After Rebirth, I Was Entangled With The Tyrant

After Rebirth, I Was Entangled With The Tyrant


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In his previous life, Chi Fang was taken care of by his family and grew up comfortably.

When the Chi family fell and their parents and brothers were not there, Chi Fang propped up the Chi family alone.

Relying on several projects of Yuchi Group, Chi Fang barely kept the Chi family. However, he did not hold on.

After the resurrection, Chi Fang returned to high school.

This time, he decided to study hard, protect his family, and reach the pinnacle of his life. However, I never expected that the future power of Yuchi Group would be his high school classmate?

But, isn’t this big guy a bit too cold?

No one at the same table, no friends, always alone, but it is an unpredictable school bully!

Chi Fang looked at the back of the big brother, thinking of the previous projects to save himself, carefully probing out a paw and poking at the big brother’s arm.

–Now, classmate, are you friends?

Yu Mo has been clever since he was a child, he is a little quiet, he doesn’t like being touched, and he never fears anything.

However, he found himself inexplicably “afraid” of Chi Fang in his class.

Obviously the man was soft and cute like a little white rabbit, but he cared inexplicably.

Later, he found that the bunny seemed black.

Later, he found that his feelings for the little black rabbit were not right.

Until one day, Yu Mo suddenly realized, seriously: Chi Fang, I like you.

A two-way crush.

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