius girl who has been admitted to a star-favored school. The future is promising. One has failed to enter the ordinary university.

"Hey, what are you doing silly, won't you really be stupid?"

Su Lingyue saw Su Ping, who was sitting on the ground for a while, feeling a little abnormal. He frowned when he thought that he had landed first when he fell down.

She was not worried about Su Ping's safety, but she was afraid that her parents would blame herself.


Su Ping had recovered, and glanced at the proud girl with hands on her chest and high toes. She was helpless and said, "Don't make such a joke in the future."

Now that his body has been taken over, he doesn't want to continue to live in this sister's prank revenge.

Su Lingyu froze for a moment, a little surprised.

As usual in this situation, isn't the other party jumping up and blaming herself like a shrew and swearing?

Why is it so quiet today?

Is it...

Does he think that swallowing his heart will soften the girl's heart?


"It's okay to be stupid, but your poor IQ can make you smarter if you break your brain!" Su Lingyue sneered sneered and turned away. "Don't hurry, hurry down to eat, don't let mom Call me up to rush you!"


The door was brought backhand.

Su Ping smiled bitterly. Isn't the sisters of other people all cute and lovely soft cute girls? How come you are a bit violent.


The door suddenly opened again.

Su Ping was frightened. It turned out that Su Lingyue had gone and returned. Her dark face said behind the door: "Also, you can't go to your mother to complain, otherwise..." A gesture of wiping her neck was made.


Without waiting for Su Ping to respond, the poor door once again suffered a crit.


After sitting for a while, Su Ping didn't get up from the ground until there was no more noise outside.

He glanced around the room and saw many Xing Chong hands and posters. Although the predecessor was an ordinary person, his study of Xing Chong was not inferior to that of an ordinary Xing Chong warrior.

Of course, this is not because he loves star pets. On the contrary, this buddy is very disgusted with star pets. The reason he delves into it is just to find a way to defeat star pets by ordinary people!

To be precise, it is to find a way to defeat the star pet of his sister!

However, over the years, he still suffers from abuse and contempt every day, unable to fight back, showing that the research progress is difficult.

Looking back at the buddy's eighteen years of life, Su Ping felt some emotions. This buddy would do nothing if he didn't accomplish anything. He also offended the only thigh around him. The caterpillar was thrown in the box, which was a ghost in the middle of the night and frightened her, and it was almost a shadow of the other party's childhood.

Now it's better, the thighs become enemies, this sister is not a good culprit, and in turn becomes the shadow of his adulthood.

Su Ping estimated that he had to find an opportunity to reconcile with this thigh sister. Otherwise, he would have a few strange surprises, even if he did not leave a psychological shadow, he would have a nervous breakdown.

Simply tidying up, Su Ping put on slippers and went downstairs.

"How come down, porridge is getting cold, come and eat."

Mother Li Qingru said that she looked more than 40 years old, gentle and serene.

At the dining table, Su Lingyue had already sat there and ate, and placed the phantom flame beast called "Snowball" on the chair next to it, which was Su Ping.

The corners of Su Ping's mouth slightly touched, and he could feel full of maliciousness at breakfast...

"I'm coming."

Su Ping went to the living room and took another chair to sit down, looking at the rich white porridge and meat patties and soy milk on the table, feeling really hungry.

Su Lingyue raised her eyebrows slightly and glanced at Su Ping. She deliberately angered Su Ping with a snowball, causing Su Ping to take the initiative to anger, then yelled, and then let her criticize him. ?


Su Lingyu's eyes were suddenly alert, this guy was uncharacteristically, could he secretly play tricks again?

"Mom, I'm done. I'll go to college first." The plan failed, and Su Lingyue wasn't in the mood to slow down. After a few meals, she told her mother.

Li Qingru saw that she was leaving and even said: "Xiaoyue and so on."

"Ah?" Su Lingyue turned her head.

"Recently, your brother's business is not good, and there is not much popularity. Do you want to put your snowball in the store to foster it and fill the facade?" Li Qingru tentatively asked.

Su Lingyu froze for a moment and glanced at Su Ping, who ate porridge. She suddenly rolled her eyes and said angrily: "Mom, this store has been in your hands since you handed it to this guy. The business is not as good as the day. What is the reason, It's not that this guy is not doing business all day. Do you remember the last time I was almost complained to the Star Pet Association?

Someone came to foster a'Newsletter Bird', but he was raised for less than a week. When he took it back, the bird was called'silly beep dead' when he was brought back. I was killed, the unsolved case is still unsolved!

For such a person who can't even raise a news bird, how dare you raise my snowball? This is a high-end pet that is expected to be promoted to the eighth order. If you are willing, I have no opinion. Anyway, snowball is also bought by you. "

Li Qingru opened his mouth, but was speechless and could only turn into a sigh.

If it were not for her poor health and the need for recuperation, it would not allow Su Ping to take over the business in the store so early.

Su Ping saw Su Lingyu's gloomy glance, and she was speechless. She continued to eat porridge without paying attention.

"Huh!" Su Lingyue looked at him for a while, snorted coldly, picked up the snowball still eating bones, and returned to the room to change clothes and go out.

After a while, Su Ping also ate breakfast, and as usual, on Li Qingru's advice, rode a bicycle to the store.

The shop is a star pet shop.

Su Ping is a half-hanging star pet breeder. He said that he was a breeder, but in fact he was the kind who served Star Pet.

After all, a true master of cultivation, but can change the potential and class of Xing Chong, the status is not inferior to Xing Chong Warrior, or even higher!

Passing along the way, Su Ping saw high-rise buildings like the earth, but the only difference was that the pedestrians on the roadside were mostly followed by some strange looking pets.

"It really is another world..."

Su Ping is a little sighed, everything is like a dream, but it is true.

Soon, he came to his star pet shop.

The store is located at the end of a commercial street, which is considered a relatively remote location, but the popularity here was pretty good, because Su Ping’s mother Li Qingru is a federal star pet breeder. Although it is only a junior breeder, he also opened this small pet shop. It is more than enough, so there are many repeat customers.

But since the store fell into Su Ping's hands, the situation has plummeted.

Can you still count on someone who hates star pets, can you take care of them?


Su Ping pulled up the roller shutter door, and the sunlight shone into the store, and he could see the dust flying in the air.

It seems that it hasn't been cleaned for a long time, and there is a pungent smell of urine and pet feces in the store.

Su Ping took a slight breath and frowned.

"Within the target range, a suitable soul is detected, and a contract is detected..."

"Completion of contract, system binding..."

"Complete binding... ready to start..."

Suddenly, a cold mechanical sound sounded in Su Ping's mind.


Su Ping was stunned for a moment, his eyes suddenly glowed.

Is it still coming...

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